CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 12

A Kiss Before Frying

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2011 on CBS

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  • Really good.

    I know this got voted in the top ten CSI episodes of all time because its a good episode Greg meets a woman who turns out to be using him to get revenge on people who are related to people from seventy years ago that killed this woman's grandmother who looks exactly the same as the girl Greg is going out with I always thought she had something to do with it but she couldn't have killed them people on her own That's because she had help In the end Greg knew he was a fool for believing her and it nearly cost him his life.
  • I rather enjoyed that.....

    To say I have been disappointed in CSI of late is an understatement. I don't take the lesser versions of Miami or NY into account when I say this as they are cheap knock offs of the only true CSI series. But since Grissom left for greener pastures, CSI has been stuck in an infinite loop of inferiority and has lead to a kind of ennui which knows no bounds.

    Apart from Sqweegel (of which I eagerly await the follow up episode), this season has quiet frankly been a disaster. But this episode was actually a nice break from CSI's formulaic approach and using Greg as a conduit for the episode to unfold, I found myself enjoying the ride. I now certainly look forward to some excellent episodes in the second half of the season.

    Just one note to end my ramblings, but being South African, I can only voice by disapproval of the Saffa accent of Johannes De Smoot. That was the WORST imitation of an accent I have ever heard. Oh well. Perhaps it should be taken in the same vein as the episode in general which had far ligher connotations than normal.

    So incredibly corny it was scary, and not in a good way. It started out okay but as soon as it got into Greg's storyline with *Rita Von Squeeze* (what the heck is with that name?) it just got lazy and poorly executed. It was like watching a stupid badly-written remake of Casablanca. I found myself utter "what the hell?" and "oh my god, how stupid" multiple times during this episode. On the other hand, if humor was an aspect they were deliberately going for they almost hit the mark. For those who enjoy a little comedy break here and there from all the murder and seriousness of the show I guess it was a treat. I myself, however, thought it was, for lack of a better term, dumb.
  • A great way to spend a delicious hour (or less) some night with your current squeeze.


    This is an absolutely delicious episode mixing so many different aspects of criminal and human behavior on both sides of the law. While one can feel for the grand daughter of the two murder victims (and yes, both are murder victims), taking it out on someone two generations later really isn't fair. It is also really interesting to see where the family members ended up, so many years later.

    I found the episode very interesting and exciting all the way to the end. The one thing missing, though, it would have been too much (I fear) is a more film noir quality to the episode, though, the flashbacks do remind one of that style, but moving it into some of the present day might have been nice (and maybe a visual clue for those looking). All this is hindsight and not even 20/20 hindsight, so it is what it is a really great way to spend an hour (or an hour minus commercials when viewing from a DVD or Blu-Ray disc).

  • A much needed and welcomed character insight into Greg provides a different, exciting and somewhat... cheesy, story.


    Firstly I'd like to say that Greg's my favourite character on the show, so this review may be very slightly biased due to it being such a big episode focused on him.

    It's about time that Greg got a story devoted to him, and the Old Vegas film-noire touch to the episode couldn't be more of ahomage to him. The episode is different and a breath of fresh air from some of the more disturbing cases in recent weeks and whilst the case was far from the best, the episode appeared more character-driven. I was also partially relieved that it seems that the guys at the crime lab CAN get lucky and aren't useless. xD

    The episode isn't perfect however, as whilst it's certainly unique, it is ultimately very predictable which lets it down somewhat. Although I liked the cheesy direction the episode took, reflecting the film-noire style, lines such as "I've loved you since Tuesday" are bound to raise a few eyebrows towards the quality of writing. However many parts are also humorous such as Henry enquiring whether Ellen has a sister.

    What this episode excels at is highlighting Nick and Catherine's relationship with Greg. Nick egging him on to get Ellen's number and his later suspicions show the character's friendship, and arguably the best part of the episode, the final scene with Catherine highlights her motherly attitude towards her co-workers, something we haven't seen since Lindsey was a regular.

    Whilst it's not a perfect episode, nor the best in the season, if you are a Greg fan, you'll most likely be satisfied with it and even if you're not, the episode is very entertaining and offers a different episode style to CSI.

  • 11x12

    for me, this episode diserved 8,5 or 9 if we talk only about the case and not about the episode in general but it obviusly get some bonus points not only for being one of the most interesting cases for the current season but because for its freshing style, I loved how greg relationship with "rita" grew up trougth the episode, it was a nice touch, the only thing I did not like here was the reason why those men were killed, it was ridiculous and that´s why I´m not giving it a 10, but in general this is one of the most interesting cases in the last times P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Possibly the worst storyline yet...

    I've seen every season, every episode of CSI; it's had it's ups and downs and this episode was DEFINITELY a down. The plot was weak, and pretty much everyone seemed to be dialing in their performances. I find this especially sad in an episode focusing on Greg; I LOVE Greg.

    Right from the start, there was nothing about the storyline that really grabbed you. It seemed contrived, incoherent and disconnected, like a good idea not fully formed. I would say this was, if the not the fault of entirely, certainly exacerbated by the presence of Dita Von Teese. This was possibly the worst celebrity guest appearance since Justin Bieber. There was ZERO chemistry between she and Greg and, for a woman who shows phenomenal presence as the 'Queen of Burlesque', she had no charisma or talent as an actress. Every scene with her was a little painful to watch. There was no believability in Greg's being so drawn to her, it just rang so hollow.

    The scene that came across most contrived and just...well badly had to be the diner 'trap' scene, or was it the closing scene where she tells him to come with her? Either or, just poorly executed all around; an episode not worthy of Greg. Certainly nowhere near the infamous 'Fannysmakin' episode...
  • Why are white South African men always the bad guy in Hollywood?

    I found the story line exceptionally good. The plot was thought out thoroughly BUT as a South African I wonder why we are always the bad guys in shows? There are many good white people in South Africa and are struggling with the demons of the past, trying to make it right. By showing us as evil doers in shows, shown in SOuth Africa does not help. It is a good thing that there are warnings intertwined in the stories as well, like not trusting people on face value only. Even scientists seem to have problems distinguishing between real good and real evil!
  • Just as it appears that Greg has found "the one" the team begins an investigation into a series of murders in which the victims were killed in a crude electric chair. Could there be any link between the deaths and Greg's new girlfriend?

    After this episode ended, I found myself not liking it as much as I should have. While I did like the episode, at the end I just found myself not all that impressed. A possible reason could be that the reason for the murders is not something I agree with. Greg's new "girlfriend" has a very valid reason to be angry for what happened to her grandparents so many years ago, but her way to exact revenge did not make much sense to me. She murders people who had nothing to do with it, but were related to those responsible?
  • No doubt the best episode of the season so far.

    You had to be both happy and sad for Greg in this episode. This was one of the few episodes in which he was a lead and he played it perfectly. This episode focused on a serious of murders in which each victim was set up in a portable electric chair, fried to death, and then tossed out from a moving truck. After a serious of investigation, Greg discovered that the serial killings are linked to blind justice involving the mob seventy years ago. Greg also discovers that his new "girlfriend" , a supposed teacher name Helen is involved. I love Greg having being the main focus in this episode. He transitioned from a shy person attracted to Helen, to boyfriend who had fallen for her, and then eventually, to arresting CSI who turned her in. I also like Nick in this episode who encouraged Greg to get Helen's number, only to read what she was about and then advising Greg to cut his losses. He transitioned from the encouraging friend who says to go after a women to concerned big brother all in one episode. Hodges of course, was his goofy, lovable self, and I loved the scene with Catherine and Greg, especially when Catherine promised him to check any girl out that he's interested in and Greg asking her, "Why do the rotten ones smell so good?" All in all, a great episode.
  • Possibly the best of the season

    This episode was so excellent on so many fronts. I loved how Greg, a character that usually doesn't get much screen time, was featured as the primary hero of this episode. I'm really starting to think that, with these episodes that feature strong independent leads and don't feature Catheine in a prominent role(like how the last one featured Hodges as a lead), the producers are trying to flesh out suitable replacements for Catherine. I think that tis episode definitely proves that Greg could carry himself in a lead role in future episodes. He's smart. He's relatively young. And he makes mistakes. He's a character that the audience can relate to. He's relatively innocent, but he's a quick learner. He fell for a girl who obviously had something to hide, but he was dedicated to making things right and, in the end, he had the stones to see that the girl was trash and take her in personally. I'm kind of sad that he couldn't have stayed with Ellen, though. The two were obviously perfect for each other, but Ellen's inability to bury her past led her to throw away what she could have had for a half-brained revenge plot (though I suppose Hammerbacher's Jesus complex forced him to want to go through with the plan). This episode did have a few downturns though. The main thing was that I thought the ending was a little rushed and thrown together. It also left a few questions unanswered. What was "Ellen's" real name? How did she and Hammerbacher come about that crazy electric chair plot? Why was Ellen going to go at the end (it was obvious that she had lied to Hammerbacher and was planning to presumably leave him to take the fall)? On a side note, because of the fact that the dead were relatives of high profile individuals who committed secret crimes many years ago, I kind of thought that this episode would be a continuation of the Sqweegel arc.
  • Greg should have malice

    As much as I enjoyed the case and the whole deal between the actual victims and their ancestors, I'm not sure what to think about Greg's atittude.

    First of all, I was very happy that he had the chance to meet someone out of the lab and have a small glimpse of what real life is. Nick supporting and advising him made it more real. They work too much and they deserve a life.

    But then he gets suspicious of Ellen and we're still doing good here. But when she called and wanted to see him, why the heck didn't he tell Catherine? He's been a CSI for several years now and he should know how important a case is and how bad it could be for his career. We all know Catherine has been involved in so many similar situations, but her case is different. Greg is there to learn and he should've asked for help. No excuse.

    Other than that, I'm glad the writers gave Greg his story and I hope they do the same with the rest of the characters. Except with Hodges. Or Ray. I guess Sara is next.