CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 2

A La Cart

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

When a man's body is found shredded into pieces on a highway outside Vegas, the team moves in to handle the evidence. Of particular interest is the man's head, which is found in a football helmet some distance from the other parts of his body. Hodges discovers that some of the rubber from the crime scene is used in tires for go-carts. That leads them to a go-cart track, and a group of teenagers who raced their high powered go-carts down the highway. After creating a jello-molded replica of the body, they deduce that the victim was killed by the pieces of an 18-wheeler tire that exploded next to him during a race.

Another case is of a victim stabbed to death at a new restaurant, Blind, where patrons dine in the dark. The restaurant is owned by Pippa Sanchez, who got the concept from her blind ex-boyfriend (and current waiter) Michael Bowie. He inspired a place where diners could focus all their senses on the textures and tastes of food. But when he confronted Pippa about sharing in the restaurant's financial success, she refused and fired him. He decided to take his revenge by killing one of her patrons in the hopes that the bad publicity would destroy her.

Meanwhile, Sara is recovering from the injuries she sustained in the desert at the hands of Natalie Davis. At the same time, she and Grissom are both grilled by Ecklie over their recently revealed relationship. Because their romance violates lab policy, Sara agrees to leave her spot on nights and take swing shift. It breaks up the team, but she believes it will be better to have more daylight in her life. In the end, Sara, Grissom and the rest of the team take a trip to the go-cart track where they blow off some steam racing each other.