CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 2

A La Cart

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • A body turns up with no head or hand.Also Grissom and Sara is questioned by Ecklie about their relationship

    An entertaining episode with Sara coming back and questioned by Ecklie about their relationship and Sara said it started 2 years ago and Grissom says it was 9 years ago.The man who turns up with no head or hand was killed by accident.In the other case where a man was killed in a restaurant in the dark where any one could be the killer.It was good at the end to see the team on the kart's and even Grissom had a turn racing against Catherine,Warrick and Nick.
  • Well for all the anti-ships out there this was a thrilling episode. We have Sara gone not due to death but from quitting her job due to a non-office romance policy. Even though i'm anti-ship I still appreciate a character that has been with us

    Well for all the anti-ships out there this was a thrilling episode. We have Sara gone not due to death but from quitting her job due to a non-office romance policy. Even though i'm anti-ship I still appreciate a character that has been with us since the beginning of the show and I was sad to see her depart. Well it can't be helped other than that it was nice to see Grissom make Eckly look like an idiot it's been a while and it was nice to see the whole team and even Catherine and Warrick moments again. All in all it was a good episode and now we'll be able to get back to focusing on case's again.
  • Is Sara gone ?

    I've been a fan of CSI since the first episode, is the only show i can't miss and wait for it ansious, this episode was great, but at the same time was pretty sad, coz Sara is moving on.

    I think there's a small chance she shows up ocasionaly on the show, since she will still be working on csi, only in different hours than the rest, but i expect that she shows up with grissom, in his private life, at least.

    I always loved both and i will miss the looks they gave to each other in the field and all the flerting.
  • It's nicely done...

    I found both cases to be interesting. I like when they used the gel to test their theory. Ecklie looked well like Ecklie. It was great in the beginning how he thought Sara would just know where Grissom was. The Grissom and Sara scene is great. So, 9 years ago is when they met, awesome. The eating in the dark thing is kind of well weird at least to me because I would never go to a restraunt to eat in the dark if I want to do that I can at home. At any rate the episode was good. It's a bummer that Sara's moving to swing shift though. Love the GSR scene. I think that's all I am going to say for this episode. I have been a little actually a lot wrapped up in this stuff going on with Jorja so that's all.
  • Very Revealing

    This wasn't my favorite episode but it definitely kept my attention. So much was revealed about each character's relationships with each other. Gil and Sara obviously have two different stories as to when the intimate relationship started. And it's funny how in the show it is the exact opposite of thinking than in real life. In this case the man is believing that the relationship began much earlier than the woman. It was cute to see Gil and Sara at the end of the show together, both very casual. I also saw some foreshadowing at the end of the episode when Sara is watching the team race go-karts and she is sort of left behind. I think the writers were giving the audience a little taste of what is in store for the show.

    The Catherine and Warrick scenario was a little heated. You could sense the sexual tension between them when he found the night vision goggles. That was fun to watch considering the fact that their storyline of a romance fell to pieces. The fans were expecting a little more a few seasons ago and never got anything, although I don't see the writers allowing anymore relationships to occur within the "forensic team." We'll see where the story is headed, looks good for next week!
  • GSR, YoBling and cool Cases? What more could you want?!

    The head bouncing along to 'sugar plum fairy' (at least i think that was the song)? Classic. It's CSI with a twist, and i love it. The cases were intriguing, one involving a headless dude involved in go-karting and the other, a murder in a pitch-black restaurant. As usualy, the result was not what you expected, one being an accident, the other being the slightly warped idea of someone getting revenge. Then of course there was the YoBling! Who couldn't help but melt when Warrick spoke after the lights were switched back on (although i can't remember exactly what he said, something like "yeah," i presume)? Finally, the GSR. I'm a die-hard shipper, so this is going to be one of the main focus points for me. We get them acting like a normal couple! A mon avis, c'etait parfait! ALthough there is the worrying fact that Sara said she would move to swing shift. No! Please don't do that! I'll save the bad things for last, so if you don't like it, don't read it. Ok, the most annoying thing was how little they showed about Sara's recovery. ALright, so we got everyone looking at her as she walked through the lab, but what happened between the helicopter and then? Are we just supposed to assume all was well? Come on, give us a little bit of angsty waiting time! Other than that, i loved it.
  • Grissom has grown but the cases weren't the best.

    The opening case sequence was well done. It was gruesome and macabre but very creative. Who else has a bouncing head on a highway? However, for me, the case was a bit much. I just felt too much for the victim and his brother and was just...I don't know...disgusted. What else should I expect on a murder investigation show but just that? I know but still. As for the second case, ridiculous. I had no interest in the blind restaurant at all. It wasn't entertaining. I understand that those who want Catherine and Warrick together will be happy but, for me, one couple per department is enough and I just don't see these two together. The redeeming aspect of the show, for me, however came at the end. Grissom has slowly evolved from this highly eccentric recluse to this highly eccentric friend. Sara's influence on him has helped him grow as an individual and it shows here. There were times he'd ride a roller coaster alone and now he's here in a driving range with friends. It was a sad moment for her to realize that she'd have to give the team up. Sacrifices. Is it too late to keep her on the team and have Catherine do evaluations? Is it the writers' way of writing Jorga off the show?
    Time will tell. All in all, decent addition but certainly not the best follow up to a tense season premiere.
  • Grissom and go-karts! Murder in the dark! All in all--a fun and revealing episode.

    A bit of a change of pace from the season opener. Between heads bouncing down the road to pitch-dark dining and death, it's gonna be an interesting time. I laughed at Ecklie asking Gil "Why didn't you tell me?" "We didn't want you to know." comes the answer. DUH! But now that the cat's out of the bag, time for repercussions. Things will change, they'll have to. The dialogue in the car was very telling. If Sara moves to the swing shift, where does that put their relationship? Gil realizes it, too. The end scene was priceless and also a foreshadowing of how things are changing for them. Nice to see Doc Robbins as part of the group like that, too! A team-building function, but who was not part of the team? Hmmm? We shall see. (And Gris looks great in a sports cap!)
  • Catherine & Warrick's Heat Strikes Again. The CSI Team All Together Having A Laugh:)

    This Episode wasn't bad at all. I Enjoyed Watching The CSI Team All Togehter Havning Fun It Really Put a Smile On My Face:) As This Is Only Epsidoe 2 of Season 8 You Can't expect a lot to happen but while watching it, it felt like the episode was telling you a lot about where the csi team are at this present day.

    one of the down falls for me, was finding out that warrick & His Wife are Getting a divorce. I Was Hoping That Warricks Wife Would be Involved in a murder or a dramatic epsidoe but you never know that could still happen.

    Cath and warricks scenes were very exciting for me, i didn't think we would see another scene again where warrick and cath get hot and close again. It was probably the best part of the episode including the end scene with all the CSI Crew.
  • This is why I love this series. A fantastic episode on every level!

    This episode got back to the fun mysteries we all know and love. Two this time, and I love it when I can't figure out exactly what happens until the end. Plus some good relationship growing within the gang. The cart racing was a fun one, and started off great with the head rolling down the hill. I never would have considered a blown tire to take the guys head off, but when they tested the theory (I love when they do that), it surely could happen! The pitch black restaurant is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard of, but who know with Vegas. A bunch of perverted and childish drunk guys, some making out in the dark. That's exactly the kind of stuff that would happen in such a place, I am sure. In the end, it was great to see Grisham have some fun with his colleagues for once, and Sara looked quite emotional about it, but I couldn't quite read what she was feeling exactly. Pain? Happiness? Either way, this episode probably ranks up in my top 20 for this series.
  • Loved it!

    Another great CSI episode! The cases weren't too gruesome, we saw a bit of the playful side of the team again and the most important thing, Sara Sidle was back and grinning like a Cheshire cat!

    The Sara Grissom scene was very sweet and finally they got to act like a real couple. It's a real pity Sara decided to move to the swing. That painful look she had in her eyes while Grissom and the team were go-carting jerked tears from my eyes. I guess Sara realized that this was probably one of the last times she got to work with both her lover and her friends. A change is gonna come but who knows if it will do any good to Sara, Grissom, the team and us.
  • Not what I expected (possible spoilers)

    The cases were dull, plain and simple. My main reason for watching this episode was for the GSR and basically when I saw the promos I thought "Finally!", it's about time we (GSR fans) get some answers. It was bad enough that we were let in so late into their relationship. I wanted to know when exactly it started, how it started, what happened just before and who took the first step into making their relationship into an intimate relationship, but no. I thought Ecklie was sent in to be the one who dragged all the answers out of them, but Grissom avoided him until very late into the episode and that scene lasted a minute and we saw what he had to say already in the promo so there was nothing more to it.
    Sara had a little more to say. Just one word. "Are". When they sat and talked in the car, it was so uninteresting. Sara and Grissom are my favourite characters, but they are turning into stiff robots that just say the lines, give each looks and that's it. The scenes are short and definately not long enough to let anyone sit back and enjoy their romance. I'm hoping there will be more answers to my questions towards them in the upcoming episodes. I hate the way the writers have made Sara into the one who has to take all the hits and Grissom just walks away without a scratch. Why couldn't he have been the one kidnapped instead of Sara? Grissom is childish, avoids responsibility. He knew he had to talk to Ecklie at some point now that the cat was out of the bag, but nope. Sara took charge and went in herself to see Ecklie. Silly. The car scene, so Grissom recalls she had a ponytail back when they met. Big whoop! She's had a ponytail in several episodes in the first season so I think it would have been nice if he had recalled something else instead. This is turning out to be the worst romance onscreen so far. Is this the best the writers can give us? At last, the only reason I now watch this show is because of Sara. She's grown stronger and yet does so much and sacrifices so much. She really is the heart of the gang. If she leaves, I have no reason to watch this show anymore.
  • Sara and Grissom's relationship out in the open. Ecklie questions both in this episode. There were two cases. ONe is about a guy who literally lost his head. Another about a man killed in a strange restaurant.

    All though not one of my favorite episode it was still great. I am flustered though because CBS put us through all those months hoping Sara would live and she does , but then now she going to MOVE? That was kind of dumb if you ask me. Grissom and Sara were very professional at work not personal and nobody never suspected they were dating so how come they can't date? It is not fair that Sara has to move because they are dating. Obviously Jorja is going through a lot of problems with her contract. CBS probably does not realize how much viewers they are going to lose when Jorja leaves. I would be lying if I said I am going to still watch the show if Jorja leaves. (WHOSE WITH ME) Jorja Fox makes CSI what it is today. So NO JORJA = NO SARA = NO GSR = NO CSI!
  • Another Great Installment Involving All Characters...

    So...*Lets breath out* I've been looking forward to this episode for what feels like forever! I'm sure you all know what I mean.
    Warrick and Catherine investigated a murder in a resturant...the catch? The resturant is dark, black...yup, lights out. Very interesting. I wonder how hard it would be to eat at a place like that. I'd be kind od scared LOL. Good thought though. I didn't really like how close Warrick got to Catherine, it was kind of an awkward scene...at least I thought so.
    LOL The music that was playing when the head was bouncing down the road was priceless! Did anyone else think that was funny or do I have a weird sense or humor? LOL
    Nick, Greg and Grissom investigated a head found in a helmet on the side of the road, due to a go-kart accident. Of course the episode DID address Sara and Gil's relationship, which Ecklie talked to each of them about seperately. Loved the part where Sara said they'd been involved for 2 years and when Ecklie asked Grissom the same thing, he said 9. LOL
    Ok, so when David was trying to get the head out of the helmet, I was laughing so damn hard! Poor David! He is so damn funny.
    My favorite part, by far, the end! It was the best ending ever. It was kind of neat how it brought all of them together, racing go-karts. Very awesome! I loved the part where they showed Doc Robbins racing! How cool was that?! It was a bit sad when Sara was just standing there watching them, I felt bad for her. At least she encouraged Gil to go and race with the rest of the group. Best ending I've seen that I can remember at the moment. Closing was well worth it! I wonder what song was played at the end. I really Liked it! Great song choice throughout the whole episode.
    Can't wait to ser the next episodes. Looks like season 8 of CSI is going to be one to remember (like all the others lol). In all, I rated this episode a 9.4 Very good, but at some point I was sick of seeing Catherine and Warrick working on the case. It seemed like there was A LOT of them just for that case. I guess its just because I was so "on the edge of my seat" about what was going to happen with the whole Sara and Grissom thing...*Shrugs shoulders*
  • Anyone for cart-racing?

    After last week's exhilarating episode, CSI returns this week in a lighter mood, yet top quality forensics. Now that the cat's out of the bag, Grissom and Sara must face an irritated Ecklie who wants to know some details about their relationship. Catherine and Warrick investigate a murder in a restaurant where people dine in the dark so that the taste of the food is "enhanced". Awesome ending as we get to see the team (including Doc Robbins) unwind at the carting tracks and also, it's good to see Sara encourage a hesitant Grissom who wanted to stay by her side to go have some fun and join the others in cart racing.
  • Oh man this is awesome!! An episode for all shippers.

    wow, this was fabulous. A Yo!Bling moment, GSR moments, The Love moments, and even a Snickers moment all rolled up into a happy bundle. Sara's looking better, well physically. Nicky has hair! You know, I'm can barely express how happy I am about that. He looks so dumb without hair.

    Oh David. I love his attempts to be cool like the CSIs, when he should know that he is cool. In his own Lab Rat way.

    Before Doc Robbins did the autopsy on that rich guy's head, Mum and I were totally positive it was a skewer that was the murder weapon. But, that would have naturally been too easy. Pity it was the blind guy whodunnit. I actually liked him. The lady who bumped her head on the table was my favourite patron. LOL

    The headless horseman. That has a catchy ring to it. Because my brother's friend was over, I didn't get to catch all that was said to the kid who took the headless kid's go-kart away. The COD was very original.

    I love the ending. Take a moment and enjoy it. Very wonderful. Pity Sara couldn't join in, but there's always next time, ya?
  • One of the funniest episodes in a while.

    I personally thought that this ep. was hillarious!!! Just the music as the severed head was rolling down the highway was hillarious, and i so called there being a sever head inside too!!!! Some of the best quote in a while also:
    Ecklie: You two were intimate...
    Sara: Are.
    Ecklie: ...Are.
    =D=D=D!!!!!!!!! That was awesome!!! Its sooooooo great to have Sara back and not be freting about her this much!!!! I also like how they are going about taking Jorja out of the show. I would prefer she stay in the show completely, but hopefully she can come back every-so-often for a few eispodes every now and again. I loved the ending too, one of the funniest endings!!!!! I thought it was a great way to end a melo-dranatic episode, even Dr. Robbins was driving!!!!!!:lol::lol: I thought that was great!!!! Overall, great ep, Season eight is turning out to be a pretty darn good season!!
  • After the rescue of Sara from Natalie, the miniature killer, we find a head bouncing down the highway and a patron of a very dark restaurant died from a head injure - very funny!

    Oh well, its out of the box now about Grissom and Sara and Ecklie is breathing down on Grissom's neck who was found an excuse to dodge him by working on the case of a head bouncing off the highway. When Ecklie finally get to talk to our two lovers, they got their time together wrong. Sara said they were together only for two years, on a sunday while Grissom said it was nine years (which I think is the correct time but thats just me and Grissom.)

    Meanwhile, Catherine and Warwick who got a very cute scene when Warwick found a night vision goggle and used it to get face to face with Catherine in a dark restaurant which is its main attraction - eating in the dark. Food served by blinds and customers taking advantage of the darkness apparently because customer "felt" a kitty's breast, another gave her fiance a blow job, another make out with her boy friend just in front of a table with their husband and wife and of course, another killed a guy with head puncture.

    It was really a refreshing episode after a very tense episode about Sara.
  • Sara feels out of place

    I was never a fan of GSR, however, it was nice to see Grisson smile and be like a normal person and see his personal side, because we don't get to see it very often.
    The case of the cart guy was very interesting. You have a list of suspects and in the end, it's all cause and effect. The other case was weird, since it's the most ridiculous thing to go to that kind of restaurant. And again, someone kills for revenge.
    The last scene has a lot of meaning. Sara is standing next to Grissom, who looks like he really wants to have a ride. So she tells him to join the rest of the team and there she is, watching all of them have fun and clearly knowing how she soon, will not be part of this team anymore.
  • After Dead Doll this was a bit of a let down, but I still enjoyed the episode

    After Dead Doll, I was upset that they didn't put Sara more into this episode, she still obviously on sick leave after the miniature killer attack, but still come on. It was funny though for the head to be bouncing down the highway. Cruel but funny at the same time. Love Nick in this one, at the go cart track, and the guy takes off, and Nick catches up to him, way to say your guilty by running from the cops dumbass, that was priceless. It was nice to see some romantic interaction between Catherine and Warrick now that his marriage is over. When I saw this episode I'm like alright last season was about sara and grissom, this one might be about catherine and warrick getting together. At the end of this episode you could see the pain in Sara's eyes, she's putting on a front in front of the team, but she's hurting inside, Running Up That Hill was the perfect song to show the turmoil inside Sara now. Excellent opening to have Ecklie tell Sara that her and supervisor were in direct violation of lab policy and sara's like ARE. The look on Ecklie's face was priceless. One of Sara's highlights when it comes to Ecklie.
  • A head in a football helmet is bouncing around the highway, and a murder at "Blind" a restaurant where the patrons dine in the dark. Plus Sara and Grissom get interrogated by Ecklie about their relationship, and Sara tells Grissom she is moving to swing.

    I missed the first bit of this episode, but only a few minutes, so I could still follow. I started watching when Ecklie was doing his "administrative enquiry" on Sara. So I didn't miss much. Then the head started bouncing along to "The Beautiful Blue Danube", and I cracked up. Grissom, Nick and Greg investigate, and Greg being the you-know-what that he is, told Nick he knew about Grissom and Sara. The B case was a murder at a restaurant where the patrons dine in the dark. Catherine and Warrick did that one, and there was a bit of Yo! Bling in it (Catherine: I'm sorry, but this is a stupid idea for a restaurant. I need to see what I'm eating. Warrick: I can see just fine. Catherine: Where are you? Warrick: I'm right here. Catherine: Oh. Hi. Warrick: Hi. -Warrick is 1/2 an inch away from Catherine-). Okay, back to the case, another funny bit was when that guy was like: Can I go to the toilet??? Please please please (kinda like a little kid begging for the bathroom). Near the end of the case our favorite gel dummy reappears, and there was GSR of course, when Sara said she'd be moving to swing. In the end, when everyone was racing on the go-kart track except Sara, the music was kinda appropriate, and when Sara was watching them, she's smiling, but her smile fades and then she just looks lonely. (Pause for a sniffle)

    This was a good episode, very well written cases and lots of GSR with some Yo! Bling. I probably could've given it a higher rating, if I hadn't been distracted by my best friend's new iPod touch.
  • No Sara...

    A human head is found at the road side, and Grissom, together with Nick and Greg, are called in to investigate. Then later on, the headless body is found. Wow! This is brand new...Greg says he knows about Grissom's relationship with Sara, doesn't that bother him at all? Weird. Then later on, David tries to take the helmet off the head, and he can't. Funny..

    Catherine's case, together with Warrick, investigate the death of a man in a restaurant. The restaurant is damn dark, why did people enjoy it? I hate that restaurant, how do I eat food? Eat the whole piece of fish down?

    This episode, is just "Good". Not the best (no Sara...), can the writers do better next time? Because I really like CSI. And I hope, the next episode will be better.
  • another two cases...

    You can watch as many episodes of this series, but the thing is that you can never get bored enough to shut your television. I love this kind of mysterry cases and it seems that many other people like it too.
    In this episode the crue tries to solve two cases involving a murder in a reasturant where the lights are out and a go cart accident in a street race. I didn't know that trucks tyre leftovers could blow your head away but it seems that it is possible. So take care people: never drive a go-cart behing a truck or you won't be living to try this again.
  • Very good with an interesting twist.

    This was definitely not a "I know what happens right of the bat" kind of episode. It had some very nicely placed twists and turns, literally. I thought the case with the go-karts was interesting. I like how they finally solved it by experimentation. I liked how Ecklie was there when they did it too. He played kind of a funny part in this episode, interviewing Sara and Grissom and everything. Anyone besides me find Grissom's hat annoying and out of character?

    I also like the other case. It was a very creative idea to have the murder in the "dine in the dark" restaraunt. The part with Cath and Warrick in the drak was a smile inducing moment for me.
  • A go cart racer is decapitated and found after being run over by a big rig while a "Hugh Hefner" like man is killed in a restaurant that is designed for the diners to eat in the dark. Sara and Grissom also reveal valuable info on their secret affair.

    I thought it was really good as far as the stories go. But the thing is that all week all they really advertised Grissom and Sara's love life and the whole "GSR" experiences only lasted 5-10 minutes of the whole episode. I loved the rolling head and when nick went "nothing says im guilty like running away from the cops dumbass" that one is one of my favorite CSI quotes and for the most part( except for the weird storyline of the blind waiters in the pitch black restaurant) i really truely enjoyed this episode and the music was good. Especially Placebo.
  • Loved it! Very funny episode. Two cases that are great. And we learn about Grissom and Sara.

    This episode was so good, I loved it! I thought the begining was so funny with the head going up on the road and the music they used, oh man that made me laugh. Grissom, Nick, and Greg take the case where the guy lost his head. Greg gets some action! He's coming back into out lives! The next case we have Warrick and Catherine working a case at a resturant where no one can see. Love the scene where the room goes pitch black and Catherine starts talking, that made me laugh. And *SQUEE* the Grissom and Sara getting questioned by Ecklie. 2 years ago, 9 years ago that was great. And the car scene and they talk about it made me laugh too. Loved Nick's line "Ricky Bobby" HA! I loved how Sara convinced Grissom to go on and she gave him that "look" and then the ending made me a bit sad because Sara is going to swing shift and she doesn't want too! But this episode was fantastic!
  • Very funny episode....

    This episode was very good and it put a smile on my face! I was glad to see Sara looking better. I hope she doesn't move to swing, but if she does, I hope at the very least she comes back as a guest star. Both of the cases were interesting, one was about a go-kart driver that is racing in the street and looses his head, the other was about a man that was killed in a restaurant where everyone dines in the dark and even the waiters are blind. My favorite parts were when Nick chased down "Hot Rod" and also Sara and Grissom in the car. Overall a great episode that I would recommend!
  • ok so these guys are riding in go carts (on the road ) and the guys heads falls off!!! And this guy was killed in a resturant where no one can see!

    First off i would like to say this episode wasnt as good as i thoyght it was going to be. Ok my favorite parts had to be with ecklie when he questioned sara and grissom and then when grissom and sara were in the car together!!!!! Ok another good part was when nick was chasing down someone who was tunning away. In the car sara and grissom were talking about what they told ecklie....grissom was totally off on that one lol. Ok now lets go to the ending.... it was cool that they were racing but i didnt like that sara was alone and the ending was very awkward but overall it was a very good episode.
  • Details of Sara and Grissom's relationship come to light... oh and there are two murders.

    Wasn't paying attention to the cases really. I was to busy jumping for joy that Sara was alive! Loved the exchanges between Sara and Grissom. Im so happy we finally found out how long they have been together.
    Favourite bits:
    - Sara correcting Eklie. "Are" Haha, so funny.
    -Grissom remembering Sara wore her hair in a pony tail when they met.
    -Sara remembering what day Grissom and herself started dating. "I think it was a Sunday" So adorable.

    Hands up if you don't like Eklie? 1, 2 ,3 ,4... total jerk!!

    The end scene was a bit heartbreaking. Sara standing there all by her lonesome watching her co workers and boyfriend. Overall loved the episode, but I love every CSI episode :) This one made me "awwww" though!!

    Can't wait till 'Go To Hell'
  • Sara is back, they have cases.. so, life is going as normal?

    I think they would want that the returning of Sara would be big thing for this episode, but the only moment she caught the attention was the ending, when she stayed out alone.

    About the cases. The Catherine's swing case was somehow interesting and catching - there were so many people, so many possibilities and anyone of them could have been the murder. And the place, where the murder happened - what weird things people's mind do not come up.

    The other case - the driver - i do not know but it did not have much catch and somehow it was like stretched - trying to get more time for it. Maybe I am too critical and maybe with compared with the last episode, this one is weaker, but for me - it did not amazed me much.
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