CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 4

A Little Murder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2002 on CBS

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  • Catherine has a little scare

    Even when we barely saw any aspect of the characters' personal lives, so far, I liked that we were able to see all the dangers, responsibilities and mistakes of their job. I mean, the bad side of it. Catherine is attacked and suffers the consequences during this episode. She went from weak to strong. The only thing that I never approved was the failed romance between Catherine and Warrick.

    The rest of the team join Grissom to solve a case specially for him. He had to be meticulous and thorough to complete the work of Nick and Sara.

    It was also good to learn more about little people and their differences.
  • One of my favorite episodes. Warrick and Catherine excellent job. Catherine became evidence in the scene that she was processing. Warrick was there to make sure she was okay. Nick, Sara, and Grissom excellent job in execution for the little people.

    Excellent episode. Very riveting. Excellent chemistry, working together on both part of the working teams. Love watching the CSI episodes. Teamwork was excellent. Story was well written. Making a CSI member a part of the evidence which takes a little bit longer. Nice wrap up. Story was really good, intervening with the little people. Character work well-written. Finally able to see Catherine a little bit scared. Nick being able to analyze how one of the dwarfs pulled the crime scene off. one of the best episodes that I have seen so far. Want to see more of CSI and the characters.
  • A realy good episode.

    It has GSR and an insite into a different "world".This is a great episode we get to see Grissom straight away understanding that he needs to respect the midgets but with the others as they arte younger and less mature we see them eventually understand that they need to treat them just like normal people because thats what they are. On the other half with Catherine and Warrick we see Catherine getting attacked in what looks like a simple hoom invasion turned wrong. The way they showed this episode you really felt sorry for Catherine there had been just enough character developement up to this point for your heart stings to be pulled at slightly, a truely memerable episode.
  • Grissom and Sara (aided by Nick) are working a case dealing with midgets (hence the title; A Little Murder) and Warrick and Catherine have a case where a man was murdered in his apartment.

    This is a really great episode, totally well written, as previously stated. And I love the twist at the end of the case with the midgets. I\'m not gonna say what that twist is here just because I don\'t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn\'t seen the episode yet. So go watch it!! I especially like it because of the action between Warrick and Catherine, catalyzed by her getting attacked. I like the suspense of when something happens to a character. I think it draws you in more and helps you connect with the show/character. I\'m a big fan of personal stuff mixed in with the science. And this ep has it, as all of you GSR and YoBling! fans surely know! And as far as the pure science and cases, the plot is still really great. Both cases are very interesting. I like it that we get a glimpse into the world of midgets, which hopefully is accurate. Definitely a very good episode! Everyone should watch it!
  • Another great episode.

    Totally amazing episode. Not only was there some GSR (well that's how I interpreted some scenes anyway) but there was also a great deal of YoBling!

    The writers try something different this time (something they'll be doing a great deal of over the seasons) & take us into the world of little people, where even they discriminate against each other. I loved watching Sara & Grissom work this case, they were just so cute together, and even Nick was funny.

    Catherine gets attacked by a suspect while she's processing a crime scene, she tries to hide the fact that she's frightened by the experience from everyone but she confides in Warrick. (YoBling)

    Both cases were interesting & great this time around, this is one of my favorite episodes. And one more thing, why does Grissom get the little people newsletter in the mail???