CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 4

A Little Murder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2002 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: After Catherine is attacked in the house, she herself says 'I'm evidence'. As a result, she couldn't have been allowed to participate further in the investigation.

    • At the end of the episode we learn that Grissom is taking lip reading classes. He doesn't say it, but tells another student in sign language.

    • Goof: When Michael Gilden (Lawrence Ames) is on the coroner's table, his chest rises though he's dead.

    • Goof: If you look closely at the dead man's right eye after Catherine hangs up her cell phone, the cop speaks, and when it cuts back to her, if you look at the man's right eye, you can see him quickly blink.

  • Quotes

    • Grissom: You know what's really sad? This wasn't just a murder. It was a hate crime. Kevin Marcus hated himself.

    • Grissom: There's a theory in art that the Mona Lisa was really a feminized version of Leonardo Da Vinci himself.
      Sara: Concept suggests ... Deep down we're all narcissists?
      Grissom: Yeah. What attracts us the most is ourselves.

    • Warrick: Two guys break and enter and get into some kind of an altercation.
      Catherine: One ends up killing the other.
      David: And almost Catherine. That had to be scary, huh?
      Catherine: I didn't have time to be scared, David.

    • Catherine: Hey, um, hand me a swab, would you?
      Warrick: You know I could do this for you.
      Catherine: Not going to hurt any less. (Catherine takes a swab from the cut on her head)

    • Greg: There's, uh, something weird going on with the hairs from the ropes. Well, not weird. More like...hair-raising. (Grissom doesn't smile or laugh) Sorry, bad one.

    • Nick: Hey. Do you mind, little man? I'm trying to work here.
      Man: Really?
      Nick: Yeah.
      Man: You making any progress, CSI man?
      Nick: Some.
      Man: Uh-huh. Are we getting your A-game or your B-game? (Nick smiles a little)
      Nick: Come again?
      Man: You see us little people we're used to getting the short end of the stick. (Nick chuckles) You don't get to laugh at that.

    • Nick: How long for DNA?
      Greg: Well, give me something to compare it to. Get me the fiancée's blood.
      Nick: Well, I can't just give you her blood. That takes a court order.
      Greg: I'm open 24 hours.

    • Greg (grumbling about Grissom): You know, I hate it when he does that. I like to make a presentation, you know?
      Nick: So, present.
      Greg: Eh, forget it.

    • Warrick: Cath? You all right? Don't let him get to you like that.
      Catherine: I was scared...and I still am. (Warrick puts his arms around Catherine) Don't tell anyone, okay.

    • Melanie Grace: Does he ever talk?
      Sara: Yeah. At, uh, random intervals.
      Grissom: I was admiring your reaching tool.
      Melanie Grace: I have one I use to wipe my tush with. Would you like to take a look at that, too?

    • Sara: Is this some kind of convention?
      Grissom: Little People Convention. Every year they come from all over the world to a designated city. Socialize, network. It's their Prom, Olympics, and New Year's Eve all rolled into one. (As they walk, a man in a wheelchair nearly runs into Nick)
      Nick: Oh, hey. Excuse me.
      Man: Don't think so, square jaw. (Grissom and Sara continue along the ballroom unaware of Nick's close encounter)
      Sara: Grissom, how do you know this?
      Grissom: I get the newsletter.

    • (After she was attacked at a crime scene, she fell into the victim's blood)
      Catherine (to Warrick): Don't touch me, I'm evidence.

    • Melanie Grace: My first IOLP convention -- I walk in, see 200 Dwarfs staring back at me and what goes through my head? "There's no way I look like these people." I ran.
      Grissom: But you went back.
      Melanie Grace: Eventually. I guess I realized it's nice to see eye-to-eye with someone.
      Grissom: Mm.
      Melanie Grace: I get the impression that's a little tough for you. "The freaks have looked at her in a secret way and tried to connect their eyes with hers as though to say, we know who you are. We are you."
      Grissom (smiles): Faulkner.
      Melanie Grace: Close. Another southern writer. Carson McCullers.
      Grissom: I think we look for the differences in each other to prove that we're not alone.
      Melanie Grace: What's yours? Your difference? (Grissom is silent) Mine's the worst. Random gene. Anyone can have a dwarf. Sometimes I've even seen terror in average-size people's eyes. I remind them that their little carbon copies might not be such a copy after all.
      Grissom: Well, mine's genetic, progressive and impossible to predict.
      Melanie Grace: And hard to notice ... unless you tell someone.

    • Nick: Okay, back to midgets.
      Grissom: Nick? 'Dwarves' or 'little people'.

    • Sara: Different types of dwarves, different social status?
      Grissom: Hey, discrimination isn't just for tall people.

    • Sara: Guy does a suicide in a public place. He was trying to make a statement.
      Grissom: Suicide?
      Sara: It's a reasonable suspicion.
      Nick: Suicide among any disability group is above average.
      Grissom: Being a dwarf doesn't mean you're disabled, Nick. It means you're ... short. (beat) I think we've got a little murder.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Vitruvian Man

      The symbol on Kevin's card is Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man", which like Grissom states, is a depiction of the perfect human form; arm span coinciding with height, as well as other body proportions figured out mathematically.

    • Warrick: When you clear a place you clear it, do you understand?
      Officer: Yes, sir, I'm sorry.
      Warrick: We lost a CSI two years ago because of the same mistake!

      This is a reference to the "Pilot," where Holly Gribbs is attacked at a crime scene, then later dies in the next episode "Cool Change."

    • The Z-Mover Game System in this episode is apparently inspired by Nintendo's Gamecube.