CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 19

A Night at the Movies

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2003 on CBS

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  • Some kids decide to make their own kinds of "jackass" videos. One dies from a gunshot wound. A man dies at a movie theatre. (thats pretty much as simple as it gets)

    In my personal opinion, This was one of the best episodes ive seen in a long while. I watched it about 40 minutes ago, and i liked it alot. I think that it really brings out the truth in teenage life, and how tv really effects kids these days. I also think that it showed how serious a problem drinking is for underaged people. I absolutely LOVED the music also. I couldn't stop watching, and i hated every time the commercials came on. i haven't seen many episodes lately, that was the first one in a while, but it was one i had never seen, and i thought it was a good re-opening to the show for me.
  • Grissom and Catherine review a body in a movie theater. Sara, Warrick, and Nick discover what happens when reality TV becomes too real.

    True movie buffs, such as I, appreciate the obvious allusion to Hitchcock's "Strangers On a Train", the plot, the actors, their characters. (I wrote a college paper on Hitchcock's movie "Rope")
    We find out that Grissom is a movie buff, since he has been to this art house theater before and in the end goes there with Catherine. I never could tell if by "silent movies" he meant for Catherine to shut up or if he actually liked silent movies because of his hearing problem.
    The other team works on a "ripped from the headlines" case. These kids obviously watch "Jackass" or that type of show and pay the consequences.
    There is a funny exchange between Greg and Jackie the fingerprint tech. They bet who can get results faster and when Jackie loses, she has to wear a stupid hat. She then begs Grissom to let Greg out of the lab.
  • Though it may be hard to believe. . .

    Kids actually do these kind of things?! Yes, yes, they do. Watching this, I was reminded of some of the downright RETARDED things that my brother and I did while growing up. Makes me glad that we did not have access to guns and booze. The image of all those vector rods sticking out of the walls was a great shot. I also really enjoyed the movie plot. If you got the movie references in this episode, you can officially call yourself a movie buff. There was several, little nice insights into the characters as well -- great last line!
  • They did it again!

    A very interesting episode.

    Grissom & Catherine investigate a movie goer who was stabbed to death in the theater while he was watching a movie, the case gets more complicated when their suspect, a woman, is found dead, hanging from the railings in her home. A murder made to look like a suicide.

    Nick, Sara & Warrick have an even more complicated case when they find a teenager dead from a gunshot wound in a shed, and to complicate the case more they have 109 bullet holes in the walls to process, and a whole bunch of beer bottles. Sara finds a large bamboo stick & thinks that it's related to the case, and she doesn't give up on trying to find some evidence on it.