CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 20

A Space Oddity

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Finally an episode of CSI which I enjoyed!

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open with Hodges at a Sci-fi convention and seeing that Wendy is also there. They both love the same show "Astro Quest" and even the same characters. In the shows native tongue Hodge says something to Wendy, but she doesn't understand what he says as she doesn't speak the language.
    Soon a dead body is found, and Wendy and Hodge call it into Jim and the team. We soon learn that the victims name is Jonathan, and that he and another partner we about to re-make the sci-fi, which both Wendy, Hodge and hundreds, if not thousands, of others love. The team soon find footage of the new show being previewed to some fans at the convention. They hate it and so the team believe that they may have killed Jonathan because of his remake. This theory is only enhanced when they find evidence of a video made about Jonathan being killed because of his remake. Soon, through following the evidence, the team learn that a professor from the convention killed Jonathan. She admits that he stole some of her ideas and he used them in his remake. She confronted him and they fought, she pushed him, and he fell hit his head and died. The team get a copy of Astro Quest and so they all watch it in the break room together.
    The sexual tension between Wendy and Hodges grows and grows during this episode. Andrews soon see the tension between Hodge and Wendy and tells him just to tell her how he feels, as everyone knows that they have a thing for each other. When Wendy types in the line which Hodge said to her about the convention on a show convertor, we see that it means, "We were made for each other". This brings a slight smile to Wendy's face.
  • Finally an episode I liked.

    Ever since Grissom and Sara became a couple and when Warrick was killed and when Laurence Fishburne replaced William Petersen I haven't exactly been following the show. As far as I was concerned the show jumped the shark like on The A Team after Melinda Culea was fired from the show, it wasn't interesting anymore. But when they did the episode that Tia Carrere was a guest and it appeared she would be joining the show, I thought the show was revitalized. But her not joining the show just signified the show's eventual demise. This episode though I'm not certain if it signifies the show's resurgence or just a brief flash. This episode has something that the show never tried adding a little humor. Although I'm not certain if this is appropriate for a show like this. But let's face things are not as exciting as they were 5 years ago. It was to see Hodges do something more. Let's see what happens.
  • i wish i had that hour of my life back, what a waste, i'm out, butch

    hasn't every show done this to death? is this a eveidence lab or spaceship? is there no other cases pending? how does hodges have enough time to wonder into the autopsy room and help out the new disapointing grisom replacement? he always has time to stick his nose in where it dont need to be and now there going to pair hodges up with wendy who just happens to a 12 and he's a 3 not to mention the fact that office romances dont work i.e. grisom & sarah? whats wrong with windy dating any of the other guys in the lab? ever since grisom left this show has been going down hill and this last one is the end of the line for me, the writers are worse than the producer who wanted to redux "space quest" or should i say a really bad rip off of "star trac" staring TJ HOOKER, bottom line its csi has hit bottom and i wont waste an hour of my time on it no more, i'm out, butch
  • Out of the realm of reality.

    Okay, I want to know how the cast and crew got through this shoot without totally breaking down into hysterics laughing. I understood the reference as well as the mocking of the obsessed fans but all of it just took away from the case at hand and being able to follow the evidence. Instead we got to see all of Hodges fantasies regarding his favorite show and his favorite lab tech Wendy. We got our dose of the stereotypical obsessed fan as suspects then the business partner until it's revealed that it was the mentor that silenced the voice of the new Astro Quest.
  • An Astro Quest star dies at a Sci-Fi convention. Who should be there but Hodges and Wendy. So the case begins.

    Well I have to say I had not seen the interesting development of the relationship between Hodges and Wendy. It was really nice to see Hodges having those fantasies. The "dorky" sci-fi fantasies were absolutely amusing! I have to say, Wendy has an amazing body!

    Overall, it was just really nice to see Hodges appear so much more human. As Wendy stated (and I am totally paraphrasing) it was nice to see that he was not totally oblivious. Go Hodges!

    Oh and the ending! It was so adorable! You just want someone as adorable as him! I mean come on! Saying that... was just sweet.

    Oh and the case was nice, but I have to say the focus was DEFINITELY Hodges and Wendy's relationship.
  • Great tongue in the cheek episode

    Great tongue in the cheek episode with Hodges and Simms in the focus. Sure, I can understand that some of the hardcore fans may dislike this episode, but that's really what it's all about. A friendly jab at the "real" fans of any show out there. Those who will be upset and write bad review if their favorite show just takes a small step from the original path :-)

    And with that said, I loooooove Hodges. That he's slowly emerging from the background and transforming from a funny side-kick into a real person. I may get flamed for this but it seems to me like if they have given some of the lines Grissom would've said to Hodges.
  • Time for a lab rat centric episode. Hodges and Simms find a common interest at a sci-fi convention. They also find a crime scene. Cue: opening titles.

    Not too sure why there are so many haters out there about this episode. It's a lab rat episode, which we all know is a take-5 moment. I mean, how can you complain when the stain of that 200th episode still won't wash out of my memory. OK firstly - like any other show that analyses the impact of sci-fi/comic book/pop culture, CSI did a pretty good job. The Star Trek-esque scenes were spot on. Colour, music and action. Next the sci-fi cult was also spot on. Especially the rift between hardcore fans and re-imaging a franchise. Cue: BSG folks in this episode. Ron D. Moore yelling "You suck!" was funny as hell - so too Ellen Tigh and Boomer (you know their real names). Anyway I appreciated all the in jokes. David's McCoy-isms.

    It's nice to get a light episodes amongst the darkness that really is gruesome and senseless crimes episodes.
  • Fun, fun fun...did I mention fun?

    This episode was a lot of fun to watch. Loved some focus on Hodges who I have come to adore. (Isn't it amazing that just a few seasons ago I used to love to hate him, now I enjoy his scenes so much) Being a die hard Star Trek fan since I was a child and having gone to conventions myself. (though never been brave enough to dress up) I loved all of the inside jokes. It didn't hurt that this episode also was not focused on Langston for once. After at least 8 of the most recent episodes (and there have only been about 10) being all about him in one way or another, it was a breath of fresh air to see the focus on someone other than Langston. I like Langston, and I think LF is a fantastic actor, just getting tired of everything being about him. He's not the be all end of CSI, but you wouldn't know that with how TPTB are all gaga over him. I'm hoping this ep is a sign of a new trend for the next few episodes. I wouldn't mind focus on Langston if it was done in pieces. It's sort of like having a nice big juicy steak, do you enjoy it more if you eat it bite by bite, or try to swallow the whole entire thing at once?

    Anyways, back to the ep, it was very enjoyable and I hope they do more with Hodges.
  • A Star Trek "want-to-be" murder mishap.

    Writers must have been on vacation. I wish this one episode had ended up on the editing floor. Come on guys, you can do better! Hodges is weird to begin with and then add his "dreams" with the whole Star Trek adventures was just too much. I would think the story lines can be hard to develop week after week, but this episode really takes the cake of worthlessness. I've got it, bring back Warrick as a ghost to help with the various investigations. Have him work in the lab and have him create a whole series of mishaps. Maybe have a new series spin-off. NOT! Come on writers, you can do better.
  • Weird..

    Ok.. I took it as a joke and it was not bad that way but if you try to go and watch it as a common CSI episode, it is a disappointment - I am quite sure majority of CSI watchers does not get the sci-fi thing and so no wonder why most people I was watching it just walked away.. Mm.. if think on the story, the portraying of Hodge and Wendy storyline was good, putting it out of contest into that sci-fi world and giving a common and funny ground for it there.. Some good dialogs but.. it felt quite weird in the end and case was not much a thing either.. it was mostly about the absurdness and for some level, it worked..
  • The team investigates a murder that took place at a convention paying homage to the late '60s science fiction television series "Astro Quest." During the investigation Hodges, a big fan of the show, fantasizes about a certain co-worker.

    One of the greatest crime dramas of all time parodies the greatest science fiction series of all time....and I loved every second of it. The parodies of "Star Trek" from "He's dead Jim" to Hodges fantasies about Wendy which parody such things as the classic "Trek" episode "The Menagerie" are damn near perfect. I should also say that the story and the investigation were very well done and very plausible which should be mentioned as well. I certainly hope that this episode is a sign that "CSI" is back on track after the misfire that was "Mascara." Very good episode.
  • You had me at "He's dead Jim". A murder at a sci-fi convention, the accidental meeting of Wendy and David, and a ton of inside jokes!

    Trekkies unite! My writer's hat off to the writers. I will watch this over and over again to catch what I missed, there are just too many inside jokes and innuendoes. Also, that part of us that wants to be accepted appreciates the Star Trek idealism. For example, the bartender with the facial scarring that is totally accepted as by everyone with no explanation, being different is celebrated if not expected. This is why we love CSI and sci-fi, all our sins and imperfections are forgiven. Sorry if I gush, but watch it and see the beauty of it. Brass rocks, he has always been the comic relief we need. Hodges is almost normal. I would sell my soul for a body like Wendy's. Assistant medical examiner David gets his lines in ... it does not get any better than this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • wow could they of tried any harder to make it look like it was a copy of star trek?

    it was nice to get away from fishburn but still not the greatest ep this season. way better than the 200th ep god that one was just plain awful. now where to start. first i think he should of been put on desk duty or something for almost burning down the lab. the theme of this year must be star trek cuz he movie is coming out bleh. i honestly didn't care for the murder either it shouldn't of taken them so long ot find the bloody finger print it almost felt like they didn't even try searching. the women who accidentily killed him was annoying and i'm glad they arrested her good riddence. i honestly don't think it will work out with wendy cuz one she's way to young for him. 2 he is annoying and if i remember was still living with his mother. and 3 cuz relationships at the workplace usually don't work out. i still don't get why they did it on csi miami he main character has been with more chicks hen i can count so i don't get why all of the sudden he's in love with the blonde.
  • Hodges runs into Wendy at an Astro Quest convention.

    I think the writers pitched this story to William Petersen, Grissom, before he left and he red lighted it. As soon as he left they decided to green light. I expect more from this CSI, if I want lame story lines and sexual tension I'll watch CSI:Miami. Hodges character should be a background character, not a main character. His character can't connect with Wendy because he's given his life to the lab? What next? Hodges become a eunuch in a freak lab accident? And Wendy dancing in skimpy outfits just demeans her character to a point where she can't be taken seriously. I think Laurence Fishburne's addition is not being utilized properly to keep this show where it belongs at the top. More main character, less Hodges.
  • I love it! It's only half over and I'm loving the homages to what we all know is Star Trek, the humor, and the clever working of the characters. I'm not a seamstress, damnit, I'm a coroner's examiner.

    In the midst of a convention for a science fiction TV series, David Hodges happens to run into his fellow lab mate Wendy Sims. He is surprised, as are we, that she too is a fan of BLAH TITLE. Shortly after they share some small talk, (and she has a chance to admire a piece of "authentic" memorabilia he has acquired) a commotion is heard nearby as murder is discovered. In getting to the scene and in checking the victim, Hodges calls Brass' and, in a homage to a classic Star Trek line, conveys the message, "Jim, he's dead."

    As the rest of the episode unfolds, we find the usual exposition of evidence discovery and meeting the interesting suspects/fan fanatics who appear in costume and in character. A far more interesting "B" story that takes the cake is Hodges imagining himself in the far off universe as the captain of the starship. His daydreaming fantasies starts out humorous and then takes on a life of its own as he increasingly imagines himself in various sexually charged fantasies with Sims. In his imagined vignettes with Wendy, she plays characters ranging from a Yoman crew member to a sensual Tryloian dancer. Poor Hodges loses himself in his daydreams, only snapping out of them through something a character in his real life says to him. Each time his fantasy goes more deep and sensual, and it becomes more and more obvious that he is increasingly lost in his fantasy, at his worst, causing him to start a small lab fire.

    The funny part in the end is that Hodges' familiarity with the show, and specifically the set of the bridge, leads to the discovery of the murder weapon along with a spycam that the victim used to take naughty snapshots of his sexual conquests on set after hours.

    This episode is priceless as it weaves in opportunities for the CSI's to play roles in fantasy sequences and as alternate characters, and plays numerous homages to Star Trek in such a humorous way that only CSI can accomplish.