CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 8

After the Show

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2003 on CBS



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    • Catherine: We think there may be a connection to the Robyn Knight case from last year.
      Brass: Can we prove it?
      Catherine: Well, only skeletal remains were found. There's nothing definitive to connect Delhomme to the murder.
      Brass: Then we better make this one stick.

    • Catherine: How's it going with the Sheriff?
      Grissom: He wants to know why you're working with young Greg. You could have had Warrick, you know. Or asked Nick to help.
      Catherine: I need someone without an agenda.
      Grissom: Like when Fung brought in Mazzola? Everybody lost.
      Catherine: This isn't O.J.
      Grissom: Could be. A trainee on a career case...
      Catherine: I know what I'm doing.

    • Greg: I understand why all these cadets are here. They have to be. But what's up with all these off-duty cops?
      Catherine: Chance to be a hero. Girl's beautiful. These guys don't get many chances.
      Greg: For what?
      Catherine: To rescue a princess.

    • Sara: I don't believe this.
      Nick: What does it matter? We're all on the same team.
      Sara: Nick, it was our case. You said it. You wait a career for a case like this. Puts us on the front line for promotion.
      Nick: Let's just find her, okay?
      Sara: You know what the worst part about this whole thing is? Catherine knows I can do this case.
      Nick: So can I.
      Sara: I would take you and me over Catherine and Greg anytime. (Nick looks startled)
      Nick: She's got Greg helping her?
      Sara: Yeah.
      Nick (after a moment): Well, the only way to learn is by getting out in the field, and if Greg helps find her, I'm okay with that.

    • Sheriff Atwater: Who's that with Catherine?
      Grissom: Greg Sanders. DNA.
      Sheriff Atwater: Is he on the case?
      Grissom: Yeah.
      Sheriff Atwater: Hell of a time to break out the "B" team, isn't it?

    • Sara: What are we doing? I-is this logical? We have suspects picking their criminalists now.
      Grissom: Well, we all want the same thing, Sara. Catherine may have a way in. It could be helpful.
      Sara: So this looks 'helpful' to you?

    • Catherine: All he had to do was stay quiet.
      Grissom: Unlike Robyn Knight, Julie Waters became Las Vegas' postmortem sweetheart. The media as moral conscience.
      Catherine: She couldn't get away from him and he couldn't get away from her.

    • Greg: So I know Warrick's off and Sara's pissed. So why not ask Nick to help?
      Catherine: Hey, you wanna learn. And you can start by not repeating my mistakes.
      Greg: You mean Sam Braun?
      Catherine: I screwed up. You covered me.
      Greg: That's why I'm here?
      Catherine: No, you're here because I want you to be here.

    • Catherine: Your father ever tell you that you were pretty?
      Sara: I guess.
      Catherine: He ever tell you that you were smart?
      Sara: Yeah.
      Catherine: So it probably never occured to you that you wouldn't be sucessful. (Sara nods) If all you ever hear is that you're gorgeous, you can let everything else fall away and land in a very dangerous place.

    • Catherine (explaining to Sara why she wanted the case): I saw the look in Howard's eye. I used to make my living off of that look. He wanted me. We needed him. I decided to exploit that situation and as angry as it made you, when you're in my shoes you'll do the same thing.

    • Sheriff Atwater: Just don't make me look bad.
      Grissom: Hey, you set the stage.

    • Catherine: The only way we can get this guy is if the evidence counters every one of his lies.

    • (After searching the desert with Howard since he said the girl was there)
      Catherine: Alright, at least we can hold on to him for awhile.
      Grissom: Well, the public defender might have him out on bail tomorrow morning.
      Nick: Meanwhile we still haven't found anything. Did anyone stop to think that this guy might just be nuts?
      Catherine: Well, until we find the body, he is all the evidence that we got.
      Sara: We don't even know if he did it.
      Catherine: Oh, I've got a good feeling about this.
      Sara: So does the suspect. The only reason we are out here today on this wild goose chase is because he wanted to hang out with you. It's weird.
      Catherine: Believe me I'd rather follow the evidence but if it takes having the evidence follow me...
      Nick: The original missing person call was mine and Sara's.
      Catherine: I'm the senior CSI here.
      Grissom: Uh-uh. I'm the senior CSI here.
      Catherine: You want it?
      Nick: Hold on now. This is a career case, Grissom. You know Sara and I both put in for a promotion. If we work this we'll be on departmental radar.
      Catherine: I've got the most high profile cases under my belt. I think the Sheriff would rest easier knowing that I was heading it up.
      Sara: It's a big department there is a lot of room at the top.
      Nick: We wouldn't ask for it if we couldn't do it.
      (Grissom pauses, looks down, then up at Sara)
      Sara: Fine.
      (Sara and Nick walk away)
      Catherine: You going to have my back?
      Grissom: I always have your back.
      Catherine: He wanted me. He's got me.

    • (During the interrogation)
      Sara: If you help me, I can help you. We already know who you're talking about. All we need to know is where to find her.
      Brass: Are we boring you? Huh? 'Cause what you're not getting is I got all night. One of us is getting overtime to be here, and it isn't you, so talk to me.
      Howard (to Sara referring to Catherine): I'll talk... only for the one in the next room... the pretty one.

    • Howard (to Catherine): You walk like a dancer. Do you moonlight? (Catherine smiles)

    • Sara: Did he say anything about her?
      Brass: He never actually mentioned her name. All he said was, "I never meant to hurt her."
      Catherine: Six days missing. He didn't just hurt her.

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  • Allusions

    • This episode is ripped from the headlines of the murder of Linda Sobek. The case was solved by Elizabeth Devine who is the consulting producer of the show and a former CSI.

    • Car Dealer: It's been detailed three times since Howard brought it back, it's being primed for a Whale.

      In casino parlance a 'Whale' is an exceptionally high high-roller. Because of prospective windfall these players can bring to the casinos, high rollers often receive increasingly generous and extravagant perks from casinos, including the free use of luxury cars during their stay, to tempt them onto their gaming floors.

    • Grissom: Like when Fung brought in Mazzola? Everybody lost.

      Fung and Mazzola were two criminalists that worked the O.J. Simpson case. They were both accused at trial of sloppy work during the case.