CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 24

All In

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 14, 2009 on CBS
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Greed leads to murder and destroys the lives of five people when two of them discover a stash of old casino chips worth $1,000 each on the collectible market.

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  • Not exactly that i wanna to end this weird season

    It was a weird season. Warrick dies at the beginning of this season, it was very sad, i wish he couldn't die, then Grissom's go out, it was the beginning from the end to CSI. I mean i think it was a lot of changes to one single season, and the season finale was too slow to be a great season finale like others, this could be other episode, in this episode could be Grissom helping or something with Sara, but no, it was a plot totally dazed. What a shame.moreless
  • weird episode..

    So, this wants to be the season finale? It was weird and somehow quite slow episode.. I mean, maybe not slow but boring, sorry - the story just did not caught me. I usually have loved CSI season finals but this one was really weird.

    First I am not sure what their story was.. what they wanted to show - the irony of those chips and how much trouble they brought or develop little more Langston's char. In the last part, they did make even little success and for me that standoff between Langston and Riley was good, but the whole case... those people, the story. I really did not get the point, it did not caught my attention and it looked weird.moreless
  • WTF?????

    What is going on? What is happening to this formerly great show? It's so sad to watch it become like some shell. And it's not Grissom leaving. It's not Langston's fault. It's the writing and the stories they've been coming up with. Some are good but most are lacking some sparkle. Enough with the strange stuff. Give us back the old school. Sure hope they can pull it back up and make it better. Maybe they should go back and watch the first three seasons? This finale was the worst ever. Boring and confusing and who cared about the ending? So predictable. Meeh.moreless
  • Did they air the wrong episode? Because this is not how a CSI finale should be.......

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open this season finales with a dead body being discovered in the desert. We also see that Nick is away on a course for a week, so that he can become our new "bug man". Basically the whole episode comes down to some old casino chips from back in the 1980's. When Langston is told "I could have shot you" by Riley, was I the only one saying "God I wish you had!" We learn that the chips were discovered in the ground at an old building. They started handing them out as gifts. Someone wanted some chips and when they went back to collect the rest of the chips, they were gone. They went to see the man they believe took them and h shot both of them, killing the victim who was found in the dessert and seriously injuring the other (who later had to have part of his leg removed). At the end of the episode Langston gets shot at, but he doesn't get hit and kills the suspect who is shooting at him. Overall there was no kick to this season finale. All I can say is the writers of this episode should watch the finale for CSI New York, because that is how a CSI finale should be.moreless
  • Good episode...not a season finale.

    I wish that people would stop being so hard on this show. It's not bad, but I realize that a lot of us have high expectations about what a good episode of CSI should be like. I think the ending of this episode was interesting, what with Ray having his first kill (the doctor, who swears to "never do harm to anyone" is forced to take a life), but overall, and especially compared to past season finales, this episode was just...good. I was expecting something more-epic isn't really the right word, but it's all I can think of right now. I mean, think of finales like Grave Danger, or, for example, the finale of season 8. CSI is a crime show, and the writers need to expect more from their viewers, and hit us with a clever twist. LOST it up, dudes. (Not too much, though.)moreless
Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros

Barbie Aubrey

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Gerald McRaney

Gerald McRaney

Eli Schindler

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Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

Bruno Curtis

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Sheeri Rappaport

Sheeri Rappaport

Mandy Webster

Recurring Role

Marc Vann

Marc Vann

Conrad Ecklie

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David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The title of the episode, "All In", refers to the act of betting all of one's poker chips, in the hopes that it would pay off with a victory.

    • Goof: In the last shot of the episode, when Langston is in the garage and the diner owner's husband gets out of the trunk, while nobody may have heard the husband screaming, it is highly unlikely that no one heard Ray fire his gun, as guns are extremely loud, and Ray didn't have a silencer on his gun, so at least one person should have come running, but for the rest of the episode, about 2-3 minutes, Ray is alone with the dead husband.

    • Ray Langston opens a box that was sent to him, which includes a snapshot of a serviceman dated 1952, presumably his father (James Langston), along with a bronze star. The bronze star is one of the higher military awards for bravery or heroic service.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Hodges: Aw, the 70's... recession, energy crisis, conflict in the middle east. My, how times have changed!
      Riley: At least we don't have to put up with Disco.

    • (While looking for evidence in the car)
      Wendy: This looks like a piece of skull.
      Riley: We know that the last thing that went through his mind was a copper-jacketed .38.

    • Ecklie: Catherine, Ray, this is Clayton Farris from the Gaming Commission.
      Clayton Farris: As you are aware, the Hux Club chips were supposed to be destroyed 28 years ago.
      Ecklie: But it was never officially verified.
      Clayton Farris: In any event, since the disposal was improperly carried out, the chips continue to be bare instruments, and the state of Nevada is on the line for their face value.
      Ray: You mean, anyone holding those chips can just walk in and trade them in for cash?
      Clayton Farris: Yes.
      Catherine: Wait a minute, the window for all chip redemptions is 120 days from the original recall.
      Clayton Farris: The attorney's who drafted the original Hux Club recall contract apparently left that provision out. The great state of Nevada will, of course, honor its obligation to redeem the chips, however the argument can be made that the chips are, in fact stolen property and still outstanding evidence in a murder investigation.
      Ray: So you want us to find the chips before anyone else does and tries to cash them in.
      Clayton Farris: We feel that that would be in the best interests of all concerned.

    • Riley: That was a really stupid thing you did back there. He could've shot you, I could've shot you.
      Ray: He needed help.
      Riley: He had a gun in his hand.
      Ray: I didn't stop being a doctor when I became a CSI.
      Riley: Well, if you don't stop treating suspects like patients you're gonna get yourself or someone else killed.

    • Hodges (looking at the victim's keychain): Hmm. It's an old Hux Club casino chip.
      Riley: Hampton Huxley, the dead porno mag guy?
      Hodges: Oh, it's not porno, it's a lifestyle. For one brief shining moment in the 80's, scantily clad Hux Club kittens, serving cocktails and dealing blackjack was the pinnacle of Las Vegas high society.
      Wendy: How'd you get in?
      Hodges: Sadly, only through the glossy pages of the magazine.
      Wendy: Mm.
      Hodges: Which I only purchased for the articles.

    • Riley (looking through Houston's burnt up car): The guy must've been living in his car.
      Hodges: It is a Chrysler Le Baron. Babe magnet.
      Riley (finds a burnt 'For Sale' sign, and offers it to Hodges): You should make an offer.

    • Doc Robbins (about the victim): Ah, did you recover that piece of his forehead? It might save the mortician some spackle.
      Catherine: ... What's up with you?
      Doc Robbins: Ah, things are tough all over.

    • Nick: Hey, I'll see 'ya next week.
      Ray: Where you off to?
      Nick: Lee Goff's Entomology workshop in Honolulu.
      Ray: Entomology. Nice. ... Wait, I thought Ecklie cut all funding for outside training?
      Nick: Yeah, he did, but I've been waitin on this workshop for like a year, so if I gotta go outta pocket, so be it. We need a new bugman. (smiles) Hold down the fort.
      Ray: Will do.

    • Hodges (looking at all the pins on the victim's jacket): Ah, the 70's, recession, energy crisis, conflict in the Middle East. My, how time's have changed.
      Riley: At least we don't have to put up with disco.

    • Catherine (on the phone with Ecklie): Chill out, Conrad. You'll have it on your desk by the end of shift. Yes, I've included a 10% cut across the board, just make sure there's 10% less crime and we'll be fine.

    • Catherine: Riley says that she thinks you're a bit reckless.
      Ray: And I think she's a little trigger happy.

    • Ray: Things aren't looking too good for you Bruno. We have your shoe treads in the desert, and when we run your DNA against the blood we found in the backseat of your friends car, that's gonna come back to you, too. The best you can hope for is accessory to murder. But I guess, the detective told you all of this. (Bruno winces, reaching for his amputated leg) Those are phantom pains. They'll pass after a while.
      Bruno: How would you know that?
      Ray: Because I'm a physician... (pause) and I also work at the crime lab.
      Bruno: You that guy who jumped in the hole with me? Why did you do that?
      Ray: You looked like you needed help. ... Would you like to tell me what happened that night? I'll believe you. Just between you and me. The day you walk into court with one leg, the jury will wanna believe you, too. But you have to tell me what happened, and it has to be the truth.

  • NOTES (5)


    • This is the second time Hampton Huxley and his Hux club kittens are mentioned with the first being in the Season 8 episode "A La Cart".

    • Langston: I'll lead this time.

      This is a reference to a conversation Riley and Langston had back in the earlier season episode "No Way Out":

      Riley (to Ray): Wait, wait. Lemme go first. You start carryin' a gun, you can lead next time.