CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 14

All That Cremains

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on CBS

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  • Nick and Sara investigate the gruesome murder of a high profile (and recently widowed) attorney. Meanwhile Ray gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife who tells him she will soon remarry. Ray has a bit of difficulty accepting the news.


    There have been better episodes of CSI. While I believe this is an episode worth seeing, I do not think it is one of the series' memorable ones (Like the excellent two-part "Grave Danger."). What helps it out is its well written script. I like how the story of the murder investigation took some clever turns with some old plot devices. When we heard the murder victim was making videos with young women, the viewer pretty much jumped to a conclusion. I like how the writers did something different with that. I wasn't too crazy about the story concerning Ray.

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    At first the story seemed interesting and fresh - a head and a foot in boxes found in the store are a rather unconventional sight - but unfortunately it was also very predictable. I knew who the killer was the minute Camryn Pose came back home. I'm not sure if the reason she had to kill her father was good enough. Would such a little girl be able to kill her father (without any tools it must have been a really hard and long physical labour!), clean up and go to school as if nothing happened? I doubt it.

    I enjoyed Christiana Milian as Sydney Preston. She was very convincing and played her part well.

    There were few funny moments. But the best line today was delivered by Greg in the crematory:)

    As to the Ray's ex-wife - this subplot wasn't exciting for me at all. It also didn't have any impact on the case, team or even Ray. OK, he is divorced, end of story. Unnecessary.

    All in all it was uneven episode.
  • 11x14

    this was not a bad episode but neither a good one, I think the final scene where is explained how the lawyer was killed is what makes this episode one of the most unbelieble episodes in the current season, I´m not going to say who killed him but the only thing I know is that it was so cold blooded to be real, the subplot about Ray ex wife was not bad at all but it could be better, definitively, not the best momment for this season.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • I think the Rays storyline was unnecessary

    I think we could've learned about Ray's past, his wife and the fact that it was hard from him to accept that she was getting married, in some other say. I mean, not in a full episode. I think it took time from another character.

    I like to see Nick and Sara work together, with this new attitude of hers. They were always the youngest in the beginning and have kind of grown together. The case was very good and it sort of teaches parents a very good lesson. Nothing justifies murder, but in the case of the young girl, she had a need. She needed to be loved, to be cared of, to be supported and she only got that from the nannies and some women that came through her father's life. So when the one person that shows up, cares about her and then leaves because something her father did, she had to do something. She had to have that love back. And sadly, that's how she managed to get it. With murder.
  • One of the most ridiculous episodes ever. However, if you are a drinker (I'm not) and love to play drinking games, take a swig every time the word "cremains" is used... Warning: You will be extremely drunk.

    Okay, this episode was absolutely stupid. First of all the girl who killed and chopped her father up is about 90 pounds (maybe) and her dad is about 240 pounds of dead weight. That is pretty much impossible. Plus, she wanted to kill her dad because he wouldn't let her play with a guitar and said that his ex-girlfriend was dead to them? Seriously? I did not buy into this episode for one second. It was so dumb that me and my mom just watched to laugh every time they said "cremains". This show is getting a little too idiotic and I think it should end after this season. I would not miss it.
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