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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 6

Alter Boys

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom and his team investigate a murder suspect who is caught red-handed -- burying the victims -- while Catherine and Warrick take on the case of a woman found dead in a hotel spa. As Grissom, Nick and Sara investigate the seemingly clear-cut murder case, Grissom questions the simplicity of the evidence when he discovers that the suspect burying the victims is the brother of a convicted felon. Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick must determine if the woman found dead in the hotel spa was the victim of negligence, foul play or heat-induced natural causes.moreless

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  • The investigates two separate murders.

    This was a nice episode, they tried something new as CSI producers are fond of doing on a fairly regular basis. And while I'm usually a huge fan of those new ways of showing the scenes and exploring the "who done its" of the cases. Cases of the nature explored were better served under a "normal" episode format. They tried to show that any case can have two sides to it. But they ended up revealing that they screwed up by looking at the most easily found evidence instead of exploring all options before collectively comparing all the evidence as they normally do.

    It was a nice episode, just felt weird that in this episode they took what they were doing so lightly.moreless
  • 2 Murders occur...if only they coudl get the right man. WARNING: SPOILERS

    First off, when I put labeled this as, "Painful to watch," it wasn't in reference to the episode being horrible. I decided to label it this was in terms of, it being a sad episode to watch. It was painful to watch at the end.

    Although this isn't one of my favorite episodes, it revealed a few more things about Gil Grissom. First off, we learn that Grissom is...well, was a Roman Catholic. At the end he reveals that he doesn't believe in it; doesn't believe in religion. Funny enough, I have those same views. He went on to express his reasoning behind the belief. He believes in god, but not religion. I love that scene with him and the "father" in church. Very well done.

    Second, the ending. When the guy committs suicide in jail. The look in his eyes as he looked at Grissom before he stopped breathing...wow. Very powerful scene, especially when Grissom held up his bloody hand to look at it.

    The reason I like this episode is because it revealed that sometimes, no matter how hard Grissom tries, it doesn't turn out to be the way it should. No matter what he did, there wasn't anything he could do for the brother. It was out of his hands and he knew it. This is not some almighty character that is Superman and can fix anything that comes at him; he's a regular human being, though with flaws, he is still a top notch CSI. It was sad, knowing the actual truth and then knowing there was nothing they could do. *Sighs*

  • For one of the first times you see the evidence come to the wrong conclusion.

    I've seen this episode about three or four times now and each time it has a greater effect on me, it wasn't that the initial effect was weak, it's just now I'm older and I start to realise and notice more.

    Up until this point in the franchise you start to think that no matter what Grissom says about evidence, the truth is reliant on the person who interprets the vidence, but this episode reinforces all that Grissom has said, the evidence cannot lie, but it can rigged. This episode also highlights one of the differences between CSI: Miami and CSI. If Horatio were Grissom you can guarantee he would go after the guilty brother, but Grissom instead opts just to resign himself to what the evidence, which isn't actually quitting. He's doing his job, nothing more and nothing less. He's not expected to be a vigilante.

    This episode was brilliant because it's from near the beginning, when CSI was still in its infancy or adolescence. It reminds you that the cases are not just reliant on who handles them, but what the culprit has done to the evidence.moreless
  • not a bad episode

    I don't think this episode was that bad. I just thought it was kind of sad at the end that the guy's brother used the evidence to pin the murder on him just because he didn't want to get his third strike.

    In this ep we kind of get to see what Grissom's views are about religion. He doesn't say he specifically belongs to a certain religion, nor does he seem to take religion too importantly, at least that's wat I thought. He's more into science and what it tells him because that he knows for certain that it exists.

    I also feel it was really sad how the younger brother, who was just trying to protect his older sibling ended up being betrayed by him and because he wouldn't be able to survive in jail, he committed suicide. But I must say, the whole biting his wrists thing kind of creeped me out.moreless
Corbin Allred

Corbin Allred

Benjamin Corey Jennings

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Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker

Father Powell

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Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

Roger Jennings

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Eric Szmanda

Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders

Recurring Role

Robert David Hall

Robert David Hall

Dr. Al Robbins

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Skip O'Brien

Skip O'Brien

Det. Ray O'Riley

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When the team finds the second body in the desert, they get his identity from his driver's license, which clearly states his name as "Kenny Ramirez." However, the character is listed in the end credits as "David Ramirez."

    • Goof: The second victim (the buried one) of Grissom's case is blinking right before Nick finds his driver's license.

    • Goof: In this episode, the first murdered victim is shown breathing twice. The first time is when Sara and Grissom are looking at the dead body in the lab. The second time is when the coroner is looking at the body and Sara walks in.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sara (to suspect): Give me your right foot. (suspect gives her his left foot) Other right.

    • Greg (about blood evidence): It's chemically impossible, Sara. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing.

    • David: I hate when you CSI guys get territorial.
      Catherine: Yeah well the victim's families hate it when we don't.

    • Grissom: We both have jobs that begin after the crime.
      Father Powell: After the sin.
      Grissom: Some people would call that a career in futility.
      Father Powell: Some people call it a vocation.

    • Father Powell: You don't believe?
      Grissom: In religion. I believe in God, in science, in Sunday supper. I don't believe in rules that tell me how I should live.
      Father Powell: Even if they're handed down by God?
      Grissom: How many crusades were fought in the name of God? How many people died because of someone's religion?
      Father Powell: Fanaticism, not religion.
      Grissom: Semantics. They're still dead.

    • Father Powell: He needs spiritual guidance. (Grissom looks at the suspect, then looks at the dead body)
      Grissom: Yeah, I imagine he does.
      Father Powell: Ah. Then you'd have no problem with my talking to him.
      Grissom: It's the 11th hour. I wouldn't expect anything less.
      Father Powell: Eleventh hour?
      Grissom: When the reality of their actions sets in, they usually turn to religion.
      Father Powell: Can you think of a better time?

  • NOTES (1)


    • At the end of the show where they show Benjamin in the cell being examined by the paramedics...Grissom reaches down, and when we see Benjamin has died, the camera shows the blood of Benjamin on Grissom's hand. Which is a play on the phrase from the Bible of "Their blood is on your hands"