CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 9

And Then There Were None

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom and his team investigate a casino heist during which innocent victims were shot, while Catherine and Sara are called to the scene of a murder in a remote part of the desert. The evidence found at both crime scenes -- the crowded local casino and the isolated desert convenience store where a clerk was murdered -- has the CSI team drawing a correlation between the two crimes.moreless

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    Michael Cudlitz

    Michael Cudlitz

    Officer Spencer

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    Tom O'Brien

    Tom O'Brien

    Max Duncan

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    Brigid Brannagh

    Brigid Brannagh

    Tammy Felton

    Guest Star

    Eric Szmanda

    Eric Szmanda

    Greg Sanders

    Recurring Role

    Robert David Hall

    Robert David Hall

    Dr. Al Robbins

    Recurring Role

    Tom Gallop

    Tom Gallop

    Randy Painter

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      • Catherine: $250,000 turned a career cop bad.
        Grissom:: Yeah, well, he had his price.
        Catherine: We all do. (Cath smiles at Grissom)

      • Sara (about Dustin Bale): He was killed hours before the tower club heist. In on Laughlin, out on Vegas. So, Darin took him out first. They cleared the register just to make it look like a robbery.
        Grissom: But the pit boss said it was Darin plus three.
        Sara: Because he knew there were four at the Laughlin heist.
        Grissom: Well, maybe he didn't know that the clerk wasn't there. He wasn't counting wigs. He was hiding under a blackjack table.
        Sara: And we're back to who killed Darin Hanson.

      • Brass: So, the last man standing killed Darin.
        Catherine: And he's still out there ... flush with cash and a .45 caliber.

      • Warrick: Tower casino surveillance. The screen on your left the camera's trained over where Tammy, Darin and Adam entered. The screen on your right is trained on the gaming tables. Okay, check it out. (plays the video)
        Sara: What are we looking for?
        Warrick: What, you missed him? All right. I'll play it again ... slower, just for you. (Warrick smiles. Nick throws Sara a glance and smiles) Now, keep your eye trained on the pit boss and the chandelier. (Warrick plays the video in slower motion)
        Sara: He ducked before the chandelier fell.
        Nick: Yeah, before Tammy drew her gun.
        Catherine: Play it again. (Warrick plays it for the third time)
        Grissom: Good job, Warrick. You found our mole.

      • Greg: So, ballistics sent me a bullet from the casino. It's a .45 so we know it came from one of the "ladies'" guns.
        Grissom: And this is a special bullet?
        Greg: No, but there was a foreign substance adhered to it.
        Grissom: And the substance is special?
        Greg: Not exactly.
        Catherine: Just get to the point, Greg.
        Greg: Tomato, to-mah-to, potato...
        Catherine: Wait a second. There was potato on the bullet?
        Greg: You bet. Strange, huh?
        Catherine: There was potato on the bullet because there was potato inside the barrel of the gun.
        Grissom: This bullet is from my investigation.
        Catherine: Right. One of your armed robbers may have used a potato as a silencer prior to the heist.

      • Nick (walking up on Greg who is reading 'Sand & Surf' magazine): You're a surfer now?
        Greg: Dude, I rip.
        Nick: We're 300 miles from the nearest beach.
        Greg: Surfing's just a state of mind.

      • Sara (as Cath is printing the 'Closed' sign): Wow. A fumette. Did you get that out of some museum?
        Catherine: Hey, don't knock it. It's still the best tool for lifting prints off cardboard.

      • Grissom (as Doc Robbins is removing a bullet from a body): Extraction is an art, Albert.
        Doc Robbins: I like to think so.

      • Nick: Why did Darin kill Adam?
        Sara: Greed. Fewer slices. Bigger pieces.
        Catherine: Which explains why he killed Tammy.
        Nick: That's confirmed?
        Sara: So, who killed him, and where's the money?
        Grissom: And we still don't know why Darin and Tammy took out the convenience store clerk.
        Catherine: Why kill a man for a few hundred bucks when you're about to steal a hundred thousand?
        Sara: We've got more questions than answers.
        Warrick: I just got off the phone with the Laughlin CSI assigned to last month's cottage casino case. He told me the casino's cameras captured four assailants, not three.
        Nick: Maybe Tower Club surveillance missed something.
        Warrick: Actually, it didn't. We did.

      • Sara: Cath, got another match from the convenience store. The print on the outside doorknob belongs to an ex-con, Darin Hanson. (Grissom and Catherine exchange a look) You guys know this guy, too?
        Catherine: He ran with Tammy's father, mostly from the law.
        Grissom: So Tammy kills dad ... and she and Darin Hanson run off together.
        Catherine: A regular Bonnie and Clyde. Just what Vegas needs.

      • Catherine: Do you remember Tammy Felton?
        Grissom: I always remember the ones that get away.
        Catherine: She's back.

      • (Sara uses the mirror and looks at the victim on the floor. The door opens. David walks in)
        Catherine: Oh, thank god. It's about time.
        David: Nice to see you, Catherine. Well, I smell the body. Where is he?
        Sara (stands up from behind the counter): Hey, David. I wasn't touching him.
        David (smiles): I know you better than that.

      • (Sara is dusting for prints)
        Catherine: Fluorescent powders?
        Sara: Eh, why not? They're in the kit.
        Catherine: Protocol's black.
        Sara: Since when do you care about my choice of powders?
        Catherine: Assistant coroners is four hours late and we are stuck out here until he transports the body. And I haven't heard from Grissom ...
        Sara (picks up a power container and looks at it): You know, I've never tried green ...
        Catherine: I should've never been sent to this remote scene in the first place. I've got seniority. I deserve -- no, I've earned the right to pick my cases. (without saying anything Sara walks over to the front of the counter and hands Catherine a candy bar. Catherine opens it) If I start eating, I will shut up.

      • Brass (talking about the thieves): These ladies are dangerous.
        Grissom: Dangerous, yes. Ladies, no. (smiles and removes a wig from the dead suspect)

      • (Driving to a crime scene in the middle of nowhere)
        Catherine: Can you imagine living out here?
        Sara: It's peaceful.
        Catherine: Peaceful? The town just lost 5% of the population.
        Sara: I thought you said that this was a single homicide.
        Catherine: Yeah in a population of 20 people. (Sara smiles)

      • Catherine: Grissom!
        Grissom: If you're gonna badger me about your crime scene location, put it in a memo.
        Catherine: You don't read memos.

      • (At a crime scene)
        Sara: Do you have a mirror?
        Catherine: Since when do you care about your appearance? (Sara scoffs) I mean at a crime scene.
        Sara: It's not for me.
        Catherine: Sorry.

      • (Warrick and Nick draw their guns, standing behind Grissom)
        Grissom: Get your guns out.

      • (Warrick sticks out a finger)
        Nick: I'm not pulling it.

      • Grissom: Dressed as a woman among men dressed as women. Now, see? That's a disguise.

      • Warrick: What do you know about silica?
        Grissom: It's used to make glass. It's mined in open pits. Why?
        Nick: Silica found both on Adam Brower's clothing and the getaway vehicle.
        Grissom: There's an abandoned silica mine outside Cal-Nev-Ari.
        Greg (impressed): What don't you know?

      • Brass: I've interviewed 17 people. No two accounts are alike.
        Grissom: A Harvard professor conducted an experiment. Asked a bunch of students to watch a basketball game - count the number of times the ball was passed.
        Brass: Yeah? Groundbreaking.
        Grissom: During the game a person dressed in a gorilla suit ran across the court. Afterward, the professor asked the students if they noticed the gorilla. Fifty percent responded, "what gorilla?"
        Brass: That's wonderful, Gil. If I see a gorilla, I'll arrest it.

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