CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2000 on CBS
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Royce Harmon was murdered 3 months ago in a scene staged to look like a suicide. Now another murder has taken place. Whoever the killer is he has a thorough knowledge of forensics, he purposefully has left evidence, and has baffled Grissom and his team. Warrick and Nick investigate the case of a man who went over a cliff in his car and is now unconscious.moreless

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  • Royce Harmon was murdered 3 months ago in a scene staged to look like a suicide. Now another murder has taken place. Whoever the killer is he has a thorough knowledge of forensics, he purposefully has left evidence, and has baffled Grissom and his team.moreless

    Royce Harmon was murdered 3 months ago in a scene staged to look like a suicide. Now another murder has taken place. Whoever the killer is he has a thorough knowledge of forensics, he purposefully has left evidence, and has baffled Grissom and his team. Warrick and Nick investigate the case of a man who went over a cliff in his car and is now unconscious . it is amazing that anyone could be as smart and as good at forensics as grissom . this series just gets better and better . i love to watch this due to how interesting csi keeps it.moreless
  • A faked suicide matching the M.O. of another from three months earlier sends Grissom into a frenzy.

    When Grissom finds another victim of a faked suicide, which exactly matches the M.O. of a previous murder, he puts his efforts to catch the killer into overdrive. He begins to try to interpret signs the killer has left into a message.

    While the episode is exciting and interesting, it is also, at times, a bit unbelievable. For example, when unknown DNA is discovered at the scene, one investigator remarks that the killer is "toying with us". Also, the investigators are constantly discovering new messages that the killer has left for them, and while they make sense, it seems a bit of a stretch that people would just come up with these interpretations so quickly. Perhaps they are just highly intelligent, but it still seems a stretch. Furthermore, there seems to be no importance attached to cost in this show. After a victim's ATM card is used following his death, Grissom orders the entire machine to be brought into his lab. It is unlikely that the city would be so willing to spring for the bill of transporting the machine, as well as compensating the owner for the removal of it. Overall, the episode was interesting, and the audience does get a feeling of foreboding when Grissom interviews the suspect. He is, if nothing else, a strange man, and we start to see that he is, leading us to believe he could be more involved than we originally thought.moreless
  • Grissom gets a blast from his past.

    This was one of my favorite episode because for the first time we see Grissom caught off gaurd. I loved it. It had the suspense, mystery, sitting on your edge of your seat-ness, that makes this a show worth watching week after week. Now of course Grissoms case was the meat and potatos of the episode but watching Nick and Warrick battle it out of yet another case kinda added some humor to such a tense episode. Thats what I love about this show, no matter how intense one case may be, there is alway a scene that adds a bit of comedy to the show.moreless
  • Paul Millander

    This guy is so crazy i love this story line. HE stages the people he kills to look like a suicide. He tapes them saying goodbye and it ends with i love you to my mother. I like it because it was all backwords. Paul kills men on the reunion of his fathers murder that he witnessed when he was little. But the men that did it got released and never went to jail. I love the whole story plot with paul and he is one of my favorite serial killers on csi. This episode is really good probably one of my favorites.moreless
  • A very nice "serial-killer" episode.....haha.

    What a good episode! Paul Millander is sure a creepy person. But, he is no match for Grissom who will flatten him like roadkill. This episode had a great plot to it. The whole basis of why Millander did what he did was intriguing and a little disturbing. This episode leaves on the edge of your seat wanting more and more and more and more and more and more.
Barbara Tarbuck

Barbara Tarbuck

Paige Harmon

Guest Star

Matt O'Toole

Matt O'Toole

Paul Milander

Guest Star

Tom McCleister

Tom McCleister

Walter Bangler

Guest Star

Eric Szmanda

Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders

Recurring Role

Sheeri Rappaport

Sheeri Rappaport

Mandy Webster

Recurring Role

Robert David Hall

Robert David Hall

Dr. Al Robbins

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Guest star Natasha Silver who played the crimelab's receptionist is the daughter of Nancy Fish who played grocery store owner Lesley Stahl in the pilot.

    • Madison McReynold's (Lindsay) birthday is on August 17, 1993, which is probably where they got the date from.

    • Goof: At the voice comparison scene, Disco Placid first compares Royce Harmon's suicide tape to the talking frame that he gave his mother. When we look down at the sample that is meant to be the talking frame however; the note on it says "Stuart Rampler." Stuart Rampler's suicide tape comes after the comparison with the talking frame.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (Grissom opens the envelope to find a plain sheet of paper)
      Catherine: Blank. What's that mean?
      Grissom: We have nothing.

    • Brass (walks into Grissom's office): Dr. Livingston. Your dead man is making cash withdrawals.
      Grissom: Which one? The first victim or the second?
      Brass: The second. Stuart Rampler. The bank called. His ATM card showed a couple of withdrawals after his time of death.
      Grissom (pleased): ATM machines take photographs every three seconds. Maybe we can get a Kodak moment of this guy. I want the machine here. I want prints. I want film. I want everything.
      Brass: The whole machine?
      Grissom: Yeah, the whole machine.
      Brass: Okay. (turns and leaves the office)

    • Grissom: What happened?
      Brass: You tell me Carnac.

    • (Grissom just caught Warrick and Nick playing video games)
      Grissom: Hey! You guys want an assignment slip or a pink slip?

    • (Warrick walks into the garage where Nick is fuming the car)
      Warrick: Supergluing the entire car. That's a little excessive don't you think? (Nick comes out from behind the car)
      Nick: Hey! Man this is war. (Warrick laughs and looks at the items out on a table)
      Warrick: What's all this?

    • (Nick and Warrick are explaining each of their theories)
      Nick: But don't drink and drive, you might spill your drink.

    • Nick: You care to back that up? My phantom driver against your crime scene?
      Warrick: How much?
      Nick: Fifty.
      Warrick: I don't get out of bed for less than a bill.

    • Grissom: We're going off the board tonight.
      Sara: Off the board?
      Catherine: Old Cases. The ones that got away; fish.
      Sara: Ah. I missed that one.

    • Stuart Rampler (message on tape recorder): My name is Stuart Rampler. I reside at 818 Noeing Hill Court, Las Vegas, Nevada. I am 43 years of age, and I'm going to kill myself. I just can't do it anymore. I love you, mom.
      Grissom (into mirror): You're back.

    • Warrick (to Nick, who's going over the victims clothes): What are you doing? His laundry?

    • (Dr. Robbins pulls a body out of storage. He goes over the body with Grissom and Catherine)
      Dr. Robbins: I've read Klausbach's report on Royce Harmon the first staged suicide.
      Grissom: Similarities?
      Dr. Robbins: Well, based on the entry wound, they were both murdered. But here's where it gets fun. (he shows the wound on the back of Stuart Rambler's left hand)
      Catherine: That looks like he was shot trying to protect himself.
      Grissom: What else, Doc? My mind is painting.
      Dr. Robbins: He was paid a little visit from Mr. Muzzle stamp. (he shows them the bruise on the temple)

    • Brass (Grissom plays the tape recorder): What kind of language is that? Swedish?
      Grissom: It's backward.

    • Greg: So... what's the pot up to?
      Nick: We don't bet on cases.
      Greg: Ah. Of course you don't. So who's winning?
      Warrick and Nick (same time): I am.
      Greg: Fiends.

    • Brass: Oh, you're gonna love this. (opens bathroom door) Ring any bells? Rub-a-dub-dub, dead man in the tub.

    • Grissom: Life's like holding a dove. You hold it too hard...
      Catherine: ... you kill it.
      Grissom: Hold it too soft...
      Sara: ... and it'll fly away.

    • Nick: Aww...want me to make you a bottle and go night-night?
      Warrick: Aww....want me to clock your jaw and make you go night-night?

    • Warrick: There's other questions to answer first.
      Nick: Like what?
      Warrick: Footprints and tire treads.
      Nick: I hate you.
      Warrick: You love me. Who are you kidding?

    • (Brass comes out of the bathroom)
      Brass: Quincy wants to be alone.
      (A little later)
      Uniformed Cop: Why does he want to be alone?
      Brass: He wants to get his mojo working.

  • NOTES (4)