CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Henry is given some time off for his birthday but is accosted by three masked men, who turn out to be Greg, Hodges, and Nick. They've "kidnapped" Henry and are taking him to the best rib joint in Nevada. It's off the beaten path, and as they drive there, they're nearly run off the road by another car. Their car is flipped but no one is hurt. Luckily, the bar is only a mile off, and they go there to check out the place. However, they find out that the restaurant has been shut down due to health concerns. Glancing around to try to find a phone, they find a dead body, with a raccoon in its face. The body appears to be burned, but only the top half, not the bottom.

The rest of the team respond to a 911 call from a woman. She is found drowned in a bathtub. There is a man in the apartment, Bernie, who is attached to an apparatus which helps him breathe while he sleeps. He has Crohn's disease, and is in a lot of pain. Bernie claims to have not heard anything. The woman's arm has a needle stuck in it; she may have been drugged. Bernie is taken to the station for questioning. His alibi seems sound, since he wouldn't be able to hear anything over the noise of the breathing machine. Bernie seems to have a lot of true crime TV shows on his DVR.

Meanwhile, investigating the burned body, Greg and Hodges find evidence of accelerant and of used matches at the bottom of a barrel. It looks like it was meant as a trap for catching raccoons. The victim's friend, Slick, pulls a gun on Nick. Slick explains that the victim (Gomez) was trying to catch a raccoon which had been hanging around the place eating the garbage. The wife of the owner of the bar, Shirley, finally arrives at the spot. She's drunk, and the detectives figure out that she must have driven the car which ran them off the road. Slick explains that even though the phones aren't working, they have a ham radio in the back of the restaurant.

The needle found on the female victim contains ketamine, but the body didn't have any of the chemical in her system. Bernie has narcolepsy and falls asleep during the interrogation. The victim's name is Lily, and she was a flight attendant, and his sometime girlfriend. Bernie falls asleep again, passes out, and dies.

Nick tries to find the ham radio while Slick warns him not to go into a certain room. Nick, naturally, doesn't follow the advice and investigates the room he wasn't supposed to enter. He finds a body, but the body is a fake. As Henry is left alone to listen to Shirley's woes about how good of a restaurant the place used to be, Hodges discovers a still in the back. Meanwhile, Nick tries to use the radio, but it sparks and goes dead. Greg attempts to fix the phone with some new wire jerry-rigged directly into the phone jack. Henry continues to listen to Shirley, and she explains how her husband left her for a younger woman, showing Henry the postcard from Boca Raton. She then attempts to seduce Henry.

Ray and the Doc start on Bernie's autopsy. Catherine discovers that there was a footprint at the house which isn't consistent with either Bernie or Lily. They find out that Bernie has two appendices in his abdomen. The extra one is in sepsis and was sutured to Bernie's intestines. Yes, it looks like this was the work of Dr. Jekyll.

Greg finally calls Catherine on the phone. Meanwhile, Henry tries to wash his hands but ends up spilling sulfuric acid on his hand instead. Nick handles the burn with charcoal, and also finds a skull behind the bar. As the police arrive, Nick talks to Shirley and Slick.

The needle in Lily's arm appears to be from the laproscopic device Dr. Jekyll used to perform the surgery on Bernie. There doesn't seem to be any connection between Jekyll's first victim and Bernie, however. Jekyll was probably surprised that Bernie didn't die from appendicitis right away and went into the house to finish him off. Lily was there as an innocent bystander and so she was killed.

Gomez's body is examined, along with the bones Mick found at the back of the bar. The remains turn out to be of the missing owner of the restaurant, Harry. The health code violation happened a month after Harry disappeared. Shirley and the staff served Harry's ribs to the customers, and Harry had hepatitis, which caused everyone who ate his ribs to get sick. Shirley and Slick both had motive for murder, but there's no evidence linking them to the crime. Henry discovers that the postcard sent "from Harry" was written up from Gomez to his mother in Boca Raton. Henry finds fingerprints on the card to link the card to Gomez's mother, and in turn to Gomez. Gomez was the restaurant cook, and was probably tired of Harry getting all the credit for making Nevada's best ribs. He wanted revenge and killed and cooked Harry.

Catherine and Ray are back at Bernie's house, trying to find clues to link up Bernie with Jekyll's first victim, and seeing whose appendix got sutured to Bernie. Ray decides to check the appendices of the books in the house. He discovers that one book has a word cut out of it. Meanwhile, a needle is found within Bernie's attached appendix. Within is a tiny slip of paper with the word "Michaelangelo" on it.