CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on CBS

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  • The CSI's celebrate Henry's birthday but things don't go to plan.

    This episode was something new and it worked very well It was Henry's birthday and he is kidnapped and is relieved to find its Nick, Greg and Hodges who have decided to take him out to a BBQ restaurant but things go wrong from there when they are taken off the road by a crazy driver When they arrive at the restaurant it is closed and they find a dead body with a raccoon on his face This was a good episode for Henry because you don't see much of him in other episodes because he is a lab rat and in this episode you learn about his character a lot more While the CSI's are stuck in the BBQ with the a crazy man and a woman who ran them off the road Dr Jekyll had returned and has escalated because he has now worked on a live person putting a second appendix into him which killed him in interrogation after he was the suspect for the murder of a woman in his bathroom In the end the four CSI's was able to get out of the BBQ and will be a night to remember for them Ray managed to find what Dr Jekyll had taken as a souvenir and Doc Robbins found a message in the victims appendix that said Michaelangelo With funny moments in the episode and the return of Dr Jekyll the episode was perfect.
  • Stokes, Hodges and Saunders take Henry to a remote biker bar for his birthday. The adventure turns out to be anything but "excellent." Elsewhere, Langston and Willows look into the drowning death of a young woman at a wealthy businessman's home.

    Well, one thing you can say is this episode did a good job at keeping you hooked until the end. The storyline featuring the not-so-happy birthday was the highlight of this episode mainly because it was clever and avoided being predicatble. The characters at the closed down rib joint were a little too odd for my tastes but I like how the story was done and it definitely was not formulaic. The investigation into the young woman's murder was good also, but the character of the businessman was just a little too irritating for me. Still, this episode certainly works.