CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 3

Art Imitates Life

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • A new tech gets a great intro amid a wild case.

    After the death of Warrick and Sara's exit, the show starts to get back on track with regular crimes. of course "regular" has a whole new term in Vegas and the "statue" murders are amazing, even for this show. Seeing how they were created was as disturbing as the man doing it. Jeffrey Tambor was a nice red herring character but the man directing his own interrogation was a chilling aspect, showing his inhumanity.

    As a long-time fan of Lauren Lee Smith, I was delighted to hear she was joining the show. Her Riley was perfectly introduced with her nice humor and nature and it's interesting to have someone who doesn't worship Grissom as a genius on the team with a fresh perspective. She handles the drama too as when she saved the little boy at the end and I cannot wait to see her develop.

    It was also good to see Alex Kingston as the counselor and kudos to the show for not having her be overbearing to the plot but dealing in small ways. I liked her scene with Grissom which explains so much of his dealing with Warrick and hope she sticks around for a bit. So the season is picking up with a fine replacement for Warrick and Sara and shows the series can still amaze us like few other crime TV shows.
  • Weird even for Vegas...

    I most say I liked this episode - it was somehow totally different storyline than they usually have around and that's only good. First it looked like a weird story and was somehow like getting all those new people around (not that I have much hope of the new CSI but it just looks they need more people) and having some kind of char development of Grissom side but the later part turns more like something scary and that kind of run with time episode and adds much excitement and it looks like there is no way good end, but they still manage to get one.

    But I think for me, the most interesting part was the way those "artist" thought about their art.. and the whole question where the limits in art are.
  • This was a bizarre case, even for Vegas. There are two kids on the block, and one beloved character is setting the path for a farewell.

    Keeping a number one show in television for so many years requires more than pretty faces. I think the key point in this particular tv show is writing. It is amazing how the plots keep us hooked to this show week after week, season after season.
    We have a serial killer, who has a very unique way murdering and dumping the bodies. They die in active positions, they appear so life like. Like Grissom said: "It's weird, even for Vegas". It was hilarious to see Grissom giving David a hard time, because he didn't find the body at the crime scene.
    We are introduced to Riley Adams, Warrick's replacement. This character is so funny, acid and self confident. It was a very nice surprise to see her interact individually with each main character, her scenes with Catherine and Dr. Robins were stunning.
    The other new character is Patricia Alwick (played amazingly by Alex Kingston), an expert in grieve. She is trying to help them dealing with Warrick's death. Despite how strong every member of the team appears to be, they did look for help. It was so tearjerker when she handed Greg the Kleenex box.
    The main character story, beside the murders, was Gil's. He talked to Alwick and opened up a little. The scene when he realized he's been distracted, I guess it's the start of the end of Gil's career in Vegas. It's so sad, but I have to admit it was perfect the way it is portrayed.
    I know, we all going to miss Grissom a lot, but I also know this show it's going to be around a lot too, because the art of writing.
  • Amazing

    I have seen all CSI episodes and they continually create amazing episodes. This episode is absolutly amazing. They also introduce the new character in a very plesent way and she is going fit in very well with the rest of the characters. The mystery of 'who done it' is cleverly presented as (almost) always and classic to the CSI writing method. It is an extremly powerful episode in seeing how everyone is dealing with what has transpired in the last few episodes and should prove to be a great transition episode for all the characters. The phychologist presence is not overdone. Her presence, in classic style, show how each character is dealing with the trauma. It is extremly rare to see a perfect introduction of a new character, an wonderful murder mystery, and the character development of many of the characters in one episode such as this. It was just amazing to watch.

  • back on track with some fresh blood

    Well, I did like the story with artist serial killer. Very good idea and it seems that storywirters have got some fresh concept for 9th season. I liked the dialogues in this episode, especially between Cath and Riley and Riley with Doc Robbins. This sense of humour brings back memories of first seasons of CSI. I love Cath's brilliant and sharp rapier-thrust.
    As for new characters... well. The shrink - interesting idea, I'm very curious about her storyline. And with her british accent, lovely.But Riley Adams, I'm confused, I was alredy flabbergasted seeing her in credits.The new one between the old crew!? oh c'mon... i rememberd Greg's character how long it took to see him with "the gang"-2 or 3 seasons i think. So, with Riley, it's ok for bringing the new one for Warrick's replacment but U have to deserve the respect of the crew to become one of them.Although i already liked her intelligence and sense of humour.
  • Interesting and Unique!

    Ok so basically a man is freezing people in a tank and placing them in positions all over Las Vegas.
    Well this episode definitely showed any doubters that the CSI writers could still write interesting, unique and gripping cases for the CSI's to investigate. I have to admit this episode hooked me from the beginning and it was great to see Grissom taking the lead on this case. Its amazing that a story so "out there" could be made to look like it could actually happen. And the dramatic ending left me satisfied with the conclusion to this story, overall a great well rounded episode. CSI at its best!
  • A new CSI joins the team

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. A victim is found in the park, her body has been posed to look as though she is still alive and simply using her cell phone. Grissom believes that she died in that position. They learn that her name is Carla. We are also introduced to a new character, Riley Adams. We soon have another body a man found on a bench, who also looks like he died in that position, in which he was found. The team believe that both victims may now be related. They believe that their C.O.D. has something to do with their livers, which are being tested. Then a 3rd victim is found. He is standing in the street with his newspaper in his hand, like he is hailing a cab.
    All 3 victims have no ID on them when they die. The team discover an artist who pints people who look dead. Soon yet another victim, where a couple actually have been found, also posed. The team discover a website of an artist, who has all of the victim's pictures on his site. They discover who the artist is, and that he is planning another victim (due to his sketches). So they try to find him. They learn that the next victim is a young boy. Soon a mother comes in crying claiming that he son hasn't returned home from school. The team manage to trace the IP address and track down the killer. They track him down and arrest him. They try to question him to find out the location of where the boy is. They manage to find out the location of where he is being held, before the killer tells them. They head straight there in the hope of finding the boy still alive.
    They manage to find the boy as he is being gassed and posed on the bike. All seems lost as they work on him, but he starts to breathe and come round.
  • The team investigates a serial killer who poses his victims before their deaths. Elsewhere the lab tries to cope with Warrick's death by bringing in a counselor. Also, Warrick's replacement, a woman named Reilly Adams, joins the team.

    This is another trip into the theater of the bizzarre for "CSI." I have no problems with that because that's one of the many reasons why I have been tuning into this show from the first season. Just when I thought the writers and producers of "CSI" can't come up with anything more odd, they always surprise me. The dialouge, especially Brass' conversations with Jersey Scaggs (Played very well by veteran actor Jeffrey Tambor) are one of the highlights of this episode. However, the scenes with the killer were not that great. He was just a formula character. Great episode.
  • Getting Back on Track.

    I think with the addition of Riley Adams our team can get back on track. I appreciate the fact of which the loss of Warrick isn't not forgotten with bringing in a therapist to help everyone through the sense of loss. I thought the case itself was really interesting in regards to the human statues. I thought it was really intrigueing especially when it's revealed that it's a serial killer. You felt the tension when Riley and Greg found the little boy on the bicycle in the final scene. I really looking forward to watching how Riley fit in with the team. After tonight intro, it's going to be interesting.
  • This episode surely got me to want to continue watching the show.

    I was scared of the introduction of a replacement for Sara, Riley Adams, but I found myself really liking her. I told myself that if TPTB, didn't change something in this season other than cast leaving I was going to stop watching after the disappointing episode 2, last week. I'm looking forward to continuing to watching this series because of Riley, the girls got spunk and attitude. I loved the case in this one, it was sort of creepy how the killer was killing his victims, but dropping dead without dropping was hilarious. Even with Brass in this one, getting the attention from the one artist that he did. I feel bad for Grissom with everything going in his life he's distracted, and making mistakes in his work, which is not him. After this episode I'm looking forward to season 9 of CSI.
  • This episode did a very good job of hooking us into the new season. We have an unusual serial killer, people crying, new perspective of characters, and the new character makes a great enterance.

    I was very pleased with this episode. Before now, I was terrified of Riley Adams. I thought she would symbolize CSI in decline, with old classics being replaced. Lauren Lee Smith's performance was a pleasant surprise. She was refreshingly blunt and with just enough personality to be interesting but not annoying. Losing a tooth mysteriously in college was amusing, but saving the kid at the end may have been a little much.
    This episode was great for all characters: we see Greg crying(ish), Hodges showing compassion, and Grissom making mistakes. Gasp. It's very nice to see Brass getting his fair share of admirers--whether or not he appreciates it. What's very interesting too is the lack of emotion from Catherine and Nick--the two closest to Warrick who should be the most emotional. I smell a plot line, and a very good one at that.
    And finally, I am much relieved that the writers haven't run out of interesting cases. Death and art, very symbolic. Long live CSI.