CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 3

Art Imitates Life

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • This was a bizarre case, even for Vegas. There are two kids on the block, and one beloved character is setting the path for a farewell.

    Keeping a number one show in television for so many years requires more than pretty faces. I think the key point in this particular tv show is writing. It is amazing how the plots keep us hooked to this show week after week, season after season.
    We have a serial killer, who has a very unique way murdering and dumping the bodies. They die in active positions, they appear so life like. Like Grissom said: "It's weird, even for Vegas". It was hilarious to see Grissom giving David a hard time, because he didn't find the body at the crime scene.
    We are introduced to Riley Adams, Warrick's replacement. This character is so funny, acid and self confident. It was a very nice surprise to see her interact individually with each main character, her scenes with Catherine and Dr. Robins were stunning.
    The other new character is Patricia Alwick (played amazingly by Alex Kingston), an expert in grieve. She is trying to help them dealing with Warrick's death. Despite how strong every member of the team appears to be, they did look for help. It was so tearjerker when she handed Greg the Kleenex box.
    The main character story, beside the murders, was Gil's. He talked to Alwick and opened up a little. The scene when he realized he's been distracted, I guess it's the start of the end of Gil's career in Vegas. It's so sad, but I have to admit it was perfect the way it is portrayed.
    I know, we all going to miss Grissom a lot, but I also know this show it's going to be around a lot too, because the art of writing.
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