CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 1

Assume Nothing (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2003 on CBS
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Two couples meet in a bar and one of the couples is murdered. When a second couple is murdered in a similar fashion the team suspects a pair of serial killers are on the loose. The case is complicated by leaks to the press and a judge reluctant to issue a warrant. Catherine gets some troubling news about her father's murder trial.moreless

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  • All new season of CSI. Boring.

    Danny Cannon and Anthony E.Zuiker wrote this episode and directed by Richard J.Lewis. Two couples meet in a bar and one of the couples is murdered. When a second couple is murdered in a similar fashion the team suspects a pair of serial killers are on the loose. The case is complicated by leaks to the press and a judge reluctant to issue a warrant. Catherine gets some troubling news about her father's murder trial. The first-part of special episode. Personally, this is not the best episode so far. So I give this episode 6.0 out of 10. Can be better.moreless
  • A new season.

    So in this episode 2 couples meet in a bar and when one of the couples is murdered the team come an investigate and try to work out what was going on. Before long the team suspect that a serial kill many be on the loose. Meanwhile Nick my acident speaks out aboutt he case to an old friend and gets into serious trouble. And Catherine hears some troubling news about her fathers murder trail. Anyway before long the catch the killers and all ends well. Overall i think this was a great season start, i know this will be a good year.moreless
  • Assume nothing

    A house keeping found woman dead. Believed that the victim allowed person to slit her own throat. Husband was also killed and found his body in his car. Another couple found except this husband was found in ice box. Found the suspected people. Learned that the woman did all of the killing while her husband was just an acessory to murder. Some one else got to them first and killed them. The man asked the other married man if he really loved his wife. They gave the other couples a choice they thought, but then only killed the husband when finished.moreless
  • I'm so glad that I finally got a chance to watch "Assume Nothing", If only I got to watch it before "All For Our Country", I would have loved it even more.moreless

    I'm so glad that I finally got a chance to watch "Assume Nothing", If only I got to watch it before "All For Our Country", I would have loved it even more.

    The case was very interesting, not as much Sara as I would have liked but lots of Grissom, and a few funny Grissom scenes.

    I couldn't stop laughing at the way Gissom was gawking & drooling at the dancer who was hitting on him, he couldn't take his eyes off her. lol.

    I was surprised at how careless Nick was though & how he told someone who he used to play baseball in college with about the case while they were still investigating.

    There was a great Warrick & Cath moment after Sam Braun's case was thrown out of court because last season, Cath used the lab & the unknown sample of blood for a paternity test to see if Sam was her father or not.

    I would say I can't wait for part 2 but, alas, I've already watched it.

  • good episode with a well written plot

    part one of two.

    the team's on a case where a couple gets murdered. they think another couple escaped getting killed. but when a new man and woman are found murdered, the 'escaped' couple is soon the suspect.

    Nick made a blunder when searching for the murderers escape route; he met his old friend that works at the hotel and they talk. the information he gave ended up on the news.

    overall a good episode with suspence which makes you eager for the next episode. especially at the end when their suspects aren't 'able to defend themselves'moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Brass: We got a problem ... Somebody got to our killers before we did.

    • Catherine: Funny, doesn't look like a doghouse.
      Nick: Grissom ratted me out, huh?
      Catherine: Um, no, you ratted yourself out. Hey, Nick, I know you're proud of what you do. You're good at what you do, and you want people to know what you do, but once you open your mouth, it's all over 'cause what we say ends up in the news.
      Nick: I guess I'm learning that the hard way, huh?

    • Grissom: Love is conditional.
      Mr. Klinefeld: For most people.
      Grissom: But not for you.

    • Nick: Come on, Grissom. It's got to be them. Who stays at a motel when you live here?
      Grissom: Assume nothing, Nick.

    • Catherine: Glitter?
      Doc Robbins: Yeah. There is a ... a strip club, um, named Shimmer on industrial. I, uh, recognized the "s" almost immediately.
      Catherine: You go, Doc.

    • Warrick: There's only two reasons why people get murdered in a casino.
      Brass: Sex or money. Well, on the money side, the room was booked yesterday, under a stolen credit card belonging to a Mrs. Parker. She's a 75-year-old living alone in Henderson. As far as sex goes, well, I want to be a believer.
      Nick: Room closest to the exit. Imagine that.

    • (Nick sees Grissom examining the Magic Fingers, a vibrating bed)
      Nick: Haven't you ever seen one of those before?
      Grissom: Not in person, no.
      Nick: Magic Fingers. Twenty-five cents for 15 minutes of vibration. Died a
      slow death in the '70s due to vandalism and seedy connotations. Good for sex. Good for sleep ... too.
      Grissom: Good for us. Given the killer's appetite for sexual persuasion, maybe they blew the circuit. Overloaded it with coins.
      Nick: And their prints on those coins.

    • Catherine: Sam told me it takes a lifetime to establish a reputation and just a second to ruin it. When I suspected that Sam was my father, I didn't go to him. I didn't go to Grissom. I went to Greg and had him run a DNA test.
      Warrick: On who?
      Catherine: On me.
      Warrick: What'd you use as an exemplar?
      Catherine: Blood evidence from his case.
      Warrick: That's why they kicked it.
      Catherine: Yup. And I'm just afraid.
      Warrick: Of what?
      Catherine (she shakes her head): A backlash.

    • Kenny Richmond: What are you doing here? You a cop now?
      Nick: Uh, Crime Scene Investigator. I'm on a case.
      Kenny Richmond: Crime scene? Rock on, man. You're here on the tenth floor thing, right?
      Nick: Right.
      Kenny Richmond: Yeah. I heard about that, man. Everybody's talking about it. Somebody, uh, bashed some chick's brains in, I think, right?
      Nick: Yeah, actually, uh, she had her throat slit and bled out all over the room. I'll know more when I check the surveillance camera.
      Kenny Richmond: Well, what are you doing down here?
      Nick: Uh, I'm just checking possible escape routes. She was murdered in the room closest to the exit. Murder Central.
      Kenny Richmond: Murder Central, huh? Cool.

    • Brass: What movie?
      Guy: It was Arma-get-it-on.
      Brass: You mean Armageddon?
      Guy: No, it was Arma-get-it-on.

    • Grissom: So they lure their victims with the promise of sex. And then they get them to the room. And they say, "just kidding. We don't want sex. We want your life." Which still doesn't explain how they get the husband to kill his wife.
      Catherine: They had to have been in some kind of situation where they couldn't say no.
      Grissom: They had a gun to his head.
      Catherine: They didn't think he was just going to walk away.
      Grissom: Maybe he was hoping to save his wife from something worse. Rape, torture, then murder.
      Catherine: It's just so sick.

    • Doc Robbins: Cut began at the right carotid. Severed the artery and the jugular vein and terminated at the trachea. It's not as deep as I would expect for this kind of crime.
      Catherine: He sliced her gently?
      Doc Robbins: Well, yeah. Oftentimes, the only thing intact is the spinal column. This did the job and nothing more.

    • Stripper (about the victims): I must've given them four, five lap dances each. They made my night.
      Catherine: So, they were George. (Grissom looks confused and turns to Catherine) Big tippers.
      Stripper: No. They weren't the ones paying for it. The other couple was.
      Grissom: The other couple?
      Stripper: Yeah, we were all in the VIP booth over there. The four of them -- they came in together. The other couple just wanted to watch. So I assumed they were friends. Good friends. I didn't get a good look at the other two, but they slid that money across the table... mmm, brick this big. So, like I said, they just wanted to doggie in the window. (Grissom looks confused and turns to Catherine)
      Catherine: Watch.
      Stripper: And they were subbin' drinks left and right. (Grissom looks confused and turns to Catherine)
      Catherine: Ordering clear drinks to keep the party going.

    • Stripper (to Grissom): You sure you don't want a dance? I could be your specimen. You could be my mad scientist.
      Catherine: He already is, sweetheart.

    • Grissom: I think your cell phone's vibrating.
      Catherine: You heard that?
      Grissom: Mm-hmm.
      Catherine: You're back.
      Grissom: Huh? (Catherine smiles, Grissom winks at her)

    • Sara: You know, nobody's checked their suite yet. Care to join me?
      Warrick: Let's do it.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Nick: She was murdered in the room closest to the exit. Murder Central.

      The term "Murder Central" was first used in the Season 2 episode "Organ Grinder." In this episode, Nick doesn't know what 'murder central' is and gets mocked for it, but later Grissom tells him.

    • The pay-per-view movie that witness in hotel ordered is "Armaget-it-on", and Brass first thinks its the 1998 film Armageddon, which was produced by executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer.