CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 23

Bang-Bang (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 11, 2006 on CBS
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A man accused of murdering his wife and co-workers leads the CSIs on a wild ride through a busy casino, eventually barricading himself and a hostage in a casino hotel room. The CSIs process the evidence from the crime scene to determine whether or not the man acted alone or had an accomplice. One of the detectives eventually steps in as a hostage negotiator, putting himself in danger.moreless

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  • Brass is down but is he out

    The first part of the two part finale and a very good one when Brass is shot when trying to save a hostage in a casino hotel room and things go wrong because Brass doesn't know who he really is and that is has tricked the CSI's throughout the episode and has murdered many people and he has looked like the innocent person.The shooter Willie claims his brother had been committing all the murders but when the CSI's find that he is dead its too late and Brass is shot but it will continue into the second part whether he will survive.moreless
  • So sad, but who cares about Brass? And where are the relationships?

    I don\'t know why but I got caught up in the emotion of the episode. I\'m not a Brass fan at all, I\'ve never even thought about him as a \'central character.\' However, I was so upset during the episode. But really, who cares if Brass dies or not? I\'m in Aus so I don\'t know is he dies, but really, if he dies so what? During the episode i may have been upset, but iv come to my senses and realised, I don\'t care.

    Oh, however my main problem with this episode is the lack of relationships. No GSR, no WCR, no NCR, no nothing! At least something will happen between Grissom and Sara soon. I just wish Cat would get in a good relationship with one of the guys, Nick or Warrick would be good. I really don\'t get why Tina was suddenly introduced into the show, we all know Warrick and Catherine are meant to be. I really hope season seven gets the flame going between them, or even Cat and Nick. I want relationships!moreless
  • Bang Bang

    My friends & I have been studying the picture for the last 2 weeks. We thought & were hoping that the dead guy in the diner was Ecklie. Low & behold it was Brass, which was a possibility to begin with. As far as the clues go, one of the casinos disappears in the background & now Grissom turns to Catherine with dust on his jacket. I\'m thinking one of the casinos (perhaps the Lucky Dragon) blows up on tonight\'s final episode for this season. Nick has a cut on his neck as of last week, still some kind of evidence of a struggle or fight of somekind. Catherine is the ONLY one that doesn\'t have any kind of clues on her as well as some kind of body position change. Greg has an ID card in his shirt pocket. The coroner has a knife in his hand. Sara turns & looks at the dead guy. Brass\' daughter & Catherine\'s daughter are suppose to be on tonight\'s episode as well. On the CSI website it states that someone with P.O.A. will have to make a decision tonight. Also the week before last\'s preview showed Warrick yelling for someone to call the Paramedics when someone was shot in front of him. We still have not seen that scene either. Could there be another CSI that is shot tonight? There\'s got to be something going on with Catherine. It should be interesting to find out what happens on tonight\'s episode.

  • Brass gets shot.Ellie comes looking for money and doesn\'t stay to see if her dad lives.Grissom signs for his friends life saving surgery but then deserts his friend for a case.Grissom as he is portrayed by Mr. Petersen would never have left the hospital.moreless

    This was the worst CSI I have ever seen and the worst season ender in history. Poor Brass gets shot and yet what should have been a great way to learn more about Brass,his daughter Ellie,and his friendship with Grissom was all put on the back burner. Instead we find Grissom working with Sarah on a silly case, when he should have been keeping vigil at his FRIEND Brass\' bedside. They totally blew the chance of making Ellie look like a caring,if toubled and screwed up, daughter. Then to add insult to injury we see a fully clothed Grissom talking about how he would like to get cancer so that he knows when he is going to die and can say goodbye to his loved ones. Then Sarah comes out of a shower in a housecoat kneels down in front of Grissom and says she is not ready to say goodbye. At least the bed was made and Grissom was clothed so that they can get out of this ridiculous story line it they have any brains. Since Grissom and Sarah are supposed to be friends it is not inconceivable for him to be waiting for her to simply shower and dress with no sex involved. I have a few female friends who let their guy friends wait for them in their bedroom when they are getting ready to go out. They are only friends, and no sex is involved, it is done so that the guy friend can talk to them instead of being left alone in another room with nobody to talk too. As for Grissom flirting with Sarah well the man flirts with alot of the woman on the show. I realize that almost losing his friend may make him change his mind about relationships but when it is going to affect his job and friendships at work Grissom would not take a chance with Sarah. Grissom has always been clear about having a woman that wouldn\'t judge him. That would definately leave Sarah out in the cold because she is always judging him and finding fault. Sarah would never be able to keep the relationship a secret I mean she called her boyfriend Hank BABE on a crime scene.moreless
  • It was good but very predictable. AND THERE WAS NO GSR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was good but very predictable. And there was no GSR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (That was the only reason i gave it a 9.9.)

    Like I said, it was very predictable. I kept telling all my friends and family, "Its going to be Brass, he's going to die!!", and they refused to believe me! So then when Brass got shot my mom just turns to me and says "I guess you were right." and I knew I was. When you go and look at the picture, there are many things that said that Brass was either going to die or get shot... or both.

    1) Everyone is there, EXCEPT Brass.

    2) The Play/Dead sign.

    3) The fact that there was a man, Brass's size, bent over, shot twice and bleeding.

    I know it is very sad, I loved Brass too, but look at it this way: since Brass is the one that got shot and more then likely will be dying, its not Grissom, Sara, Catherine, or Greg. We knew it wasn’t going to be Nick because of all the things that have happened to him before and we knew it wasn’t be Warrick because we saw him calling for the paramedics. I was also very upset that there was absolutely NO GSR in this episode!! It bugged me so much!! I was very happy to see the previews for next week. Its going to be very sad, but we are FINALLY going to se the GSR that we have all been waiting to see since season one. They have also been hinting at some MAJOR GSR this season, so I’m very excited. Its going to really stink tho because, if something does happen, we are going to have to wait till next year!!moreless
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Meta Golding

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Captain Brass is shot you can see the squib light appear on his right side just before the "bullet hole" in his shirt.

      A squib is a small explosive device, which when detonated ,will simulate the effect of a bullet/puncture wound or small explosion

    • Brass: Single boy's the only smart one.

      This statement seems to be directed to Grissom, the only person in the room who hasn't (or isn't going to be, in David's case) married. This statement is a little ironic, since at the time of this episode Grissom isn't single. (The Grissom/Sara relationship isn't new as of the next episode, which is a continuation of this one.)

    • Grissom tells Doc. Robbins that he was nearly married to his second grade classmate Nicole Daley..

    • Doc Robbins' wife is named Judy. Robert David Hall's (plays Doc Robbins) real-life wife's first name is Judy.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Brass: Single boy's the only smart one.

    • (On the phone)
      Tina: Hey, baby.
      Warrick: What's up?
      Tina: Nothin' much.
      Warrick: Where you at?
      Tina: I'm at the Venetian getting a manicure. I hope you're in for a good back scratching session tonight.
      Warrick: Who you talkin' 'bout?
      Tina: What?
      Warrick: Me or the guy standing next to you? See that little dome above your head? Give it a wave. I'm in the surveillance room watching you lie to me.
      Tina: Warrick.
      Warrick: Hey, maybe I'm gonna have to call that show Cheaters.
      Tina: Do you even know what you're talkin' about?
      Warrick: Don't even bother comin' home tonight. I'll just text you the number of what storage bin your stuff will be in.
      Tina: Do you wanna know what's up, huh? What's really up?
      Warrick: I can see what's up.
      Tina: You can't see a damn thing. He's a VIP host helping me plan your birthday party. I hope you enjoy spending it alone. (hangs up and glares at the surveillance camera)

    • (Interrogating Sally, the prostitute)
      Sally: I'd let you take me to Hawaii.
      Nick (smiles): Nah, I'm workin'.
      Sally: So am I.

    • Sara: And grass, not the kind you smoke on the floor in the closet. But all the shoes in the closet were clean.
      Warrick: So someone was walking around in here with grass on their shoes? (Sara nods in agreement) Maybe it was the missing husband... or a desperate gardener.
      Sara: Who was mowing more than the lawn.

    • Doc Robbins: Gil... have you ever been even close to getting married?
      Grissom: Once... when I was younger. Her name was Nicole Daley. I asked her to marry me. We were classmates. She liked bugs too. I gave her my grandmother's ring, but my mother made me get it back. (Doc Robbins nods) Second grade.

    • Wendy (about the fridge in Grissom's office): You got anything else in there? Bottle of tequila? Severed human head?
      Grissom: I don't keep tequila.

    • Nick (to Warrick): So I hear your marriage is on the rocks and you're shoppin' for hookers. (Warrick laughs)
      Warrick: No, but I think I found what Mr. Cutler likes. (holds up flyer) Thumb print on the front, four finger prints on the back.
      Nick (reading flyer): "Sally, sweet apple pie." Hmm. Do you really think it's a good idea to sleep with a woman who advertises in a flyer?
      Warrick: Well, I don't really think there's any sleeping involved. Don't be shy, give her a call. (they smile)
      Nick: Alright. For your enjoyment. (Nick dials the number and clears his throat and Warrick gives him a look)
      Sally (over the phone): Hi, this is Sally, who is this?
      Nick: Hi, this is Dirk Diggler. (Warrick laughs) I'm lookin' for a date.
      Sally: What kinda date?
      Nick: I'm taking a trip around the world, you wanna go? (Warrick makes a face)
      Sally: Sure. Can you afford the airfare, darlin'?
      Nick: Is 2 G's enough? (Warrick makes a face again)
      Sally: Where you at?
      Nick (smiles at Warrick): 3057 Westfall. (Warrick points "here" and Nick waves him off) It's right off of Charleston. It's a single level building. All the way in the back.
      Sally: What do you look like?
      Nick: Umm... I've got a little Tom Cruise thing goin'. (Warrick tries to hold his laughter)

    • Warrick: What are you thinkin'?
      Grissom: That you married people take things too personally.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Brass: Well, if Sammy was trying to get even, why did Willie keep quiet about it?
      Grissom: He's his brother's keeper.

      This is an allusion to the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible (Genesis 4), when Cain is confronted by God about the death of Abel states "Am I my brother's keeper?"

    • How the murderer took a cab to the places he murdered people is a reference to the villain in the 2004 film Collateral he took a cab, ran the meter all night, and paid the driver while he murdered people.

    • Nick uses the name Dirk Diggler when he's on the phone with a hooker. Dirk Diggler was the name of the main character, played by Mark Walhberg, in the movie Boogie Nights.

    • Warrick and Sara make a referance to Desperate Housewives during this episode. Sara states it could have been the missing husband and Warrick replies with or the desperate gardener.

      This refers to Gabby on Desperate Housewives since she had sex with her gardener multiple times when her husband was away.
      Incidently, Curris Graham (the hostage-taker/wife-murderer) has a recuring role in Desperate Housewives from Lynette's office.