CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 23

Bang-Bang (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • Brass gets shot.Ellie comes looking for money and doesn\'t stay to see if her dad lives.Grissom signs for his friends life saving surgery but then deserts his friend for a case.Grissom as he is portrayed by Mr. Petersen would never have left the hospital.

    This was the worst CSI I have ever seen and the worst season ender in history. Poor Brass gets shot and yet what should have been a great way to learn more about Brass,his daughter Ellie,and his friendship with Grissom was all put on the back burner. Instead we find Grissom working with Sarah on a silly case, when he should have been keeping vigil at his FRIEND Brass\' bedside. They totally blew the chance of making Ellie look like a caring,if toubled and screwed up, daughter. Then to add insult to injury we see a fully clothed Grissom talking about how he would like to get cancer so that he knows when he is going to die and can say goodbye to his loved ones. Then Sarah comes out of a shower in a housecoat kneels down in front of Grissom and says she is not ready to say goodbye. At least the bed was made and Grissom was clothed so that they can get out of this ridiculous story line it they have any brains. Since Grissom and Sarah are supposed to be friends it is not inconceivable for him to be waiting for her to simply shower and dress with no sex involved. I have a few female friends who let their guy friends wait for them in their bedroom when they are getting ready to go out. They are only friends, and no sex is involved, it is done so that the guy friend can talk to them instead of being left alone in another room with nobody to talk too. As for Grissom flirting with Sarah well the man flirts with alot of the woman on the show. I realize that almost losing his friend may make him change his mind about relationships but when it is going to affect his job and friendships at work Grissom would not take a chance with Sarah. Grissom has always been clear about having a woman that wouldn\'t judge him. That would definately leave Sarah out in the cold because she is always judging him and finding fault. Sarah would never be able to keep the relationship a secret I mean she called her boyfriend Hank BABE on a crime scene.
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