CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 10

Better Off Dead

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2009 on CBS
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The CSIs dig to find the truth about how a recent shootout at a gun store might connect to a young woman who may have committed suicide.

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  • The man in the red shirt.

    A very mysterious episode when the CSI's try to find out the truth about a gun store shooting when the gun store owner and his mum was firing at a customer who was with a man in a red shirt who stands in the middle of the gun fight and walks out without getting hit and everyone else getting shot and the only survivor was the owner of the store who is scared of this man he can only describe as having a red shirt When a woman is found dead at the side of the road the CSI's find she is the girlfriend of the man in the red shirt and Sam the man in the red shirt tried to kill himself but when it failed he wakes up and Carrie had killed herself but Sam never knew whether she killed herself for him or for her dog Sam obviously wanted to die when he jumped off the building at the end when Sara tried her best to persuade him not to jump However Sam was saved when he hits the landing pad and throughout the episode had tried to get himself killed once again fails.moreless
  • A classic! Different theories had been voiced, and finally the evidence reveals the truth.

    I think this is a well-plotted episode. Two separate cases have been found to be related.

    The story arc about Sam and Carrie is quite a black humor. Actually, I like the tone of both this and the last episode. Love how the whole lab works as a team to solve cases. You can almost see most of the lab rats and all characters of the CSI team on the screen. I'm also glad that Ray is no longer super-Ray.

    Finally, this is so sweet and sensible that the writers determined to give Cath a decent guy. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this episode. Hope this will work out fine for them.moreless
  • The team investigates a shootout at a gun store which left the co-owner and the apparent robber dead. It's soon revealed that the shootout may be connected to a young woman who's dead body was discovered shortly thereafter.moreless

    "CSI" has once again delivered another interesting and entertaining episode. I was hooked until the end and my interest never wavered. This does not mean that the episode is not flawed. I personally find it hard to believe that "Red Shirt" survived the gun store shootout without getting hit once. Considering the number of shots fired, it's almost absurd that he did not. Another flaw is the character who was trying to be the dead woman's guardian angel. That character seemed like too much of a cliche. His scenes and his dialogue came off as a little cornball to me.moreless
  • The CSI's find the truth about a gun store shoot-out?

    Nick stated you can drop a full-auto sear into a gun, and showed an M-16. This is not true, one needs an appropriately machined receiver for the sear, and to machine a civillian AR-15 would weaken that area, eventually breaking of the grip or butt-stock. One can legally buy a pre-1986 full-auto lower receiver.

    *Brownell's auto sear assembly...$14.84

    *CSI black market price.............$5000


    These kinds of political spins really degrade the value of a good show and it's educational potential. Otherwise, this was a decent and intense show with the usual banter and humor one would expect from CSI. Such a shame that they have to provide misinformation.moreless
James Eckhouse

James Eckhouse

Paul Trent

Guest Star

Marc Menchaca

Marc Menchaca

Hank Rinaldi

Guest Star

Sam Hennings

Sam Hennings

John Rankow

Guest Star

Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox

Sara Sidle

Recurring Role

Jon Wellner

Jon Wellner

Henry Andrews

Recurring Role

Gerald McCullouch

Gerald McCullouch

Bobby Dawson

Recurring Role

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    • Ray (about the footprint): Does that look like a cowboy boot print to you?
      Sara: Texas sized.

    • Ray (about a picture): Does this look like it was taken from the top of the Stratosphere?
      Sara: No, it's not high enough. It's gotta be the Ivory Tower sky deck, it's kind of a dumpy old tourist trap with a nice view of the methadone clinic across the street. I'll take you there sometime.
      Ray: Gee, thanks.

    • Brass: We have a warrant to search your house.
      Mr. Trent: What's this about?
      Sara: An over due library book.

    • Greg (holds up a stuffed animal): I mean, is this what women really want?
      Catherine: It's what men think women really want. Like candy, it's sweet and hard to resist but sooner or later we just want some meat and potatoes.
      Greg (imintating the stuff animal talking): All women I take out usually just order a salad.
      Catherine (laughs): God, I used to have drawers of this crap from guys. Now, I just want a man that I can count on.

    • Catherine: (about the killer) ... He knew her, he knew her dog, he knew where she kept her gun.
      Nick: No signs of forced entry. He had to have a key.
      Henry: Obvious question, did she had a boyfriend?
      Catherine: Oh, yeah. And I'm betting he has a red shirt.

    • Sara: Hey, guys, I know you're slammed, but this is the round we pulled from our female vicims German shepherd.
      Bobby: Looking for the truth about Gats and dogs? (they laugh) A little ballistics humor there for you.

    • David: Ran over by a car, fell down a well, attacked by coyotes, poisoned by a spider, lost in a cave, traded for a Mike Schmitt baseball card, and my favorite, (Sara walks in) given to a farm. Alledgely. (Sara looks confused, looks at Henry)
      Henry: The tragic fates of the Phillips' family dogs.

    • Greg: There's at least 10 grand here.
      Nick: It's probably the Rinaldi's 401-AK.

    • Greg: The guy stands in the middle of a 3-way shootout and walks out alive?
      Nick: Was he just lucky, or bulletproof?

    • Sara: So, uh… what's going on with you and Vartann? (Cath gives her a confused look) I am a trained observer, you know. (Cath laughs) Okay, I see it's still in its, uh, early investigative stages.
      Catherine: No comment.

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