CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • A fantastic episode letting Jorja Fox and Ted Danson shine.


    I am really liking the vibe around the lab--Danson's character brings something not seen before in the CSI-verse: a level headed father figure who tries to relate to his team. The ending scene, where he attempts to bond with Fox's Sidle was touching and funny, and a good demonstration of both's acting ability. Her roll of the eyes when he first asked her to sit down showed her "jaded-ness" and distrust (?)--she's been through everything with Gil, and then the shock of Dr. Langston's turn of events--should she invest in yet another male supervisor? I also appreciated Catherine's surprise advice to him on how to succeed--it showed the maturity of her character, where last week's episode showed her being worn down by office politics.

    I, too, miss Grissom, and I did like Langston's gravitas, but Russell's character seems to be bonding the team together again. And a shout out to his sticking up for his wife and his kids!

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