CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • Whilst not as strong as the two previous stories, Bittersweet is a solid episode and is one of higher quality than many stories in the Langston-era.


    Bittersweet continues with the much-welcomed return of the two-case episodes which appeared to have become a thing of the past before Season 12 and the result is a fine episode which continues the trend of excellence which has emerged from the start of Season 12.

    The A-case is particularly dark, referring to a female sexual sadist who appears to be going back to her old ways. Sara in particular, takes a prominent interest in the case and she really is the star of this episode, showing determination and character which has not been seen since her departure in Season 8. The conclusion of the case is also a surprise, whilst I guessed it wouldn't be Gina who was involved, I did not expect it to be the victim who in reality committed the crime. However, whilst the case had a really good twist, it appeared very light on the forensics and the conclusion felt too rushed. If you blink, you'd have missed the fine details, which sadly lets it down slightly.

    The B-case provides a more light-hearted case and we get to see some more character development for Morgan, but likewise, the case ends rather abruptly with no real explanation or further development. I did however get some laughs out of Greg checking his hair out in the car window as well as Morgan's "pre-pube chocolate" quote. I particularly like the chemistry that's been shown between the two characters.

    DB and Morgan continue to be strong characters and are much welcomed additions to the show as it begins to return to its old roots from pre-Season 7. I'm enjoying the team dynamic which appears to be being shown in the episodes. Particularly the fine details such as characters from different cases interacting, Catherine giving some sound advice to DB and DB and Sara's conversation at the end are particular highlights.

    Whilst the episode is let-down slightly by the rushed conclusions in both cases, it is still an excellent episode which should not be missed. Season 12 is probably CSI's strongest start yet, and if the stories continue to live up to this quality then I can see the show lasting many more years.

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