CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 7

Blood Drops

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2000 on CBS

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  • The CSI's have the biggest case of the year.

    This gripping episode showed a slaughtering of a family with two survivors the daughter and her daughter which was supposed to be her sister at the beginning I thought that things didn't add up with the daughter at the beginning and later its proven that she got her boyfriend to kill the family in trying to protect her daughter from being sexually abused by her father This was a different episode as there was more people dead at one crime scene and the CSI's was more determined to catch the killer.
  • Blood Drops

    Grissom and team investigates quadrupile murder. Woman was killed in her sleep. Boy found dead stab to back in the floor. A little girl and a teenager are the only ones to survive. The little girl won't let Sara Sidle out of her site. The teenager knew something because she didn't check on her family after she found out they were dead. Scooter tracks were found outside the house. The girls boyfriend killed her family because they wouldn't let them together is what everyone thought. The father was molesting the little girl. The other 16 year old was Brenda (the little girl) mother. She got pregnant when she was 13 by her father.
  • OMG!!

    I couldnt believe it when I watched this episode, I had never seen it and I bought the first 4 seasons on dvd, as I was watching I was amazed, this is one of the best episode still, and it was one of the first, and who doesnt love Dakota, shes a cute kid!! This episode I beleive is what express what CSI is all about!!
  • This is a great episode!

    Ok so i loved this episode because nothing is like exactly what you thought it was. I was kind of wondering in the begining how it was both girls lived but everyone else died. so it wasnt that suprising to me when they revealed a secret that the youngest kid was hers. I thought that this was kind of a revealing episode for like catherine and sara and grissom because there characters kind of stood out like Sara with the kid and Grissom needing to know WHY they did it and catherine with the struggles with her daughter and ex-husbund.
  • CSI goes dark and disturbing. Well, even more than usual.

    "Blood Drops" is probably one of the most memorable episodes of "CSI". It is one of the few episodes that focuses only on one case and that case is quite dark and shocking.

    The episode opens with a teenage girl named Tina stumbling out of her house and screaming for help. Her family has been brutally stabbed and she and her sister are the only survivors. The scene is so grisly that several police officers get sick from being on the scene.

    Several neighborhood boys are questioned after certain clues are found, and one boy, Jesse, admits to the murders but a lie detector test shows he's lying about certain details.

    It's discovered that the father had been sexually abusing the youngest girl (played by a young Dakota Fanning) and that Tina had her boyfriend kill her entire family, for letting it happen. Tina herself was sexually abused from a young age and her sister is actually her daughter.

    Catherine is slapped with an investigation from child services when her ex-husband files a report claiming she is a neglectful parent.

    This has got to be one of my favorite episodes. It's dark, disturbing, and twisted, with elements of dark humor. It's sad and heartbreaking and the very young Dakota Fanning is great and chilling despite having only one or two spoken lines.
  • A teenage girl and her little sister survive while their family gets killed.

    Ok this episode was ok but i kinda had a feel for what was going on in the begining. I loved when sara came back to the lab and she teased that she left the daughter back in the car i laughed so hard. I felt bad for Catherine though cause eddie called child services on her and she didnt do anything wrong and she is a way better parent then he is. The part i didnt see coming was when you were told that the little sister was the older sisters daughter I was so shocked and i kinda though that that was the really good touch to this episode.
  • An eighteen year-old girl named Tina Collins runs out of her home in the middle of the night screaming for help. Police arrive to find Tina's parents and her two younger brothers brutally stabbed to death. Tina's younger sister Brenda survives uninjured


    An excellent and also a very disturbing episode. "Blood Drops" is excellent for several reasons. First the murder investigation keeps the viewer's interest and doesn't let up. I was surprised at it's conclusion and I think it's reasonable to believe that many other viewers were as well. Another reason is the viewer also gets a look at the members of Grissom's team so the viewer can in some ways relate to such things as Katherine Willows' attemps to balance work and her home life and Sara Sidle's anger at being put on what she considers an unimportant position on the investigation.

  • I don't know whether to applaud or cry.

    Let me tell you that if this episode were a normal CSI episode, it would be so predictable it wouldn't even be funny. You know the older daughter killed the family, or got the family killed. And you're just waiting on the proof, which is going to take over half an hour to deliver.

    How lucky we are that this is episode is more than average. Much more. Predictable as it may be, when the older sister finally starts talking in the last few minutes, you will forget everything you thought you knew about this episode and completely rephrase your opinion. It takes a bit more to make me cry, but where I a few years younger I'd be typing this review on a tear soaked keyboard.

    Episodes involving children are both the best and the worst, and many people do not seem to be able to see the good parts about such episodes, and proceed to complain how awful the writers are for putting children in these situations, even if these situations are fake.

    Amazing episode.
  • OMG such a great episode!

    This was a great episode for so many reasons. The case was so serious and so heartbreaking and there were twists and turns at every moment possible. It wasn't a cult, it was the boyfriend of the eldest girl. He did it because the dad was abusing the little girl (Brenda) played by Dakota Fanning. I can't say I'm Dakota Fanning's biggest fan but I did like her performance in this episode. Then Brenda was actually the eldest girl's daughter. I didn't see that one coming at all.

    Sara seemed to be great with Brenda and when she told everyone that she had left her in the car. That was the humorous moment of an otherwise heartbreaking and tragic episode. I love this episode!
  • One of the most intense TV show episodes I've seen. This episode still resonates in my mind almost 6 years after I saw it. Vivid, haunting, and well written. A MUST-SEE.

    I watched this episode alone with my family asleep. I was in the dark except for the TV light. From one of the opening lines, "Air smells like copper, lots of blood" I was hooked and scared! That line, was one of the best analogies used on a TV show. Kudos to the writer of that!
    If you only can pick one episode of CSI per season, this is the one, IMO. Just a must-watch with plot twists and a palpable feeling if intensity. Case wraps up quickly, but it IS a one hour show minus commercial breaks. This is one reason why CSI is still so popular years later. If you missed this episode and are a CSI fan (and even if you're not), I encourage you to watch it...but with the lights on!!
  • One of my favorite episodes of the first season.

    I loved this episode the first time I saw it, and I just rewatched it on DVD, and wow, it just gets better. It is so shocking, and it shows how little things can make a difference. One blood drop showed that events did not happen the way they were, showed that the father was abusing the girls, and it made everything that much more painful (although wonderful TV). It was a really awesome episode that I think showed growth for all the characters involved.
  • First one I ever saw and I was hooked.

    I didn't start watching CSI when it first came out but I happened to be home one night and caught this episode. I was immediately hooked and have been an avid viewer ever since. I love the humor interwoven throughout (i.e. Sara's remark about leaving the windows cracked with the little girl in the car), the great one-liners taken from literature, and of course, all the forensics like the directionality of blood drops. I was quite surprised by the outcome the first time I watched it. I saw this episode again recently and was reminded about how great CSI can be.
  • This is one fantastic episode. We get to see another side to all the characters especially Grissom , Sara & Nick.

    This is one fantastic episode, very emotional. We get to see another side to all the characters especially Grissom , Sara & Nick.

    A family is murdered & the only surviving members are a teenage girl & her younger sister. It looks like a cult was behind the murder, but there is a bizarre twist at the end.

    The little girl is in shock & won't speak to anyone but only responds to a single word & freaks out when she hears it.

    Grissom asks Sara to take care or the little girl & go with her to the hospital, she thinks it's unimportant, and she dosen't want to because she's no good with kids, but the little girl soon gets attached to Sara.

    Dakota Fanning is one great actress.
  • An episode that gets more disturbing as it progresses, while the show's main characters start to shine in their ideosyncrasies.

    This episode starts out as just another multiple murder for the team to investigate but becomes much more than that. The sexual situations, while not explicitly presented at all, become both more and more uncomfortable to watch and more thought-provoking. Most interestingly, this episode really humanizes Sara and we discover that she is much more than just a science geek whose only interests are job oriented. The growing attachment between Sara and the youngest surviving daughter in the course of the investigation begins a process of revelation for Sara that takes a few seasons to resolve itself. And personally, this was the episode that really made me want to watch this show regularly for its integration of strong characterization, plot twists that are totally relevant to the story line, and bizarre science.
  • this show is very twisted and turny

    When a teenager and her sister are the sole survivors of the gruesome murder of four members of one family in a quiet suburban neighborhood, Grissom and his entire team investigate the crime. What initially looks like a bizarre cult murder becomes more disturbing when they discover the motive behind the massacre.