CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 9

Blood Lust

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2002 on CBS
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A cab driver seems to run over a boy and is then beaten to death by a mob for racial reasons. When Grissom arrives on the scene, he discovers that the teen has been eviscerated and has stab wounds, but shows no signs of having been struck by the cab.moreless

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  • A taxi driver runs over a kid and is beaten by a mob of angry men.

    I really enjoyed this episode. As the kid lay on the table, I realized that he's Michael Welch who played Joan's brother Luke in "Joan of Arcadia". Too bad we didn't get to see a little more of his acting. I did find the episode to be a great example of the mob effect... when a group of people gang up on one person. It just goes to show that it's never good to suddenly make judgments on another person without taking a second to process before reacting. I definitely found this to be a great example of the show.moreless
  • This episode is great...

    Lots and lots of Grissom and Sara but that's not the only reason. Their case is interesting too. So not cool when all those guys beat the crap out of Rahjeb,just because he's a different race. Which angered me. Anyway, it's a real bummer about Jan losing both of her sons. Eric to the juvenile prison system and Todd to death. I loved how Sara just rolled off those precentages and then was all do you want me to get you a copy. And Grissom, no I have you. Yeah, Grissom just wait a few seasons and she's your girlfriend. Back to the episode, I like the shots when Grissom and Sara are tracking the blood drops from the intersection where the cabby ran over Todd to the park. I also, really like the shot where they show Grissom reinventing or seeing the cab run over and the mob attack. It's kind of neat seeing something in kind of a ghost form. Overall, great episode. I have watched it many times. How can I not, I mean me being a GSR fan and this episode Grissom and Sara dominated.moreless
  • Great episode

    Blood Lust was an excellent episode , infact it was so great that I couldn't wait for the re-run a few days later so that I could watch it again , something I usually never do .

    What seemed like a the case of a foreign taxi driver running over a teenager & then an angry mob of racist men beating him to death , actually turned out to be a whole other story .

    And of course the thing that really made this episode as great as it was ... was of course the amount of GSR in it .

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William Winter

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Mary Jo Mrochinski

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Joseph Patrick Kelly

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    • David (examining the dead boy): His insides are on the outside.

    • Sara: You know you pulled me away from a forensic anthropology seminar, right? It's required. It's part of the continuing education program.
      Grissom: Well, I'm sorry, but everyone seems to have something to do today. I have a teenager who was run over by a taxi. He wasn't hit by it; that's not what killed him. He was stabbed, fatally. For now, I have no ID, no suspects and no primary crime scene. I need you.

    • Grissom (to Warrick): How much do you weigh?
      Warrick: That's between me and my trainer.
      Grissom (sarcastically): Do I need to get a scale?
      Warrick (sighs): A buck ninety-five, give or take a doughnut. (Grissom looks Sara's way)
      Sara: Don't even ask, I'm not telling you.
      Grissom: Warrick, would you lay down on the floor?
      Warrick: I don't get paid enough to play dead.
      Grissom: Please? (Warrick lays down on the floor and Sara smiles) Sara, grab Warrick's right arm and see if you can drag him across the room.
      Sara: This does have something to do with the case right?
      Grissom: You don't trust me? (she gets up and drags Warrick across the room)
      Warrick (as she drags him): You're such a drag. (Sara laughs)

    • (After he got dragged on the floor)
      Warrick (to Grissom): Alright, if you don't mind, I have an appointment at the chiropractor. I'll send you the bill.

    • Grissom: How would you like to be part of an experiment?
      Judy: I- I'm a secretary, besides, I heard what you did to Greg's feet.
      Grissom: You'll keep your shoes on, I swear.

    • (after Sara has just rattled off a list of percentages for finding DNA in various places/from various things)
      Sara: You want me to make you a copy?
      Grissom: I don't need one, I have you.

    • Sara: Blood trail.
      Grissom: Wanna go for a walk?

    • Grissom: Tell me something I don't know.
      Doc Robbins: Okay, when I was in the fourth grade I quit karate class because a kid half my size made me cry.
      Grissom: About the body.

    • (Greg is obviously busy in the DNA lab)
      Grissom: Gene Rayburn.
      Greg: What?
      Grissom: Point of reference.
      Greg: Uh. . .Match Game. . .Nipsey Russell, Fannie Flagg, game show network. Look, I don't have time for your humor. Ecklie's got a multiple, Warrick tells me his home invasion is my top priority and I'm still backed up on Catherine's no-suspect rape. One servant, many masters. You know what I'm saying?
      Grissom: Greg, this is your DNA lab. You are the master. We serve you.
      Greg: Well your stuff just moved to the top of the pile.

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