CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 20, 2004 on CBS
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A casino employee is beaten and raped on her way home from work, but she survives and identifies her attacker. Unfortunately, a DNA test sets him free and Grissom must wrestle with whether evidence can ever lie. Later, Grissom comes to the rescue of a coworker who ends up on the other side of the lawmoreless

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  • The killer has two DNA's

    This was an excellent season finale which showed a man raping and killing women who couldn't be caught because of his weird genetic condition which gives him 2 DNA's because he has his own and his brothers which kept stopping him from going to jail so he was untouchable.But When Grissom found the mark on his back which showed him he had this condition they was able to arrest him.Also Sara is pulled over for drink driving at the end and Grissom makes sure they don't charge her.moreless
  • An absorbed fraternal twin? Who'd've thunk it?

    Once again we have an episode where one case takes center stage. We see a rather creepy family known as the Coombs family (reminds me a bit of Eugene Victor Toombs from X-Files fame) and one of them has been identified as a rapist of a Casino Pit Boss.

    However, the DNA evidence points to a brother and this results in discovering that this is a large family that includes the accused (a psychaitrist), one set of fraternal twins that runs an auto shop, another brother who's a security guard that drives an armoured car, and one more that lives off the grid and is a nut case.

    Three things about this episode didn't sit too well with me:

    1. Linney Barker, the pit boss who was raped, should have been under police protection until they'd managed to test all the Coombs men. This was really dropping the ball by the LVPD and it ended in her death.

    2. An asborbed fraternal twin causing a man to have different DNA in his semen versus his mouth? This sounds a bit too contrived if you ask me. If anyone can give me scientific evidence of such a condidtion, I'd appreciate it.

    3. Why would this otherwise composed psychaitrist suddenly turn psycho at the very end of the episode and confess to all the rapes and murders with a monstrous voice? This was way, way too contrived.

    Overall, it qualifies as a filler--the Bruckheimers must have been anxious to go on vacation when this one was penned.moreless
  • Una mujer que trabaja en un casino es atacada y violada en medio de la carretera, cuando un desconocido la obliga a bajarse de su auto cuando va de vuelta a casa. Las pistan llevan que el culpable es respetado sicoterapeuta, tanto por descripción física cmoreless

    Estupendo episodio. Como dice mi mujer, si en CSI una mujer es violada, mejor que ni se le ocurra identificar al culpable, porque esas mujeres siempre terminan muertas. En este caso, la pregunta del millón es: ¿que pasa si tenemos a un sospechoso, la victima lo identifica, no tiene coartada, y la evidencia circunstancial corresponde al dedillo... pero el ADN no corresponde? ¿Qué pasa si, no solo el ADN no corresponde... si no que es MUY parecido? ¿Es confiable el ADN? ¿Será un hermano del sospechoso el que lo hizo?moreless
  • GSR................. YAY!!!

    One of the best season finales, although Strip Strangler was pretty good, and so was Inside the Box.......................... I couldn't figure it out until the very end when we found out that Coombs had that freaky weird disease, sure kept me guessing. This ep was very sad too, Linley was just raped, goes back to work, begs Catherine for protection, the gets her car window blown out, and is found raped again, only this time Coombs finished the job and killed her. Det. Vartann appeared again, this time working with Sara. A moment in GSR history, "come on, I'll take ya home.", yes!!!!moreless
  • A very fast paced cool episode.

    This was a great episode for wrapping up season 4. The plot line was dazzling and very engrossing. The ending was very surprising. I think the whole idea with two sets of DNA was mind-blowing and incredibly interesting. Talk about the perfect criminal, two strands of DNA, so who is ever gonna catch you? Unless of course you have Grissom chasing after you. I enjoyed how fast paced this episode was. You never got bored with it and you wanted to see the true killer get nailed. Too bad that the victim had to die though. This was a very very good episode that deserves to be towards the top!moreless
Tom Kiesche

Tom Kiesche

Larry Coombs

Guest Star

Nina Siemaszko

Nina Siemaszko

Linley Parker

Guest Star

George Newbern

George Newbern

Dr. Todd Coombs

Guest Star

Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Detective Vartann

Recurring Role

Ty Upshaw

Ty Upshaw


Recurring Role

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Officer Metcalf

Recurring Role

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    • Officer (referring to Sara): She's lucky she wasn't on the strip; that's highway patrol's jurisdiction. She blew .09. Technically she's over, but they just lowered the limit so we cut her a break and didn't book her. But we did have to call the supervisor. (Grissom and the Officer enter the waiting room where Sara is)
      Grissom: Well, thank you. I appreciate the courtesy.
      Officer: No problem. (Grissom walks over to Sara, sits down next to her, and squeezes her hand)
      Grissom: C'mon, I'll take you home.

    • Grissom: Maybe rape is just foreplay for this guy. Maybe what he really gets off on is killing.

    • Sara: Hey, hey, Nick, congratulations on your almost promotion. Seriously, you deserved it.
      Nick: Wow, that's really hard for you isn't it?
      Sara: Yeah, it is.

    • (Grissom wants a blood sample)
      Todd Coombs: This is harassment. I've already given you guys a DNA sample.
      Grissom: You know that bone marrow donation you gave to your brother? I checked your medical records, his body rejected it and he died. I'm guessing that's when you found out about your unique condition.
      Todd Coombs: The doctors explained it. I'm a creature of myth.
      Grissom: A chimera. A head of a lion, body of a goat, tail of a dragon. You're a genetic anomoly. One person two completely different sets of DNA.

    • Grissom: That's not what the evidence says.
      Catherine: Well, maybe the evidence is wrong.
      Grissom: You can be wrong, I can be wrong but the evidence is just the evidence.

    • Bailey Coombs: You got something against my family?
      Sara: You got something against cooperating?

    • Greg: Grissom, I have some information that'll be of a use to you but before you get it I need a decision.
      Grissom: What?
      Greg: I'm tired of being on the fence here. Either I'm in the lab or I'm in the field. Which is it?
      Grissom: Well, as soon as you can find and train a replacement you can be in the field. Until then I need you in the lab. Now give.

    • Sara: What?
      Grissom: How many vacation days do you have on the books?
      Sara: About ten weeks, I guess. Why?
      Grissom: I think you should take a week or two.
      Sara: I'm still on the case. I just didn't do the interview for once in my life. When was the last time that you took a vacation, never, right?
      Grissom: Okay.

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