CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 1

Bodies in Motion

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on CBS
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The two forensic teams come back together under the leadership of Grissom and Catherine just in time to tackle three separate investigations: a murdered couple found in bed in a suspicious trailer explosion; a beautiful stripper discovered dead and dumped in the worst part of town; and two bodies found baked and decomposed after spending five days in the trunk of a car exposed to the hot Vegas sun, forcing the CSIs to "wrap" up the evidence and bring it back to the lab for further analysis.moreless

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  • The six season begins with a bang. (No pun intend.)

    At last the teams are back together!! I started singing a song about how the teams are back in town (just like the song the boys are back in town but with team.) I thought it was a great start. We see that they aren't just going to pretend that nothing happened to Nick and that he is still scared of what happened to him. We learn that Warrick has gotten married to his girlfriend and that Catherine isn't too happy about it. We also see the return of Sofia however not to the lab, now she is a Detective which could make for some interesting moments this season.

    It was a great start to a great season and now we just have to see where the season will take us and what Grissom with the secret help of Archie will do about the tape that has been found.

  • songs in episode is "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas

    The name of the song used in the stripper classroom is \"My Humps\" by the Black Eyed Peas.

    xmen0069 writes:

    They were questioning the \"teacher\" of stripping and there was a song playing the background that other \"strippers\" were practicing to... does anyone know the name or performer of this song? I have heard it only once before and no one seems to know the name of this song. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated!

  • What I am wondering is if someone can tell me the name of the song that was playing while they were talking to "teacher" of dance...

    They were questioning the "teacher" of stripping and there was a song playing the background that other "strippers" were practicing to... does anyone know the name or performer of this song? I have heard it only once before and no one seems to know the name of this song. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated!
  • 9.5
    The team is back together. Finally! ALL RIGHT!!!! Took them long enough to be honest. Warrick's married!!!!!!! I so thought Catherine and him would hook up but I guess this is good? So did anyone else see the like little competition going on between Sara and Sofia(who is now a cop)? I don't know if that was just me but someones gotta respond to this for me so I don't think i'm going to go crazy. Other than that Nick's still a bit spooked (who wouldn't be?) What's with this tape that Grissom has that supposed to be just between him and archie? I'm kinda wondering what's going to happen there. Time will tell.moreless
  • Great way to start off the sixth season.

    Wonderful way to start off the sixth season. Grissom and Catherine were able to bring both teams together again, and solve three seperate cases. There was a trailer explosion, with a couple inside, two bodies found in a trunk, and a stripper in a bad part of town. All three of the cases were interesting, but there were really two important parts in the episode. Warick is now married and Catherine is a little shaken up "The best part of a fantasy is imagining it will come true, and now. It sucks." And in the end of the episode Grissom is listening to the tape of the man who kidnapped Nick in the finale, and he thinks he may have an acomplass. "The voice is it male or female." Or is it Warrick's new wife, I guess well have to keep watching to find out.moreless
Tom Schmid

Tom Schmid

Drunk Guy

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Christopher Allen Nelson

Christopher Allen Nelson

Officer D.A. Michaels

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Deborah Offner

Deborah Offner

Nosy Lady

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Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

Recurring Role

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

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Wallace Langham

Wallace Langham

David Hodges

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Sofia has now become a detective and no longer works as a CSI.

    • Nick is using a Fobus holster now and I noticed that Catherine sometimes doesn't carry her gun, unlike Sara, Warrick and Nick. In the previous seasons, only Grissom doesn't carry a gun in his waist.

    • Warrick reveals that after the whole thing that happened with Nick at the end of last season, he realized how short life is, and got married.

    • Goof: When Grissom and Archie are listening to the tape from Nick's kidnapping, the screen shows the audio being played. While the audio obviously changes, the lines that sketch what the sound would "look" like don't.

    • Goof: When Catherine takes the boots off of the body in the morgue, you clearly see the "dead" body swallow in the background

    • Nick seems rather alarmed when an insect crawls on his arm likely due to his experience in the two-part Season 5 finale "Grave Danger (1) & (2)."

    • Goof: In the lab, Warrick examines items from the burned out trailer home. One of the items he looks at is what appears to be a registration card for a vehicle. The half-burnt paper clearly shows the vehicle make to be Acura, however the VIN listed is that of a Nissan pick-up truck.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Grissom: I think we're looking at, uh, the vehicular equivalent of a through-and-though.

    • Sofia: Your broadcast was for a blue Pontiac. Patrol figured this was worth a look.
      Grissom: How bad does a smell have to get before Parking Control calls Homicide?
      Sara: No way this car was at the trailer park. Think we've got a new case. First citation was issued five days ago. Car's probably been here at least six. (Sofia pops the trunk. Inside are the liquefied remains of two bodies) Six days in the summer heat.
      Grissom: And a trunk becomes a crockpot.

    • Wilcox: How you doing, Nick?
      Nick (smiling): Above ground, Wilcox.

    • Catherine: Why's there a ring on your ring finger?
      Warrick (pause): Because I'm married.
      Catherine (looks disappointed): What?
      Vartann: Congratulations. How much did you pay her? (Warrick laughs) No, seriously good luck with that man. I didn't even know you had a girlfriend.
      Warrick: Oh, yeah it's a girl I've been datin' a couple months, Tina.
      Catherine: How long you been married?
      Warrick: Since yesterday. We did this drive thru wedding at Circus-Circus where you know. Fun, yeah, we, uh...fun time.
      David (walking up): Hey, sorry I'm late. Busy night.
      Warrick: We need a T.O.D David.
      David: Rigor is barely set so not long, under four hours.
      Catherine (coolly): About as long as Warrick's been married.

    • Warrick: Catherine, can we talk...about this? (he holds up his hand, with his wedding ring on it)
      Catherine: Sure.
      Warrick: You know what happened to Nick just got me thinking... life is so short. You know, it's almost-- it's almost shorter than we want to ever believe.
      Catherine: Live for the day.
      Warrick: Exactly. So...I, uh, went ahead and I asked this young lady that I've been seeing, Tina, to marry me.
      Catherine (smiles): Well, you know that I'm happy for you.
      Warrick: Yeah?
      Catherine: Yeah.
      Warrick: Well, it also feels like you're not so happy for me.
      Catherine: Warrick.. (laughs) you know, the thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true. And when you lose that possibility it just, kinda, sucks.

    • Grissom: Detective Curtis.
      Sofia (smiles): Grissom.
      Grissom: I thought you were supposed to be arresting people in Boulder City?
      Sofia: Yeah, well a spot opened up here and I transferred in today.
      Brass: Surprise. (walks away)
      Grissom: Well, your mother would be proud.
      Sofia: My mother made Captain. You know...I just qualified for my shield when the sheriff pulled my papers and volunteered me to CSI. I think my Mom hated that more than I did.
      Grissom: You won't miss the lab, will ya?
      Sofia: There are some things I'll miss.

    • Brass: Let me tell you my story. Once upon a time, you follow your husband to a trailer park. You see him slumming with his little trailer bunny. You waited for him to come out...(Flashback to, trailer door opens, Robert Durgee steps out. Amber sits him her car watching him. He lights his cigarette, suddenly car lights glare at him and tires screech as the car surges toward him) When she pulls the body back in, before she can call for help, you torch the place. Kaboom. The end.
      Amber Durgee: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard
      Brass (laughs): Wouldn't even make my top ten.

    • Nick: Does she cook? Is she a good cook? (Grissom walks by) Hey, Grissom, I'm taking Warrick to the Peppermill to celebrate his marriage and to condemn his elopement. You in?
      Grissom: Did you invite your wife?
      Warrick: I don't think I'm ready to subject her to the crew just yet.

    • Sara: Candy.
      Hodges: Gummy candy. (Greg walks away) I'm partial to Jujubes myself. Is it something I said?
      Sara: Probably.

    • (About the "stripper" bus)
      Bus Driver: We call it the champagne ride.
      Vartann: Nice. So what do the girls get paid for this?
      Bus Driver: The girls, they make uh...at least twice as much as they do in the clubs so...
      Catherine: Depending on what else they ride. (shows Warrick searching the bus, then back) It's a pretty sweet deal for the guys. Hot chicks getting trashed with nowhere to go. And what happens when the girls wanna get off?
      Bus Driver: Usually it's the guy's that are getting off.

    • Warrick: So Vartann and I struck out on G-string row.
      Catherine: You poor guys.

    • Officer Metcalf: My money's on meth lab.
      Sara: You know, Metcalf, just because somebody lives in a trailer park doesn't mean they're a meth cook.
      Officer Metcalf: You guys are a real pain in the ass, you know that?
      Grissom: Get used to it, pal.

    • Greg: That's not frosting...
      Sara: I always like the middle part the best.

    • Greg (to Sara): And the student becomes the master!

    • Sara (to Sofia): You're the detective, go detect.

    • Hodges (to Grissom): You got a real thing for blue paint.

    • Nick: Flying car...that's what we're going with?

    • (After Greg is spattered in the mouth with the human broth found in the car trunk)
      Sara: Technically this makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud.
      Greg: Grissom would have tasted it on purpose.

    • (Catherine's phone rings)
      Catherine: Yeah?
      Grissom: Catherine, we have a 419 off Industrial. Would you like to handle it?
      Catherine: So, you get the team back together only to break us apart again. What kind of perverse game are you playing here, Gil?
      Grissom: I'm not a pervert.
      Catherine (not enthused): Yeah, I'll cover it. I'm taking Warrick.

    • Sofia: Well, if she was shot in there, there might be bullets and casing. I say we process the car in place. Let's get rolling.
      Sara: Area is uncontrolled. Evidence can be contaminated or lost. We need to get this back to the lab.
      Grissom: Car condom.

  • NOTES (5)


    • When Grissom, Sara, and Sofia look into a trunk, the shot from the view of the inside of the trunk looking up at them is an homage to Quentin Tarantino's "Trunk Shot" trademark who had directed the two-part Season 5 finale " Grave Danger (1) & (2)."

    • Hodges: Gummy candy. (Greg walks away) I'm partial to Jujubes myself.

      In the United States, Jujubes is the brand name of a particular type of candy made by the Heide Candy Company, whereas in Canada and other parts of the world the word is generic, and describes any of many similar confections.
      The name of the candy is pronounced JU-ju-beez

    • Greg (to Sara): And the student becomes the master.

      This is very similar to what Darth Vader tells Obi-Wan in the 1977 sci-fi classic Star Wars right before killing his old master on the Death Star.

    • The tape (left in the coffin with Nick) being investigated by Grissom and Archie was from the two-part Season finale, "Grave Danger (1) & (2)." A second voice (saying "Perfect") is discovered after the original message is played, suggesting there was another person involved in Nick's kidnapping.

    • Show Sponsor: Chevy Impala
      Look behind Warrick after he notices the video camera on the light pole. Etched into the payphone behind him is the Impala logo. In the credits, Chevrolet was mentioned as a sponsor.

    • Hodges (to Grissom): You got a real thing for blue paint.

      The serial killer in the Season 3 episode "The Execution of Catherine Willows" and Season 5 episode "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" used a specific blue paint to lure his victims.