CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 1

Built to Kill (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on CBS
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In part one of this two-part seventh season opener Grissom and Catherine handle the case of a woman's dead body found at Cirque du Soleil by a performer. Meanwhile, an investor at one of Sam Braun's new casinos is shot to death during a party on the rooftop. Catherine's life is in jeopardy after visiting a nightclub with Nick. Grissom finds a miniature replica of a crime scene that he is investigating.moreless

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  • The start of the Miniature killer

    A fantastic start to season 7 when a girl is found dead at a cirque du soleil,Sam Braun knocks down a casino and has a party on the roof and because of that one of his investors kills himself,Catherine goes to a club with Nick and her someone puts something in her drink knocking her out and wakes up in a motel and the miniature killer kills their first victim and leaves a model of the scene which and that case will continue into the next episode.There will be a lot happening in the next episode.moreless
  • Not what I expected.

    Grissom without a beard, at last!

    Nick without hair, what a waste.

    Warrick, Catherine and Sara at least haven't changed, but Brass is cold as ice in this first episode of season 7, whilst the crime scenes were quite dull the end scene with Catherine was excellent and a great way to leave it for the second part, but I was very disappointed with the scenes with Grissom and Sara. Now that they are together, the writers obviously want to keep them apart. I expected them to be at the crime scene together and instead of him saying "bye" to her before she leaves his office, why couldn't he just have said "See you later"? Season 6 had some dull episodes, but when you start off with an episode for a new season, if it's not exciting (and this episode really wasn't all that exciting) then I can only hope they have something good coming up in the upcoming episodes.moreless
  • I\\\'m the disagreeing opinion here. I\\\'m glad I watched Greys and taped CSI. If they\\\'re going to write episodes like the first 3/4 of this one with cases that go nowhere, then CSI deserves to be beaten by the competition.moreless

    The first 45 minutes was of Built to Kill were boooorrring. The cases were not worthy of a season premiere, but then the cases in the season 6 finale were nothing to write home about either. They seriously need some different minds in the writers\\\' room.

    The GSR moment with Warrick present was completely shades of [i]Friends[/i] revisited. The writers are making my worst fears a reality and playing to the teenage GSR fans. It came across staged and immature to me. Have the writers no respect for Nick and the fans of Nick? They put him through all kinds of hell over the years only to wipe it out by having him be an idiot? He abandoned Catherine with the first blond Paris Hilton wannabe that comes along. No wonder the fans at some CSI boards hate him so much and call him shallow. He\\\'s smarter than that. And the bald shave looks terrible this time out with the extra weight. Grow the hair back quick!

    So what was worth seeing? Two things.

    Brass and his reaction to being \\\"rewarded\\\" for being shot. I love the explanation about not wanting to display a plaque to his stupidity on the job. And I raved when he got the tattoo.

    And the Catherine storyline at the end was beautifully done. She won\\\'t be able to catch the guy because she did the processing herself -- that\\\'s the tragedy -- but then who could think straight after anything like that happened to them? Marg did a great job.moreless
  • If you click here, prepare to be spoiled. I have a big mouth... :D

    Oookay!! Here we go...

    Both cases were great. I loved the Cirque Du Soleil mystery and the suicide/murder mystery. The Cirque Du Loleil managed to capture all the glamour and glitz and mystery of Las Vegas as did Sam Braun's new casino party. This is what is called "good use of your setting!" :D :D Both were intriguing albiet not as complicated and imaginative as I've come to expect... CSI has set its own bar quite high... :D

    But now for the important things!!

    I know not everyone is going to be with me on this, but I loved the little hint of GSR with the soy burgers... This was a great scene and a wonderful way of the writers to reward GSR fans, but not shove the relationship in the face of those who hate it. I thought they struck a nice balance between the two... Kudos to the writers!! ;)

    I'm also going to go ahead and say I'm not loving the shaved head on Nicky, but I don't totally hate it either... If he had come in with the shaved head and the return of the pornstache? Then, I'd probably have a few things to say!! :lol: But George Eads is a great looking man and I think he can pull this look off... And hair *does* grow back!!

    Poor Catherine... She's gonna have it rough. But she's such a strong character, I look forward to seeing her conquer these hardships... We're rooting for you, Cath!!

    Warrick... When are they going to give this man some character development? Please, oh please, tell me it's this season!! I've been waiting for Gary Dourdan to flex more than his pectoral muscles (ba-dum che!!), and I know he's got the talent... Greggo seems to be working the sideburns. Nothing else to say on him... He didn't really get a lot in this episode either, but from what I hear, our little Greggo will have his moment in the spotlight! Looking forward to that!!

    Also we MUST have more D-Rob!! I expect him to shine bright in the upcoming Toe Tags.

    And kudoes to Louise Lombard who was added to the opening credits.

    I love the mini-model murder at the end... It's shaping up to be a very intriguing case and I can't wait until next week!! :D :D Rock on, CSI!! I eagerly await what you have in store for us this season... :Dmoreless
  • A girl is found dead backstage of a cirque du Soleil show and a a investor in a new casion is found dead, possibly suicide.

    This premier episode opens the seaon very effectively, even if the two plots were a bit obvious, the clinghanger worked.. I can\'t wait for the second part. Grissom has finally cut his beard, its about time!! Sara and Grissom play with us and it works.. I am so glad Brass made it and is back after all the show would not be the same without him , but hey he just had massive surgery and he is having a tatoo done??.. Anyways..

    Good news about Louise Lombard, who deserves to be in the opening credits even if she could have had more lines tonite. Can\'t wait for next week..moreless
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John Mayer


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Doc Robbins is checking the mouth of the suicide victim, when he opens the mouth you see a chipped tooth on the bottom middle, when they show the zoom in to see the sesame seeds there is no chip.

    • Goof: When Sara walks up during the autopsy of the second victim, you can clearly see the cadaver breathing.

    • The cell phone that Catherine used to call the crime lab is the Nextel i850.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Hodges (to Warrick): I perfected my butterfly technique on chicken breasts. I saute them in a Chardonnay reduction with Herbes de Provence. Drives women wild. (pause) Well, Mom.

    • Arnie Clifton: Look, are we done? 'Cause I gotta get back to work.
      Nick: No, we're not done here... You got sand on your shoes.

    • Brass (talking about when he got shot): You wanna frame your biggest screw up and put it on the wall?

    • Grissom: I got you a veggie burger.
      Sara: Thanks.
      Warrick: What'd you get me?
      Grissom: I didn't know you were here. Soy, sorry. (Sara smirks)
      Warrick: Where is the love?

    • (At a club)
      Nick: So do you think that Grissom will show?
      Catherine: Not if he thinks that he has to dance.

    • Nick: Do you still like to dance? (Catherine makes a face and gives him a look) I don't mean the way that you used to. I mean--
      Catherine: I know what you mean. And yes, I do.

    • Catherine: I always liked the circus.
      Grissom: Yeah, it's fun trying to figure out the magic tricks.
      Catherine: Well, that's taking the fun outta it.

    • Sam: It's good to see you back on your feet, Jim.
      Brass: You've never seen me off of them, Sam. You know this is like old times: You and me, a party. A dead body.
      Sam: This is supposed to be a celebration. The Eclipse is going to be my legacy. We break ground next year.

    • Sara: So no suicide note?
      Warrick (lifts up the Bible): Not even in the Holy Bible.
      Sara (smirks): That is the first place I looked too.

    • Sara: So doc, you tell me: Suicide or homicide?
      Doc Robbins: Neither side at this point.

    • Sheriff Burdick: I've asked the mayor to give you a commendation. Medal of valor. Congratulations.
      Brass: Well, well, that's nice. Do I have to be there?
      Sheriff Burdick: As a matter or protocol, I'd say you damn well better be.
      Brass: Look---
      Sheriff Burdick: Look, I'm gonna say a few nice things, hand you a plaque, we shake hands, a whole lot of reporters will be there to take photos of the big event. It'll be magic. (walks away) My office will call you to set it up.
      Brass (to himself): I was gonna vote for you anyway.

    • Catherine: Well, we know where she died.
      Grissom: Yeah but where'd she come from? (the stage raises to show a huge auditorium)
      Catherine: Where would you like to start?

    • (At a crime scene, which has a mini replica of the same scene)
      Sofia (looking at the mini replica): Have you ever seen anything like this?
      Grissom: No. The detail is...
      Sofia: ...terrifying.
      Grissom: Impressive. (looks at the dead body) And yes, terrifying.
      Sofia (looks form the dead body to the miniature box): Which do you think came first the chicken or the egg?
      Grissom: I've always been an egg man. But this time, I don't know.

    • Hodges: Just say the magic words.
      Warrick: "Shut up, Hodges?"
      Hodges: Open sesame.

    • Greg: Let me tell you, Siegfried and Roy's disappearing elephant no longer impresses me.
      Grissom: I'll tell you how they did that later.

    • David: Sorry, I was meeting the future in-laws.
      Sara: Did they love you?
      David: I got a little excited talking about work....they stopped eating.
      Sara: Oh.

    • (They are watching Brass get a commendation on TV)
      Warrick: Brass looks like he's about to puke.
      Sara: Or punch someone.

    • Sara: According to my supervisor, we're not really into the business of 'why'. (her pager goes off) I gotta go.
      Grissom: Bye.

    • Warrick (after David accidentally fired the gun that the victim was holding as he was trying to clear it): At least we know one person who shot the dead guy.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Brass gets a tattoo, right under his scar of where the bullet hit him. The tattoo says May 11th, 2006. The day he was shot. And no coincidence the day the Season 6 part 1 finale "Bang-Bang"in which he was shot, aired.

    • When Nick and Sofia go trough Celia's purse they find tickets for many circus shows. They are all Cirque du Soleil shows: O (a show in the water), Love (a show based on Beatles songs), Zumanity (a very sexy show where only adults are allowed)and Mystere (presented only at the Treasure Island). We can conclude that Celia saw ALL the Cirque du Soleil shows presented in Vegas.

    • Greg: Siegfried and Roy's disappearing elephant no longer impresses me.

      Siegfried and Roy are two entertainers who work on the Las Vegas strip, primarily at the Mirage hotel and casino. Their long running shows of illusion were famous for working with Big Cats, in particular white tigers but included white lions as well. Their show at the Mirange ended in October of 2003 after one of the white tigers in the act bit Roy.

    • Brass (to Sam): This is just like old times. You, me, a party and a dead body.

      This is a reference to the Season 6 episode "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang."

    • Hodges: Just say the magic words.
      Warrick: "Shut up, Hodges?"
      Hodges: Open sesame

      This is an allusion to the story in Tales from the Arabian Nights: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Ali Baba overhears the Captain of the thieves say "Open, Sesame" in order to open up the magic passageway to their secret lair in a steep, high, seemingly inpenetrable rock.

    • :

      It is a Cirque du Soleil's show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas created and directed by Robert Lepage. It follows a twin brother and sister, heirs of an empire in an unknown land, and after the royal family is attacked in the annual sword playing celebration, they have strange encounters and epic battles with the attacker.

      This show differs from other Cirque du Soleil's productions in that is more a Vegas production than a traditional Cirque production and that also uses floating platforms that rotate and move with the performers on top.

    • Cirque du Soleil:

      Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; the world famous Cirque du Soleil (French for Circus of the Sun) is an entertainment empire founded in Quebec in 1984 by Guy Liberté and Daniel Gauthier, two former street performers, which can be seen in their shows, which are street performance combined with opera, ballet, rock music, busking and circus.

      It focuses on a storyline and amazing performances and emphasizes the use of humans as performers, instead of animals. It includes contortionists, jugglers, clowning, trapeze artists, clowns and acts of strenght. All the performers wear very colourful costumes, all music is played live and some spoken parts are done in a language invented by the company, the Cirquish.

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