CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 2

Built to Kill (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

In the second part of this two-parter Grissom investigates the murder of an aging rockstar who is found dead in his kitchen with an exact replica of the crime scene on the counter next to him. Meanwhile, Catherine probes her own abduction and learns that someone may be targeting her family.moreless

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  • The CSI's have trouble solving the miniature murder and Catherine's daughter is kidnapped

    This episode continues after the previous episode and Grissom tries to solve the mysterious miniature murder of the rockstar Izzy Delancy where the model built is exactly the same as the crime scene and there is no evidence on the model and they go from suspect to suspect with no look of solving the murder.The episode also showed Catherine's daughter kidnapped by men from the previous episode when Sam Braun knocked the casino down and when that happened they lost everything.All this also leads to the death of Sam Braun and a very bad day for the CSI's but a really good start to the season.moreless
  • oh i love csi

    CSI, is truly amazing and with an episode like that one, it makes me remember why i like it so much.

    So Catherine's situation was heartbreaking and im glad she is such a strong character that it was amazing to watch her play that role, im glad she kept it between her and sara at first because it shows in there characters that they do get along, But i'm also glad that she told the rest of the team because they did need to know. I truly did jump when the car crash happened and it so freaked me out. I'm glad they found lindsay to, but i like the old lindsay better. Just my opinion

    I am glad we lost the character of Sam because he was just a screw up and i liked what Catherine sad to him about being a thug because its so true. He has gotten away with so much, of course i'd never wish death apawn anyone but i really didnt like him.

    The mini replica of the dead rock star, was awesome but the whole case was kinda cruddy, because 1. they didnt solve anything and i know they really wont. 2. everyone in the family could have done it they all have a reason to. 3. you know the boy made the replica, but maybe he didnt make his dad and the blood to go in it. maybe he just did it because he can. i dont know. but i really did enjoy the episode and its one of my favorites so far.moreless
  • Great episode!

    It's a shame this episode was shown a week after the premiere. If these episodes aired at the same time I think the viewer ratings would have been higher last week.

    I am a shipper of Sara and Grissom and I really enjoyed the screen time they had together although I was hoping to see a little more towards their relationship, they kept it very professional. The only thing that bugged me about this episode was the ending. I have no idea what the ending was about, the last 30 seconds I mean. Whose picture was that? Also I'm hoping this isn't the last episode with Sam Braun.moreless
  • Well, I didn't see that one coming!

    This was the conclusion of the season premiere. There were a couple of story lines, both of them interesting; the aging rocker who was murdered in his kitchen, and an exact, to scale, replica is sitting on the counter. Unfortunately, this story line wasn't closed, and all the current suspects have been eliminated, so this is going to continue in future episodes.

    The other story line was dealing with Catherine, and her sexual assault after being drugged in a bar. We soon learn that while this horrible thing happened to her, it was nothing personal... it was just some unhappy people trying to get back at Sam Braun. This story line continues with Lindsay being kidnapped, and the CSIs have to find her. They do, and eventually find out who is doing this, but not in time... the ending of this episode was a real shocker, and something that I didn't see coming at all. It will make the future episodes quite interesting, I think.moreless
  • Great Episode with a Great plot plus a great Grissom

    Ok, where can i start. let start with a new actress that replace old charexter of Catherie's daughter. Kay Panabaker is a new actress for this role. we know this cute girl from summerland. About the episode, what i can really say is this 2 episodes is really well written. From zero suspect, they try to search any loophole within the miniature that they found, and finally found one by one which finally drop to zero again. even grissom felt so confused like " what is going on in here" . with a alomost perfect miniature, even me as a viewers so impress loke " how the heck they can builded such perfect replica of crime scene?" What i can say is, whis episoded will be resume on a season finale of CSI. hope so.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: In the beginning of this episode, while Grissom and Sara start to process the scene, the victim blinks, breathes and move his hand softly.

    • Goof: Catherine finds Sam Braun saying "you come here every Sunday night," but the close-captioning for this scene has her saying "you come here every Thursday," which suggests whoever transcribes the dialogue for the episode for close-captioning watchers did so from an uncorrected alternate script.

    • Goof: During the autopsy scene, depending on what camera angle was used, sometimes the victims eyes were open and sometimes they were closed. When they showed him from the front his eyes were open and when they showed him from the side his eyes were closed.

    • Goof: The music rights inheritance discussion was incorrect. They said if either the son (a minor) or his mother committed the murder, the rights would go to the current wife. This is incorrect. The son would retain his inheritance and the court would appoint a guardian till he turned 18.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Grissom: Cause of death?
      Doc Robbins (singing): Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull, and it fractured the occipital lobe. There was massive hemorrhaging on the brain, and death was probably swift. Yeah!
      Grissom (to corpse): Sorry, Izzy.

    • Sam (on the phone with Catherine): When were you gonna tell me about what happened to you and Lindsey?
      Catherine: It just happened. Who told you?
      Sam: It's a small town, Catherine.
      Catherine: Well, I can't talk right now. I'll let you know when we find something out.
      Sam: Anything you need to tell me, I've got people who deal with this stuff. Nobody gets away with threatening my family.

    • Catherine: Joe Hirschoff and his partner invested everything they had in the Eclipse. But it went bankrupt before you broke ground. You formed a new corporation to finish the project, leaving those guys with nothing.
      Sam: Sometimes that's the way it goes in business.
      Catherine (nods): Uh-huh. O'Brien and Hirschoff lost $20 million, right? O'Brien caved and stuck a gun in his mouth. Hirschoff wants you to pay him back. So, where is he?
      Sam: I don't know.
      Catherine: Come on, Sam, this isn't old Vegas anymore. Let the police handle it. Or have you already killed him? (he chuckles. Behind him, we see Joe Hirschoff walking up to them, his right hand hidden behind his back)
      Sam: I give you my word, no. (Catherine looks at him and realizes he is the guy from the bar. Joe raises his gun at Sam. Catherine reacts. Joe fires twice, hitting Sam in the chest. Sam collapses backward into Catherine's arms)

    • Catherine: I should've told you, but I didn't want a sermon. I did my own rape kit. Came back negative.
      Grissom: Thank God. These events have to be connected. We'll check your old cases for possible suspects. I'll ask Ecklie if he can kick in some help from day shift.
      Catherine: I appreciate that.
      Grissom: You've got to stay at arm's length, Catherine.
      Catherine (nods): I-I know.

    • Catherine: Sam. What are you doing here?
      Sam: Just wanted to see your face, and I missed you at the implosion party.
      Catherine: Oh, yeah. I heard about that, um ... I'm sorry I missed that. (Catherine takes Sam's arm and leads him away)
      Sam: When's Lily get back from her cruise?
      Catherine: Monday.
      Sam: How about a family dinner?
      Catherine: Uh, yeah, I'll call you when she's had a chance to catch her breath.
      Sam: You know you don't always need a reason to call me. I know you're busy. (he touches his finger to her cheek) I'll see you later.

    • Sara: Hey, what's going on?
      Catherine: I may have been roofied and raped. I woke up here.
      Sara: What? (they start walking)
      Catherine: I, uh, improvised my own rape kit. I've got pubic combing, nail scrapings, vaginal swab, urine samples ...
      Sara: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you call it in?
      Catherine: I called you.
      Sara: Catherine, doing it yourself is going to make anything that you get inadmissible.
      Catherine: Yeah, I know procedure. I didn't want an official investigation. I- I just want to know what happened.
      Sara: Okay, all right.
      Catherine: Uh ... I got to get this, uh, stuff to the lab. Room 229, it's right up there. Please print it. And keep it between us.
      Sara: Okay.
      Catherine: Thanks.

    • Desk Clerk: Hey.
      Catherine: Did you see me last night?
      Desk Clerk: Yeah, you were feeling no pain.
      Catherine: Who was I with? Describe him. Was he white, black, tall? Hair color, car?
      Desk Clerk: Look, lady, I get paid not to notice. (Catherine digs into her bag and shows him her ID)
      Catherine: Who was room 229 registered to?
      Desk Clerk: Catherine Willows. You used your credit card.

    • (Looking at Sven's architectural drawings)
      Sara: If Sven is capable of creating these kinds of 3D renderings, he definitely could have built that miniature.
      Sofia: Son defending the honor of his mother?
      Sara: Name that Greek tragedy.

    • Grissom (looking at Izzy's X-ray): Now, what is this? (Doc Robbins cuts open Izzy's stomach and removes a key) The key to our mystery?

    • Hodges (taking over the cup from Catherine): Well, thank you, but there is no eating and drinking allowed in the lab.
      Catherine: It's a urine sample.
      Hodges: My bad.
      Catherine: Get it to Tox. And ... (she hands him the tampon) Check this for spermicide. Call me with the results.
      Hodges: Did you run out of proper swabs?
      Catherine: Just run it.
      Hodges: What's the case number?
      Catherine: Consider this a proficiency exam.

    • Catherine: Sam! What do you know about what happened to Lindsey?
      Sam: What do you know about it?
      Catherine: Who's using us to get to you? This is your granddaughter we're talking about. What the hell do you know?
      (Sam takes an envelope out of his pocket)
      Sam: Front desk found this in the quick checkout bin.
      (Catherine opens the envelope and takes out a photo of Catherine sprawled naked on the motel bed. There's a message: CAN YOU GUESS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE ME?)
      Catherine: "Can you guess what you're going to give me" What does that mean? Who's behind this?
      Sam: I don't know. This was just found. Same place. (he takes out another envelope, inside is a photo of Lindsey, blindfolded and tied to a chair in an empty room. The message reads: 20 MILLION BY WIRE. #77-889-9000-662. BANQUE ROYALE GENEVA)
      Catherine: Where is she? Who has her?
      Sam: I swear, I don't know.
      Catherine: Like hell! I blame you! I blame you for this!
      Sam: I never wanted to involve you personally or professionally in any of my business.
      Catherine: Business? You don't have a business. You're a thug in thousand dollar shoes! (Sam slaps her across the face) Thanks for not disappointing me, Sam.

    • Sara: Looks like a single blow.
      Grissom: Sometimes it only takes one hit.

    • Sara (about the miniature crime scene to Grissom): This is a level of obsession that gives even you a run for your money.

    • Ecklie: Sara, what do you think?
      Sara: I (pauses) agree with Grissom.
      Ecklie: Of course you do. (Grissom and Sara exchange a significant look. Sara mouths "no.")

    • Sara (while looking at the scale model): I think Malibu Barbie did it.
      Grissom: Well there must be more to Barbie than just a pretty face, 'cause this is a perfect half-inch scale model of the room. And assuming that the killer is the same person who made the miniature ...
      Sara: -- it would have taken weeks, maybe even months, to create this kind of detail.

    • (About the dead singer, Izzy)
      Sara: I've never heard of him.
      Grissom: Probably before your time
      Sara: I'll download it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: November 10, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: September 4, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Featured Music:
      Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer. ~ At the beginning of the episode.
      Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
      Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer


    • Sara: Of course if a girl can get into Brad Pitt's underwear drawer and take a nap on his bed, I guess anything is possible.

      This is a reference to the an incident in 1999 in which Athena Marie Rolando climbed into Brad Pitt's Hollywood Hills home through a window while the actor was away. A caretaker found her wearing Pitt's clothes and sleeping in a bedroom.

    • Sara: If they're looking the next Mamma Mia.

      This is a reference to the 1975 hit song by ABBA.

      Mamma Mia is also the title of a very successful musical shown all over the world, which features most of the ABBA hits.

    • Sara: Son defending the honor of his mother? Name that Greek tragedy.

      She's talking about The Odyssey in which Telemachus must defend his mother Penelope against her many crude and violent suitors.

    • The show Greg and Sara watch, After the Hits, which is a parody of Vh1's show Behind the Music. Both shows are similar in style, as they give an inside look on 'has been' musicians.

    • Greg: So, the aging rocker bit it in the kitchen, with the rolling pin?

      Possible reference to the board game Clue, in which players try to guess the particulars of a murder scene, who, where and by which object.

    • Sara: I think Malibu Barbie did it.

      Malibu Barbie is one of the many versions of the Barbie doll, a toy for young girls, who has everything a woman would ever need: clothes, toys, a house, a car, and other "luxury" items.