CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 2

Built to Kill (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on CBS

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  • The CSI's have trouble solving the miniature murder and Catherine's daughter is kidnapped

    This episode continues after the previous episode and Grissom tries to solve the mysterious miniature murder of the rockstar Izzy Delancy where the model built is exactly the same as the crime scene and there is no evidence on the model and they go from suspect to suspect with no look of solving the murder.The episode also showed Catherine's daughter kidnapped by men from the previous episode when Sam Braun knocked the casino down and when that happened they lost everything.All this also leads to the death of Sam Braun and a very bad day for the CSI's but a really good start to the season.
  • oh i love csi

    CSI, is truly amazing and with an episode like that one, it makes me remember why i like it so much.

    So Catherine's situation was heartbreaking and im glad she is such a strong character that it was amazing to watch her play that role, im glad she kept it between her and sara at first because it shows in there characters that they do get along, But i'm also glad that she told the rest of the team because they did need to know. I truly did jump when the car crash happened and it so freaked me out. I'm glad they found lindsay to, but i like the old lindsay better. Just my opinion

    I am glad we lost the character of Sam because he was just a screw up and i liked what Catherine sad to him about being a thug because its so true. He has gotten away with so much, of course i'd never wish death apawn anyone but i really didnt like him.

    The mini replica of the dead rock star, was awesome but the whole case was kinda cruddy, because 1. they didnt solve anything and i know they really wont. 2. everyone in the family could have done it they all have a reason to. 3. you know the boy made the replica, but maybe he didnt make his dad and the blood to go in it. maybe he just did it because he can. i dont know. but i really did enjoy the episode and its one of my favorites so far.
  • Great episode!

    It's a shame this episode was shown a week after the premiere. If these episodes aired at the same time I think the viewer ratings would have been higher last week.
    I am a shipper of Sara and Grissom and I really enjoyed the screen time they had together although I was hoping to see a little more towards their relationship, they kept it very professional. The only thing that bugged me about this episode was the ending. I have no idea what the ending was about, the last 30 seconds I mean. Whose picture was that? Also I'm hoping this isn't the last episode with Sam Braun.
  • Well, I didn't see that one coming!

    This was the conclusion of the season premiere. There were a couple of story lines, both of them interesting; the aging rocker who was murdered in his kitchen, and an exact, to scale, replica is sitting on the counter. Unfortunately, this story line wasn't closed, and all the current suspects have been eliminated, so this is going to continue in future episodes.

    The other story line was dealing with Catherine, and her sexual assault after being drugged in a bar. We soon learn that while this horrible thing happened to her, it was nothing personal... it was just some unhappy people trying to get back at Sam Braun. This story line continues with Lindsay being kidnapped, and the CSIs have to find her. They do, and eventually find out who is doing this, but not in time... the ending of this episode was a real shocker, and something that I didn't see coming at all. It will make the future episodes quite interesting, I think.
  • Great Episode with a Great plot plus a great Grissom

    Ok, where can i start. let start with a new actress that replace old charexter of Catherie's daughter. Kay Panabaker is a new actress for this role. we know this cute girl from summerland. About the episode, what i can really say is this 2 episodes is really well written. From zero suspect, they try to search any loophole within the miniature that they found, and finally found one by one which finally drop to zero again. even grissom felt so confused like " what is going on in here" . with a alomost perfect miniature, even me as a viewers so impress loke " how the heck they can builded such perfect replica of crime scene?" What i can say is, whis episoded will be resume on a season finale of CSI. hope so.
  • Great Episode, but poor Catherine.

    I loved this episode! The first part dragged a little, but when you combine both parts, you get two excellent hours of TV. This episode was much stronger then the first, but having seen both now, I can see why they made them that way. The first ep. was the set up (with the guy who committed suicide and his partner) perfectly for everything that happened in this ep. While I'm not a big Catherine fan, I have to give Marg her props for her amazing acting abilities. The whole episode she kept the emotions high. I also love the fact that she called Sara to collect evidence at her scene. Seems like those two are finally over their alpha-female-ness and are now friends, not just co-workers. After the rape kit came back negative, I figured that they had drugged Cath hoping that Lindsay would be home alone and they could kidnap her then except that Lindsay wasn't there. Hence the car accident. I thought the kidnapping and finding Lindsay was a little rushed, I mean, they found her very fast, but it is only an hour-long show.

    All of this hell the bad guys put Catherine through just to get back at Sam? Wow. And I am wondering how good were Sam's bodyguards if they just let a guy with a gun walk up to him and shoot him. I suppose you can argue that the guy WAS one of Sam's business partners, however if someone was targeting your family, you think the guards would be suspicious of everyone. I'm sorry to see Sam go. I've always liked his character. He played the mild mannered gangster so well. I guess Catherine is loaded now.

    The other storyline was just as great. The perfect model of the crime scene was probably one of the neatest things they have ever done on this show (that mini bottle of bleach was awesome). It's also fun that they didn't find out who did it. Hopefully there will be more models in the future. My favourite part of the whole episode? There were lots of great moments, but the best had to be Doc Robbins and Grissom singing along to the dead rockers song as they went over the results of the autopsy. Grissom hasn't acted like that since season one. And who knew that Doc Robbins could sing!

    If these are the kinds of episodes the writers are going to give us, then I'm going to forget all about Grey's Anatomy (the last few eps were boring anyway) and really enjoy this season of CSI.
  • Hee, loved the episode! Together with 7.01 it's a VERY GOOD opener for the season and very well-plotted.

    Woah, what an episode! Liked it more than the first part and that already was a great episode.

    I LOVED every minute with Catherine and her story was just great and so exciting. Only thing I didn't like that much, was that they found Lindsay that fast. But the kidnapping/car crash scene was so cool!
    I'm glad that Cathe wasn't raped, puuhh-hoo.
    And whoot, they killed Sam!! The ending was so sad, with the slow motion and Catherine and everything. It's a great idea how they tied those crimes of 7.01 together with Sam/Catherine. Very well plotted. ;)
    It's kinda sad to see Sam gone now, I always liked scenes with him and Catherine.

    The scene with Gil and the morgue...LOL They both sung, that was awesome!

    Loved the twist with the shooter at the end. And that the son probably killed his father, but we don't really know that yet, do we? And what did the end mean? With the green eye? What did I miss? Will we learned next episode, who's the murder of the rocker? Or was it actually the son? They never really confirmed it. But I can live with it, that it was the son. ;) LOL

    Poor Catherine. :( *hugs her* I hope we see a funereal next episode or something like that...

    PS: Sara/Gil is still....dunno, strange. Like the season 6 finale never happened.
  • Catherine's daughter is kidnapped. Grissom tries to find a murder who build a small model of the murder.

    This was a great episode. Two great stories. Catherine and her daughter are used to get back at her father Sam Braun. It looks like Sam is dead at the end. He was shot in the chest, I guess we won't find out to the next episode. I hope they keep him on the show, I like his character.
    The other story was the murder of a rock star played great by Danny Bonaduchi. Grissom and Sara seem to be getting much closer. Hopefully we'll see more later on in the season. Eckley seems to know their together. At the end Grissom wasn't able to solve the case, but got one strange clue. Over all a very good episode, but not the best.
  • All I have to say is WOW! (small edit made)

    That miniature model of the rocker's kitchen is the craziest thing I have ever seen. It must have taken some poor prop guy forever to create. That had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, dying to find out what on earth was that all about. And then to end the episode with a possible case-breaking clue - only to not tell you what the clue really meant!!! Argh! Now I have to wait a whole week.

    And the story with Catherine and her daughter was nerve-wracking as well. I actually jumped a little when her car was slammed. I'm glad to hear that she was not date-raped in that hotel. But it would have to be a terrifying experience anyway to wake up naked somewhere.

    I think this season is going to be great. I thought 'Grave Danger' couldn't be topped... I may be wrong after this episode.

    Edited to add: Almost forgot about the Gil/Sara thing. I actually kind of like how they are not going into any detail on their relationship. Just little looks or small verbal exchanges between them, like the veggie burger and the look Sara gave Gil after Ecklie left. I assume they will go into more detail later this season, but I'm liking it like this for now.
  • Catherine wasn't raped, but finds that instead she's a pawn for someone trying to kill her dad, then her daughter is kidnapped and her dad dies! Not your typical CSI...

    Dam that episode was good. I mean, really freaking good. I hate rating things with a 10, but dam. I definitely cried twice, and I don't cry over tv or any of that crap. The acting was good, the placing of the scenes was good, and the suspense was killer, which led to an overall perfect episode; a thrilling conclusion to Part I.

    The end of the first episode left us worrying about Catherine and if she had been raped or not. The scene with her telling Sarah about it is pretty sad, and at this point, what Catherine has been through is bad enough. Then a car smashes into her and her daughter (ouch), which is two really crappy events in a row...and not a minute later her daughter is kidnapped! How did she even keep it together?! The quality acting by Marg, along with the scene placement where they'd keep leaving us hanging on her story while the Izzy murder story was developed, made Catherine's story insanely intense. Her story was very believeable, considering that her dad is pretty shady (and he slapped her! That was insane!). When she found her daughter it was nice to finally see something good come her way (while I cried), but then of course her dad had to die in front of her (while I cried again) - the icing on her day from hel(I dunno if I can say that word) cake.

    Catherine aside, the other case was also quite interesting. It held interest between the Catherine scenes, and the perfect little scale model was pretty awesome. I think Warrick and Nick needed more screen time though, but whatever. We did see a lot of interesting interactions between the characters though (like Grissom and Doc Robbins singing), which was nice to see. The only downside of the episode was how it ended, with Grissom looking at the little picture of the doll's face. Okay yeah...so we pretty much just assume then that the case isn't solved, but the doll picutre - is it supposed to mean something??? Too ambiguous for me, sorry. The episode should have ended with Sam getting shot. Still, this can be overlooked, as the rest of the episode (obviously I'm partial towards the Catherine stuff) was just completely amazing.
  • Poor, poor Catherine.

    The recreation of the crime scene was totally fasinating. At first, when I saw the guy in the previous episode, I thought he was some rocker dude. But in this episode, I found out he's really a famous rocker dude. I thought the nanny was a little too nervous-cheerful, and as for the kid, well, I seriously feel sorry for him. On to Catherine. That poor girl. And all because those two guys lost $20 million they have to take it out on Catherine. Nick probably feels really bad. And Lindsay probably feels totally guilty for being angry at her mom. That moment between Catherine and Lindsay when Catherine was reunited with her daughter actually made me cry. It was so sad. The CSI producers and actors/resses really did a good job on that scene.
  • Fascinating stuff! Whoo-hoo!

    Old Las Vegas finally caught up with Sam Braun. Actions will reap consequences. Unfortunately, Catherine and Lindsey were right in the middle. Dr. Robbins has a great voice! Very cool. Will Grissom be obsessed with the minature room? Go, Gris, Go! Does Ecklie know something? Doubt it. This is why I watch. Great writing and character development. Keep it up! I love all the CSIs!
  • Wow. Catherine sure had a bad day.

    I very much liked this episode. The meticulousness of the mini-crime scene, it was just eerie. I liked that. It was different. But who killed Danny Bonaduce? Everybody in his life had motive but none of the suspects did it. The world may never know what happened.

    I thought they could have done more with Lindsay's kidnapping. From the promos, I'd assumed that the episode was mostly going to be about that. But she was taken and then five minutes later they not only knew who took her but where she was. They should have dragged that out more. If they were going to put Catherine through that, they could have at least done it right.

    Greg was actually in this episode. So that alone makes it at least an 8.
  • The most exciting, funny, sad, scary, strange, and eery episode yet!

    A great episode with a murder full of twists and a creepy miniature crime scene made in painstaking detail. Catherine, the poor girl, endures what must be the worst few days of her life. She shows how much she and Sara have become friends when she asks Sara to help her find who raped and drugged her. Sara and Grissom have their own subplot going on. It appears that Ecklie knows that they are together and Grissom "will deal with it." There is still great chemistry between them! Over all, a great ride. I cannot wait until next week.
  • A Sad Day for Sam....

    OMG you guys they killed Sam! Other than that nothing really happened. We still don't know who killed the old rocker, Catherine wasn't raped, Lindsey was found in 10 minutes...blah blah blah. It was a nice tie in for the cases from last episode, I didnt see that coming...of course neither did Sam.
    Bravo to Grissom and Dr. Robbins for the creepy singing in the morgue.
  • Well written episode!

    I loved this epsiode! Who wouldn't!? It was so well written and put together. My eyes were glued to the TV and it kept making me guess. It was very surprising and unperdictiable. I really like everything about it, starting at her getting drugged and thinking she got raped, driving and a car hits them and someone takes Lindsay, someone shot Sam and she rescued Lindsay. Wow! A lot of drama and suspense. It was pretty sad seeing Sam get shot and then Catherine behind him unexpectedly catching him. And when there was no sound you could tell her lips we saying " someone help me!" aww! Almost made me cry. So much to take in one day. And when she saw Lindsay taped to a chair, amazing acting. That was sad to watch too. 

    Even after 10 seasons CSI is still one of my favourite shows. Always mystery and suspense. I love CSI and the writers have come up with amazing writing for these episodes
  • The team continues to investigate the murder of the rock star and Catherine sets out to find who is after her family ...

    The second part of season seven premier. Grissom is still intrigued by the crime scene of the rock star Izzy Delancy with the miniature replica and Sara helps him in his investigation. Catherine wakes up in a motel and can’t seem to remember what happened to her. So she conducts her own investigation and she finds that somehow Sam Braun is involved. Later on, after Catherine picked Lindsey from her play, their car gets hit and Lindsey is kidnapped. Catherine learns that the person behind what happened to her and Lindsey had a grudge against Sam. And at the end, Sam gets shot in front of his casino.
  • A great episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An aging rock star is killed at his house and their are many suspects.There are many family problems for cathereine after she was a victim but she figures out that it may be her family being targeted and not just her. This episode was great and it kept me wondering what was gonna happen and who killed the rock star and who may be targeting cath and her family. This episode is one of my favorites because it goes on to bigger and better things. IT is just building up to a climax mabe for now or later, if you havent seen this episode yet it is great and i really think its a good one to watch.
  • The miniature crime scene case was ho-hum, but the resolution of Catherine's storyline saved this episode. No wonder this episode grabbed the number one spot in the ratings.

    I like the idea of a killer taking his time to create such an intricate mini crime scene, but the execution of that storyline was poor. I was half-asleep throughout the time that storyline was on. However, Catherine's storyline was the one who saved this episode and kept me awake. Who would have figured that out of nowhere, Catherine and Lindsey would be in a car accident when minutes ago they were talking about Lindsey's school play. In the end scene, I was shocked that Sam's former casino partner popped up and in a split second, shoot Sam in the chest. It was heart-wrenching to see Sam die in Catherine's arms. I've always love the scenes between Catherine and Sam, and I bow down to both Marg Helgenberger and Scott Wilson for their great acting in this episode.
  • Grissom and D-Rob duet!!!!!

    This episode was equally sad as it was good. The first appearence of the Minature Serial Killer, (Danny Bonaduce!!!!!!) he kills an old rock star, driving Grissom and Doc Robbins to sing one of his hit songs. I laughed so hard I thought was going to pass out, and I said "you know Grissom got laid last night" to my 5 month old baby brother.
    Poor Cath! Everything bad happens to her, her only daughter gets kiddnapped (but returns unharmed), she suspects somebody raped her, and her casino mogul father gets gunned down by his adversaires, I'm going to miss old Sam, he was a big part of Catherine's live. R.I.P Sam Braun.
  • Really great episode, another one of my favorites with an end that leaves you thinking.

    I really really really liked this episode. I thought it was much better than the first part. This probably the best starter to a season out of all of them. I thought the scene with Catherine and Sara at the Hotel was really great. They are much friendlier to eachother than in the past. The ending with Grissom and the replica is just so weird. I really want to find more about it. The ordeal with Catherine was a great installment. Sam had it coming to him after all.
  • I love this episode it is the best I think it is pretty sad though at certain points but so far this season it is my favorite.

    Built to kill part 2 is a great episode I love it!!! Pretty much its my favorite because of catherine she is my fav. actress on there and the whole episode is about her pretty much! Well if you ask me at some points in this episode I think this is pretty sad expecially at the end when Sam and Catherine were fighting then all of a sudden that crazy dude comes up and shoots Sam I almost started crying it was pretty sad. The most in tense part in the movie is were catherine goes to get Lindsey her daugter and finds out that the rape kit she collected of herself is negative for semen and then she starts to bond with Lindsey and the people hit there car and take lidsey out I was like o my gosh wat the heck that is crazy but I am very glad that in the end catherine got her daughter back and lidsey got her mommy back!
  • Poor Catherine has everything happen to her!

    Poor Catherine as she doesn't seem to get a break
    At all as a lot has happened in her life it seems
    She is trying to probe her own abduction as well as think someone is after her own family, especially her daughter whom she loves so much.
    Gil is trying to probe the what happened to an aging rock star in this second part episode.
  • As always cleverly plotted, and for a change a crime scene related to Catherine and Lindsey.

    Last week ended with a blood-soaked Danny Bonaduce dead on a table with a model of the kitchen, down to the utensils and the blood splatter, right next to him. In the investigation we get a very talkative "Annie the nanny" walking about in the house in just her bra, and later we find out she was sleeping with the dead guy. We get a suspect list of pretty much everyone who knows how to build, fix or clean something and we learn that Home Depot can make a key just from an X-ray of it. Might I say that Danny Bonaduce should have more roles like this? He was brilliant, wasn't he? It might have been his best role ever. C'mon, it was at least better than Starface. Anyway, he swallows the key to his safe so that his gold-digger wife (she ain't messin' with no broke, broke) won't get her hands on the contract to sign over his music. They take him to the hospital because of this, and the family brings home an X-ray of the key in his stomach. The nanny then takes it to get a key made and sells the information inside the safe to a tabloid to make money. That's a smart girl. In terms of suspects for the murder, though, did they ever rule her out? In fact, I think the only one they ruled out completely was his son, Sven — since he fainted at the sight of blood. The part that has me baffled is, of course, the last scene. Gil takes a closer look at the scale model of the house and flips over a picture to see half of what looks like a doll face. There has to be more to this that I'm just not getting, but even after thinking about the meaning for a half hour or so, I still don't get it. I'm hoping that someone can explain it or at least give a theory or two (of course, I'm also hoping that I'm not the only one who didn't get it). Is it just unsolved — to possibly be revisited at some point down the line this season?

    The other story was of course the drugging and rape of Catherine. When she came up blank on a suspect after analyzing her makeshift rape kit from the night before, unfortunately it took another tragedy to finally find out what's going on: She picks up her daughter and gets purposely sideswiped while driving home, and Lindsey gets kidnapped. We find out this is all some sort of a scheme to get money out of her father, Sam, and i t turns out the business partner of the guy who committed suicide last week was behind this whole thing because he lost 20 million in a bad deal with Sam. As Cat is talking with him at the casino, the kidnapper walks up behind Sam and kills him. Catherine's had a really tough 24 hours here, and now she's got an ex-husband and a father who was murdered. What a crazy life she leads.

    On a lighter note, I thought we got one of the best moments of the entire series in this episode, when Grissom and Dr. Robbins were singing along to one of Izzy's tunes while Robbins played air guitar. Then he sang the cause of death. Brilliant!

    Anyway, it's your turn now. Someone explain the ending to me, please? I'm open to all theories about what that picture meant.
  • In which Grissom continues to work the case of a dead rock star with Sara, Catherine has oh so much family drama, Greg re-appears and Nick & Warrick make guest appearances.

    I fear that I'm the only one who was not impressed at all by this episode or the preceding one. In my opinion CSI has been wavering off-kilter ever since S3 with what has now become one of my greatest bug-bears, the 'Catherine Drama' and this episode has it by the bucket load. Not only does Catherine get doped and abandoned in a hotel room but she has family issues with Lindsey and Sam (who is eventually killed) and spends most of the episode strutting around the lab, bossing people around as if she were their supervisor, all because she is the great Catherine. I think Marg's acting is over the top at times and the scenes build to a point where they just make me cringe. If it was one thing an episode then I could cope but it's like "Here's another thing, and another, and now Lindsey's kidnapped, oh, now they've found her..." Way too much and way, WAY, over the top.

    Aside from the huge Catherine drama (which I HOPE does not continue into the rest of the season) the rest of the episode is quite intriguing. Grissom follows the case from 7x01 with the minature crime scene to it's conclusion, however he finishes without any suspects and no convictions. There are some nice Grissom/Sara touches, following on from the last episode of S6, including one with Ecklie that raises some suspicions about who knows what in the office.

    It's nice to see the whole team again working on the case, and there was a very nice scene with the Doc and Grissom performing an autopsy but unfortunately these were all pieces slotted in-between yet another of Catherine's storylines. A good start to S7 but not the perfect opener that other people seem to think it is.
  • Is it just me or did this episode end unsolved? What is the significance of the doll's picture on the back of the miniature photo?

    Is it just me or did this episode end with an unsolved crime? What was the significance of the doll face on the back of the miniature picture at the end of the episode. Thinking that the story would continue I kept the episode hoping this week would explain the cliff hanger but with no luck. Can anyone clue me in on something I might be missing?
  • Wow!! I was flabbergasted by their performance.

    So, I just wrote a review, and it just deleted it. So now, since I love CSI so much, I am going to try and re-write it. Okay, So this was probably one of the best CSI episodes I have seen. I loved it with 100% of my heart. I was so surprised to see the detail in the little mini fake crime scene. I have no idea what to call it. Even the bleach was there, the blood spatter was the same, and it was real blood. It was some crazy stuff. I was sad to see Sam Braun die, although I already knew it was going to happen. I couldn't help feeling extremely sorry for Catherine. So many things went wrong for her. Talk about bad luck, much. Those are probably the worst things that can happen to a person in their lifetime, and she had most of them happen to her all in the same day.
    Holy crapoodles.
    I really did love it though. I can't wait for the next episode that is coming on in a few hours. Although I have no idea how they are going to top all that Cath drama. Yes, I do enjoy Cath drama from time to time.
  • Great episode but i\'m confused

    When i got to the end of the episode and Sam got shot i wasn\'t actually sure whether or not he was dead. This may be a bad comparison but the Sam getting shot was something they might have had on Buffy. As soon as she (catherine0 seems to be getting close to sam something bad has to happen.
    Also what on earth was that thing at the end with the tiny pictures and a picture of a dolls eye and broken skull on the back. That was so creepy!! Is this going to be another Milander or will we just never find out?
  • So much for my intuition on what'd happened to Catherine...

    At one time, I would've sworn that Catherine had been raped... but it turns out that her ... shall we say, attacker, and the car accident... were all tied to the fact that someone wanted revenge on Catherine's father.

    It was good to see that Lyndsey was still willing to need her mother despite her own problems. Not all teens could be, or would be, broken down enough to admit that... especially to their parents...

    And does Catherine's father actually survive the gunshot? I doubt it... but I also haven't read up on this week's episode... or next weeks. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see...
  • It's time to give Catherine a break.

    This was an excellent episode...but then again, they're always good. Again, we have to deal with the miniature crime scene which I thought was creepy at first but a big ZING! to Sara for her comment (to Grissom) "This is a level of obsession that gives even you a run for your money" Great line!

    Can we give Catherine a break? It's been 7 seasons now and well, we all know her luck with men. I'm not a big Catherine fan but come on....She deserves to find a NICE guy who will have a real lasting committed relationship with her. Please? Even Warrick got married last season. Ok, so it didn't last but that's besides the point. Has not Catherine been through enough? There better be a nice storyline for her this season or I'll be sending an email out to someone, somewhere.
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