CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 4

Bully for You

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene where Grissom is talking to the coroner about the bully who was shot, they say the bully had "Dextrocardia" which is why all his organs are a mirror image of normality (e.g. heart on right and liver on left). In reality, Dextrocardia is only when the heart is on the right rather than left, the actual condition Grissom should have said was "Situs Inversus" not "Dextrocardia."

    • Goof: Gil sends off for a grant in hopes of getting Warrick's investigation tool. In the first close-up shot of the envelope, it opens from the side and the address is two lines and Later, when Gil licks the envelope, it opens from the top and there are three lines in the address.

  • Quotes

    • Warrick: I thought it was our job to speak for the victim no matter what it took... and to hell with the budgets.
      Grissom: Our job is to think, Warrick. Machinery should never matter more than our mind.

    • Grissom: Is that a polymer sensor proboscis?
      Warrick: Cyranose 320. Company sent it to me, gratis, for a week. They figure if it helps, CSI will buy one.
      Grissom: Electronic noses run like ten grand.
      Warrick: Yeah, well, what if the shooter chooses a certain kind of tobacco or has a unique halitosis and the e-nose picks up on it?
      Grissom: If that thing ran out of here and bit the shooter in the ass, the county would not approve a $10,000 purchase order.

    • Brass: Well, the nerd squad is off and running.

    • (While David is emptying the bag where the corpse was)
      Sara: Soup.
      Nick: Human soup.

    • Sara: Anyone touch the bag since?
      Hank: With that smell?
      Sara: I thought you Emergency Service guys were tougher than that.
      Hank: Hey, I'm plenty tough.
      Sara: Down, boy. It was a joke.
      Nick (to Sara): Nothing like flirting over a D.B. (laughs)

    • (Sara is working on the decomp and Hank finds her in the lab, and she excuses herself for a minute)
      Sara: Give me a mint.
      Nick (laughs): You're going to need more than one.
      Sara: Just give me.

    • Catherine: So how's your new toy working out?
      Warrick: It's been downsized.
      Catherine: Bummer. I know how you wanted to see that thing work.
      Warrick: Well, it's the same difference, really. Air is drawn into the last tube the chalk absorbs the chemicals from the air. And mass spec will break it down at the lab.
      Catherine: So why did you need the expensive one in the first place?
      Warrick: 'Cause it was cool. (Cath smiles at his honesty)

    • Nick: Shut up. She was not.
      Warrick: I saw her in action.
      Nick: Really?
      Warrick: Yeah, she was.
      Nick: Catherine?
      Catherine (walks in and smiles): I was what?
      Warrick: I was just telling Nick how you were a big bully in high school.
      Catherine: A bully? All right, I guess I was. But, I mean, not the kind that people want to take a gun out and shoot.
      Warrick: No.
      Nick: No, no. You were the kind that guys fall all over themselves trying to impress.
      Catherine (smiling): Like you, Nick, huh? (Cath puts a hand on his shoulder for emphasis, he gets it. And sits down) Oh, Nick...what were you in high school?
      Nick: Me? I was, uh...I was "dependable".
      Catherine: Dependable.
      Nick: Mmhmm.
      Catherine: Dependable jock, dependable stoner?
      Nick: No. Never a strap, never a smoker. Just all-around "dependable" guy, I guess.
      Warrick: What Nick's trying to say he was unpopular. (Cath laughs. Sara walks into the break room)
      Sara: Nick, Ronny's got something on Liquid Man, says it's hot.
      Nick: Great. (gathers things and gets up)
      Warrick: Hey Sara, what were you in high school?
      Sara: Science nerd. (Nick walks past her and sniffs)
      Nick: You changed? (whispers) But you still smell. Let's go. (they leave)
      Catherine: So that leaves you, Warrick. What were you?
      Warrick: Oh, I was short, I had big feet, thick glasses.
      Catherine: You?
      Warrick: Yeah. I got pushed around by all the guys and never got any play from the girls.
      Catherine: The girls didn't even notice your eyes?
      Warrick: No, they used to tease me about my eyes. Called me names.
      Catherine: Aww, well, what do they know? They're your best feature.

    • Grissom: Our job is to think, Warrick.

    • David: Let's go up to the VIP room. I'll show you what I mean.

    • Grissom: Brass. Brass.
      Principal: Excuse me one of my students is dead. Are we interrupting you?
      Grissom: Yeah. A little.

    • Catherine: So why is he saying she did?
      Grissom: Do you ever smell a fart and end up blaming the wrong guy?

    • Sara: So you didn't hurt him. You just put him in your car. Is that what you're saying?
      Club Manager: Back seat. Then I drove him out of town. I left him on the side of the road, out by Red Rock.
      Nick: You didn't maybe zip him up in a bag because he was giving you trouble... anything like that?

    • Grissom: Let me guess. Decomp in an enclosed space?
      Sara: Yeah.
      Nick: Yeah, in a zip bag.
      Grissom: Lemons.
      Sara: What?
      Grissom: Use lemons. (Grissom mimics squeezing lemons on his own head to demonstrate what he means)

    • David: From the sound of it, I'd say he's been dead about two months.
      Sara: Sound? (David shakes the bag, liquid sloshes around inside it)

    • Greg (sniffs at Sara): You smell like death.
      Sara: I've heard.
      Greg: You know... a real man wouldn't mind.

    • Warrick: So were you a jock or a brain?
      Grissom: I was a ghost.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The tool that Warrick wants to use to detect odours is the Cyranose. This is an actual forensic tool, but the reference is an obvious allusion to Cyrano de Bergerac, the French dramatist and duellist. Although a real person Cyrano is best known from the plays and films made about his life, wherein he is always pictured as having an unusually large nose.

    • This is the 2nd time Christopher Wiehl and William Petersen have starred together in a tv/movie and also the 2nd time they both have an interest in the same woman. In the movie Gunshy (1998) Christopher Wiehl plays Tim, who sleeps with William Petersen's character Jake's girlfriend.

    • Grissom references Columbine High School at the end.

      Columbine High School was the location of a mass shooting involving the death of 12 students and a teacher.