CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 7

Bump & Grind

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode opens in the house of a man who is apparently making a soup. The man cuts what seems to be a credit card and places it in the soup. He then puts a human ear in the soup as well. After the soup is finished, the man force-feeds it to another man, who is bloody, bound in chains, and missing an ear.

Jim, Ray, and Nick all arrive on the scene of a truck that the driver called in because of some mysterious ooze that another driver had informed him was leaking out of the back of his truck. Ray and Nick confirm the ooze to be blood and then have the back of the truck to be opened. Inside, they find shredded body parts, in addition to shredded parts of other household items. Nick also finds a credit card piece. Then Brass finds a human eye, which is still intact.

Nick, Catherine, Sara, and Greg go to the plant that the truck driver worked for, Clark Disposal Inc. (CDI), and interrogate the manager, Tom. After briefly explaining that his plant is the discard central for everyone who has refuse that needs to be shredded and disposed of, he expresses doubt that anyone could have thrown a body into the shredder because they have around the clock surveillance by security camera. Nick produces a warrant and forces the man to shut the place down, then Greg interrogates him, pointing out that, even with around the clock security, it would have been easy for the killer to place the victim in one of the many disposal bins that the company uses to dump things into the shredder. Nick investigates the shredder and finds shredded human body parts inside, confirming that a body was indeed placed into the shredder. Nick, Sara, and David then investigate the shredded refuse from the truck, sorting it by metal, plastic, paper, and "yuck" (human body parts). Catherine later visits the crime lab, where Dr. Robins (after voicing his approval of her relationship with Detective Vartann) tells her that the body will be a "puzzle" to piece together for evidence, but that a few things can be determined. Based upon the way that the bacteria decomposed the body, it is evident that the man was "Dead Before Shred," and that the time of death was about 30 to 40 hours before the body was shredded. He also has Catherine to check out a piece of the skull that has a fracture in it, as well as a bullet fragment. This places the cause of death as a bullet wound to the head. Catherine tells the doctor that this is consistent with bullet fragments that Greg found in the shredder refuse. Ray, meanwhile, gets a letter from Nate Haskell that taunts him and mocks the fact that he lost a kidney. Sara comes in to ask Ray if he is fine, Ray lying and saying that everything is okay. David informs Nick and Greg that he has found pieces of a chopped up credit card along with ingredients that the card was once inside of a human stomach as a part of a clam chowder. Greg and Nick reflect on the horror of making a victim eat his own credit cards. Greg pieces together the parts of the credit card that the CSIs had retrieved and (because the magnetic strip on the card contains the name of the owner, which is printed several times) uses it to discover the name of who they believe to be the victim, Larry Lamotte, head of a company named ID Preserve, which offers identity protection policies for a reasonable fee. Greg expresses shock at Larry's sudden death, as he himself had just signed up for one of Larry's identity protection policies. Jim and Ray go to Larry's place of work to investigate, Brass commenting that the police have checked Larry's house and that all of his calls went to voicemail. Larry's executive assistant, Elaine Travers, tells them that the man is away at the time and asks to take a message. Julius Kaplan, Larry's head of security then enters and tells them that Larry is away at an undisclosed vacation site and cannot be reached at the time. Another man enters, assures Julius that he can handle things, and addresses Ray and Jim, claiming to be Larry Lamotte.

Jim and Ray talk to "Larry" and Jim remarks that he looks younger on television. "Larry" tells them that the company uses a younger, better-looking man named Wesley to play him on television for marketing purposes. Ray asks "Larry" if his credit cards were recently stolen, voicing the theory that Larry might have killed or ordered the death of anyone who stole or tried to steal his identity. "Larry" tells Ray that, given the amount of money he makes, there is no need to go after one petty thief. Ray also informs "Larry" that there is also a possibility that there is a killer who believes that they have killed the real Larry Lamotte. Jim asks Larry for a list of his possible enemies. Nick and Catherine later go over the case. Nick tells Catherine that Larry had as many enemies as he did friends. Several people accused ID Preserve of having stolen identities rather than protect them. The honesty of ID Preserve was further questioned when a few of Larry's clients' identities surfaced in Nigeria. The event was blamed on a security breach, but one man, Lee Devries, not believing the story, had driven a truck to Larry's work, brandished a gun, and demanded an audience with Larry. He went to prison for six months and was released four days ago. Devries' work also included producing workers for CDI, making him a prime suspect. Catherine also asks Nick about the fact that he dropped off of his therapy sessions after the mandatory two times. Nick tells her that it is just not a part of his personality to allow someone to probe into his feelings for hours at a time. Jim brings Devries in and forcefully interrogates him. Devries, however, tells Jim that he did not kill Larry but was just upset because, even after his payments to and trust in ID Preserve, his identity was stolen by the people that had promised to help him and he was placed in a mountain of bills that he could not even begin to pay. Jim asks if he has an alibi and Devries tells him that he has six, one for every person who is impersonating him.

Greg and David go over some of the credit card evidence, Greg searching his own payment record to see if anyone has yet stolen his identity. He remarks that he regrets having ever trusted ID Preserve. Greg later finds evidence of a second, encapsulated bullet fragment from an older wound inside of the shredded body, consistent with an earlier encounter with a gun (over time, the body encapsulates foreign fragments in order to protect against infection). Sara tells Ray that she did some checking and discovered that a sub-contractor handles shipment of refuse from ID Preserve to CDI for shredding. The man in charge of that sub-contraction is Julius Kaplan. The two give the bins that ID Preserve sends out to CDI a once over and find traces of blood inside, placing Julius on the suspect list. Greg tells Sara that he checked out the shredded credit card and found that it was mailed into New Mexico (which Sara surmises is where the identity theft operation runs). He is also able to obtain the man's picture and purchase history, but not a name. Sara enters, tells Greg and Catherine that she and Ray found blood in one of ID Preserve's bins, it is a match for the shredded man, and that, though they cannot go after "Larry" for the killing, they can arrest Julius. The CSIs and policemen break into Julius' house to make an arrest. They have a look round and find several signs that Julius was the killer of the shredded man (including the food ingredients that constituted the man's last supper as well as the gun that was presumably used to kill the man). Sara finds a body outside and calls for backup. When the light is shined on the man's face, it is revealed to be Julius. Sara surmises that, because of al of the wrongs that Julius perpetrated, someone may have been seeking revenge.

The CSIs go over the murder scene and find evidence consistent with Julius having been shot from the left side of his head to the right. They find he exited bullet on the pavement and a beer bottle in the pool. There is also high velocity blood spatter on one of the decorative stones near Julius. Sara tells Nick that the evidence says someone offered Julius the beer and then shot him while he was turned around, causing Julius to drop the bottle into the pool. Jim and Ray interrogate "Larry," who asks Elaine to keep a record of the interrogation. Ray and Jim tell Larry that they have a picture of the man who was shredded, that they found blood in his bins, that Julius was found dead, and that Julius was not the man that he proclaimed to be. His real name is Julius Kürsch and he has gone by several other names. He used to be a mob collector and was known for feeding his victims dinner with added ingredients (casino chips that were ground up, cut up credit cards, etcetera). "Larry" vehemently denies his involvement in Julius' crimes or murder and also says that he knew nothing of Julius' past record with the law. Catherine talks to another CSI about footage from a neighbor's house camera that was taken the day Julius was shot. The man tells Catherine that a car did leave Julius' property around the time he was killed (which investigators narrowed to around five o'clock), but that another car obscures the visibility of the murder suspect's car. He promises to try for a better angle from the footage. Nick later shows Catherine some evidence from a mug/shooting six years ago that resembled the shooting of "Shredder Man." The person was shot in the head in an alleyway. He was found and rushed to he hospital. He left 72 hours later and was never heard from again, leaving a cold case. Nick tells Catherine that there has to be a connection. Greg goes over the bullet fragment pulled from the mug/shooting victim from six years ago and finds that, when put together with the bullet fragment found in the shredded victim, the bullet is one whole. Catherine, Ray, and Sara go over the case. Catherine theorizes that the man was mugged and shot six years prior. Then he skipped town and moved to New Mexico. He returned six years later with Larry's credit card. Julius found him, cooked him a "special meal," and then shot him, placing him in the shred bin to eliminate evidence. Then someone else shot Julius. The question is posed, why would the man return to "Larry's" backyard to commit fraud if he could have used Larry's credit card in New Mexico. It is soon theorized that the victim might have wanted "Larry" to know that he was back in town. Ray asks why the company would risk being caught over one petty thief and Sara responds that the "one thief" might have threatened to topple the entire ID Preserve business. She then shows Ray and Catherine a 10-year old driver's license fond in Florida for the shredded man. The name is Larry Lamotte- the real Larry Lamotte. Ray puts the question to Sara, if Larry is dead, then who is posing as him now.

Ray and Brass bring in "Larry" and confront him with their evidence. They have, after searching his house, found the gun from six years ago. They found that he was also into credit fraud and that his real name is Arlow Carton. Jim theorizes that he tried to kill his fraud partner six years ago in order to take his name (which was not in police records). Then he set himself up as Larry Lamotte and built a business on credit fraud. Six years later, Larry showed up in Las Vegas, after having found out that Arlow was using his name to make millions. When Larry demanded a payoff, Arlow ordered Julius to kill him. Then, Arlow killed Julius with the same weapon that he used six years prior in order to tie up all loose ends. Arlow admits to having tried to kill Larry six years prior. But he also says that he has changed since then and ordered Julius to give Larry a five million dollar payoff. He says that he withdrew the five million dollars, gave it to Julius for delivery to Larry, and then Julius killed Larry before his own murder. He then tells the two that anyone could have planted the gun in his house and that the statute of limitation on assault with a gun in Las Vegas is two years, meaning that he cannot be tried for attempted murder. Nick checks into Arlow's bank records and finds that he did indeed withdraw the five million dollars. The investigator who was working on the surveillance footage informs Catherine that he was able to get a partial license plate number from the car that fled the scene of Julius' murder. The car had been rented two days prior to Lee Devries. Catherine surmises that Lee finally got his revenge. An alert is then put out for Devries' vehicle. Catherine tells Ray that Devries had spent some time visiting his girlfriend, had been seen in Henderson, and wasn't currently on the radar. Jim later calls Ray to tell him that police have spotted Devries' car escaping from Las Vegas. The police stop the car and order Lee to get out. Instead, Elaine Travers steps out. Jim and Ray later interrogate her. They tell her their theory of how she operated. Since she had access to all of her boss' personal files and messages, she knew about the five million dollars and saw the opportunity to make extra money. She then enlisted Julius' help. Julius killed Larry to prevent him from talking. Then Elaine killed Julius to avoid having to split the money and to tie up all loose ends. She then used her inside knowledge with ID Preserve to rent a car in the name of Lee Devries (knowing that his previous experiences with ID Preserve and with the law would make it easier for him to be viewed as a suspect) and planned to escape to Mexico (right outside of the Las Vegas border) with the money, leaving the car at the border and all police suspicion on Devries. Elaine admits her guilt and justifies herself by saying that Julius was a pig and Arlow was a thief. She argues that Arlow constantly blackmailed her into doing non-sexual and sexual favors for him outside of the office in return for her job and that the murder of Julius was at least some recompense for the lives that Julius and Arlow ruined.

Nick later tells Catherine hat Elaine made a plea bargain and testified against all of Arlow's dirty dealings in exchange for a lighter sentence. Greg tries to clear his name of the identity thieves who made purchases with his information. Catherine and David say their goodbyes for the night. Ray tells Sara about the note that he got from Nate and explains that Nate has already gotten into his head. Sara tells him that good or bad things that happen to people do not have to define them.

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