CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 6

Burn Out

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom attempts to get a confession from a neighborhood pedophile by having him help in locating two missing boys. The sex offender is the main suspect. The investigation is more complex than the team ever thought it would be.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • While struggling with a bad migrane, Grissom investigates the disappearance of two young boys. In an effort to find the boys Grissom seeks help from a convicted sex offender who was found outside his burning house at the time of the disappearance.moreless

    "Burn Out" is another great episode of CSI. Great performances and very well written and believable script. William Petersen gives one of the best performances ever on the show as he works with, and eventually turns the tables on the sex offender. I was hooked all the way through and the suspense just did not let up. However there were times in the episode where I felt like I was watching The Silence of the Lambs. Specifically when Grissom first started consulting with Fisher trying to get information on the whereabouts of the boys. However, it's still worth it.moreless
  • It was a very intense episode with Grissom. I thought it was very well done. Another good episode where the whole team ends up working together.

    I thought this was a very good episode. The exploration into what a pedophile would do when taking kids was ummm...I don't quite know how to put it maybe was new. Scary too. The scenes with Grissom and Carl Fisher were intense. The guy describing these things and Gil listening and knowing this guy had something to do with the missing kids. While I love GSR moments I wasn't real upset or angry that there weren't really in this episode. Because this episode was more about finding these kids and the job starting to take a sort of toll on Grissom. Though when Sara said she was the one who turned on the music it was very nice lack of words from Grissom. Who of course had just been reprimanding Greg. Anyway, I thought this episode was very well done.moreless
  • goooood episode!

    this is episode was one of my favorites this season, since i really havent enjoyed all the episodes. this one was twisting and exciting and... just interesting over all. I didnt think Carl did it, i thought he was jut going to help them out i was sorta disappointed but also he didnt really bring the kids to him, Lucas kinda came to him. I felt sorry for him even though he is a pedafile. I am not a spoiler freak for CSI because i like to be suprised. But i did miss Catherine in this episode, was she even in it at all... because i think i may have only seen her one time. I want more things with the Grissom and Sara relationship, but i also dont want it to take over the show, which is apparent that it wont. Also i dont like Grissom when he has headaches he is out of character and in a bad mood.

  • Sad, a little disturbing, a great episode, almost no GSR. A bit confusing, but enjoyable.

    The only problem with this episode was that there was barely any GSR. Pffft. I was expecting more out of this one. It was very good, however, so I must rate it highly. I made a few comments in the duration of the show (mostly putting my own version of GSR into the episode), but I got comments from my dad about how I should never run away or talk to pedophiles. Because I do that all the time *rolls eyes, note sarcasm*

    I thought that Brass was a bit jerky this episode. I know he's always pretty stubborn, but is he always so mean? I never really noticed it before. And how come Sara and Catherine only had about six lines, combined? I don't think that's very fair. ...to me, because I like them both.

    I did like a few of the lines. 'Nice work gashopper' is one that comes to mind. I was laughing for quite some time with that... :lol: I really liked it, although from this review it may sound like I didn't. I tend to complain a lot, so you'll have to get used to that. This was an excellent episode, and I hope the next one is just as good (with a little added GSR :D )moreless
  • A little creepy, a little sad, definitely a good episode.

    First off I really hate repeats - so glad we had a new episode this week. I often think it would be better if you spent half the year filming the episodes and the other half the year airing them. Than you could have 26 new episodes in a row of one show, and then you would have 26 episodes of another show - and then go back to show A, repeat. Ok, enough randomness back to the episode.

    Loved Grissom's interaction with Carl. I actually started to believe the boys' being missing was because of something that the mom/grandfather/one of the dads did . . . how does a writer make you actually like the pedophile, well not like, um, not quite understand, well at least not hate him before he is revealed as the killer? And then he unravelled right before our eyes. Poor Grissom and his migraine - I think they are starting to set him up for the fall, the "personal issues" that he needs to deal with to explain his four episode absence. He was kind of hard on Greg, with the music. It was funny to watch Greg look back and forth between Grissom and Sara as they talked. Sara telling him to be nice to Greg. You can see how long they have been together, how comfortable she is with him now. I have to say. I totally agree with Grissom, circa Season 1, that the people who pray on children on really the worst criminals out there. Carl actually thought he was helping Lucas? Helping him how? By giving him pizza, aspirin and alcohol? By not taking him back home or to a hospital? That scene where Carl compared seducing a woman to seducing a young boy, creepy, really, really creepy. Oh, look, Sara was processing another car. I noticed both she and Greg had the masks around their necks. Also, they tried to get everyone they could into that scene at the arson wearing the blue coveralls. Just some random details. Next week looks good - back to the miniature crime scenes.moreless
Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk

Carl Fisher

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Betsy Brandt

Dawn Hanson

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Seth Peterson

Perry Haber

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David Berman

David Phillips

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Joseph Patrick Kelly

Officer Metcalf

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Larry Mitchell

Officer Mitchell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Brass says the boys were reported missing at twenty four-hundred hours, but military time only goes up to twenty three-hundred hours, then starts again at zero-hundred hours.

    • Goof: When Sara is showing the whiskey cap and the mushroom in the paper to Grissom, she is wearing white latex gloves. But when the camera does a close up, the person holding the whiskey cap and the tissue with the mushroom has black gloves.

    • Goof: Grissom has a migraine, and lies down in a dark, quiet room but still lies down directly under a desk lamp.

    • Goof: Carl Fisher's car, identified in the episode as a Mercury Marquis (with no year given), appears to be a circa 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis. Both came equipped with either an 18 or 20 gallon fuel capacity depending on trim level, not the 14 gallons that Greg says.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Carl: Someone set fire to my house, I almost died! Why don't you ask me about that?
      Brass: Okay, who would want to barbecue you?

    • Grissom: Okay, Carl, just tell me what happened.
      Carl: Lucas and Jason had gotten into it with Jason's grandfather, he'd knock the boys around, they ran to Lucas' house but couldn't get in. So they came to me. I explained to them that hitting wasn't okay, I said: "Jason needed to call his father and tell him what was going on."
      Grissom: Did you let them use your phone?
      Carl: They were too upset. When the grandfather pushed Lucas, he hit his head, I gave him a couple of aspirin.
      Grissom: Well, if he didn't wanna call his mother, why didn't you call?
      Carl: I couldn't risk it. She might've turned me in.
      Grissom: So instead, you took them from pizza?
      Carl: I didn't touch him. I didn't wanna hurt 'em.
      Grissom: You gave him liquor.
      Carl: I stopped and bought some whiskey before we picked up the pizza, I was nervous about them being in the car with me, I didn't wanna go back to prison.
      Grissom: And you wanted to get them drunk.
      Carl: They-- they just wanted to try it. I gave them a taste.
      Grissom: It was more than just a taste, Carl. Lucas' blood alcohol level was .16, that's twice the legal limit for an adult. Why didn't you take them home?
      Carl: They didn't wanna go home, they wanted an adventure. (shows a flashback of them at the golf course) I promised them a dollar for every golf ball that they brought back, Lucas wasn't feeling well, so he stayed in the car with me.
      Grissom: And you knew that Jason wanted money so he could go to Texas to see his dad, so you bribed him in order to be alone with Lucas.
      Carl: I didn't molest him!
      Grissom: Who took his shirt off?
      Carl: He was hot.
      Grissom: What were you going to do him once his shirt was off?
      Carl: It was innocent, he wasn't feeling well. He laid his head in my lap. I touched his hair-- I didn't wanna-- I loved him. I loved Lucas and he loved me.
      Grissom: Is that what you think? Then why didn't you help him? He told you that he hit his head, he was in pain, he had a concussion, Carl. You must've known that. I'm sure he was dizzy, had no appetite, maybe he was even slurring his words. But you didn't care about that because you wanted what you wanted. His brain was bleeding, now most kids don't die from that because someone who really loves them takes them to the hospital. But instead, you gave him alcohol and aspirin, a lethal combination for his head injury-- it prevented his blood from clotting. (pauses) You killed him, Carl. And you would've killed Jason too. Except he ran away from you and out of your reach.
      Carl: You're not listening to me. I didn't wanna hurt anyone. I need you to believe me.
      Grissom: I don't. You had choices, you made the wrong ones and now this little boy is gone.

    • Warrick (talking about Lucas' tox report, it shows he was drunk, also shows he took aspirin): He probably took the aspirin after he hit his head.
      Nick: I wonder who gave him that?
      Warrick: Probably the same responsible adult that gave him the whiskey.

    • Brass: Any luck with Carl Fisher?
      Grissom: I don't know, he wants something from me, otherwise he wouldn't still be here.

    • Carl (looking at pictures of pedophiles): But, these guys aren't killers.
      Grissom: Who said the boys were dead?
      Carl: They've been gone a long time. (Grissom gets a text message from Warrick saying "419 Child Found.") Bad news?

    • Sara: People are so predictable.
      Greg: Lucky for us.

    • Sofia: Before I start thinkin' you killed those boys, why don't you tell me what happened?
      Terrance Crowley: I was defending myself.
      Sofia: Against a pair of sixth-graders?
      Terrance Crowley: You damn right.

    • Terrance Crowley: I love my son, but he didn't do right by Jason.
      Sofia: So you thought you'd beat respect into him?
      Terrance Crowley: I don't need a lecture on how to discipline my own grandson. That's the trouble with parents today, they afraid of their own kids!
      Sofia: It sounds like they were afraid of you.
      Terrance Crowley: That's the way it's supposed to be.

    • Perry Hanson: You better find my kid! And if I were you, I'd start with Dawn's boyfriends. She only dates scumbags and bottom-feeders. At least I've never been in prison.
      Brass: Well, that could change.

    • Carl: I've been livin' right the past five years. I haven't gone near a child. I go to a support group every week, I've even lectured social workers on how to recognize sexual predators. Ask my parole officer. Doesn't that count for something?
      Grissom: I don't know, but it doesn't change anything, does it?

    • Carl: I've got a masters in English literature, I used to teach high school.
      Brass: And let me guess, the kids loved you?

    • Grissom: Okay, then. What would you do (pause) if you were going to take those boys?
      Carl: I would be studying them. Did they like sports, comic books; do they skip school, have any friends? Good parents, or are they neglected, unhappy, angry?
      Grissom: And then?
      Carl: What do you do when you like a woman? It's a game of seduction. Once you know what they like, you make contact. You start slowly, play it cool, especially with boys. It's about building trust. (pause) Like you're doing with me.
      Grissom: Do you like mushrooms, Carl?
      Carl: I like all the nightshade vegetables, are you going to buy me dinner?
      Grissom: We found mushrooms in the backseat of your car.
      Carl: Is this turning into an interrogation?
      Grissom: You're free to leave. On the night the boys disappeared, witnesses said that they saw them sitting in a car with a man, eating pizza.
      Carl: You'd take a date out to a nice steak dinner. Kids would rather have hamburgers or pizza.
      Grissom: Did you take the kids out for pizza?
      Carl: No. I'm talking hypothetically. You must be desperate for a suspect, or a scapegoat. Do you need to give the press something to chew on?
      Grissom: We just found Lucas Hanson's dead body. They're chewing on that.
      Carl (pause): What about the other boy?
      Grissom: Still missing.
      Carl: In my opinion, if someone killed one boy, he'd kill them both.

    • Sara: Greg's got the Coroner's Inquest coming up. He's been under a lot of stress. Maybe, you could be a little nicer to him.
      Grissom: I just want to find these boys.
      Sara: Okay.

    • (Grissom walks in and shuts off the loud music that is playing from a stereo)
      Grissom: Didn't we talk about this once before, Greg?
      Sara: I'm the one who turned the music on. (Grissom and Sara stare at each other for a moment, while Greg looks between them)

    • Grissom: Are you familiar with Lucas Hanson or Jason Crowley?
      Carl: No, sir. I'm a convicted pedophile and that would be a violation of my parole.
      Grissom: Which is it, boys or girls?
      Carl: Boys. Pre-teen. (pauses) I know what you're thinking.
      Grissom: No, you don't.

    • Sara: Well there's tons of these, (Sara indicates some DVD's and games) Spencer's Last Straw, Whiz Kids, Mayhem and McCabe, Secret City. Guy lives in a trailer, drives an old Mercury, he has a ton of expensive DVD's, and video games, there's Gummi Bears, and chips on the floor. House may as well be made of gingerbread.

    • Hodges (to Greg): Good job, Gashopper.

    • Brass: Well you know, Carl, sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

    • Carl: I gotta go to the bathroom before we leave. You want me to leave the door open?
      Brass: No, I'm too old for you.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Sara: House may as well be made of gingerbread.

      Sara is refering to the fairy tale of Hansel & Gretel. Lost in the forest, they find a house made of gingerbread, with sugar windows, which they begin to eat. The inhabitant of the house, an old woman, invites them in and prepares a feast for them. The woman however, is a witch who has built the house to entice children to her.

    • Brass: Somebody get Ben Franklin out of here.

      Ben Franklin, among other things, was a member of the Committee of Five, and helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin is also on the 100 dollar bill.

    • Hodges: Good job, Gashopper.

      This quote is in allusion to the famous line spoken by Master Po in the 1970s show Kung Fu.