CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2004 on CBS
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A woman found murdered in her home. Her resemblance to Sara causes Grissom to take a personal interest in the case and forces him to examine the decisions he has made in his life.

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  • A Sara lookalike is killed

    This was one of the best episodes of the season where Grissom finds himself in a awkward position when a girl is killed that looks like Sara and Grissom doesn't want her to investigate the crime scene inside the house where the body is.In the end the killer was a doctor and he got away but he won't be a killer that will return because he just wanted to kill the one woman.When Grissom interrogated the doctor he expressed his views for Sara but didn't actually say it was Sara and Sara was listening to the interrogation.moreless
  • A Pretty Good Episode

    I like this episode. First time i saw, i almost cried, but Grissom's feelings are revealed. A woman is found dead and she looks like Sara. Then meanwhile the CSI's are looking for evidence Grissom deals with himself and he show that he loves Sara. A very good episode....It was outstanding and full of energy, and the Grissom speech...That was the final point that makes an excellent episode..Bravo!
  • Grissom and Sara, sitting in a tree............

    Okay, I was making fun above- but this episode is really sad!!!

    First of all- I thought this was gonna be dull and depressing- as much I love GSR. But if you think that you're gonna get an episode full of a blubbering Grissom pouring his heart out over what could have been- think again.

    The case was actually quite interesting- and the casting directors were right- Debbie Marlin does look like Sara Sidle. This episode is very character orientated- just the way I like 'em! CSI has amazing characters, and Butterflied shows them off in all their glory......

    I even liked the way Catherine sort of comforted Griss! Their bond is quite unique and I adore their friendship and trust (Marg and Billy have brilliant chemistry)- but the Grissom-Sara arc is the main focus here. Griss basically has to deal with a brutally murdered vitim who takes the shape of the woman he loves- not easy I think you'll find. And at the end, William Petersen again showcases his wonderful acting talents in a speech that will leave everyone misty eyed.

    Brilliantly acted + interesting and moving case= a winner!!!!moreless
  • I love this episode...

    Butterflied is one of my all time favorite episodes. I think the music for this episode is very nicely done as well as the script. I loved that Grissom had to look at his feelings for Sara in this episode. It was sad though with the conclusion he came to at the end. I couldn't figure out for the life of me who had killed Debbie Marlin when I first saw the episode until it was made clear that it was Dr. Lurie. I think Kyle Secor did a very nice job at playing his character. I also liked the twist at the end when we saw Sara standing out in the observation room looking in to the investigation room where Grissom made his confession to a complete stranger. I would imagine that it would be difficult to hear. Truly an awesome episode, I have watched it over and over again since I bought it on DVD. That is all.moreless
  • The symbol of GSR: The butterfly!

    Revealing. There was some good tension and the music in this episode was so excellent. I know some of you have heard my pathetic rambling about how much I love my dectectives, so there was also some good detective work in this ep, (as always)! I have heard about pulling double shifts, but Grissom pulling THREE?! That's crazy. Well, you can't blame him. He was obviously obsessed with the case. This shows everyone how deeply he cares about Sara. Lurie killed Michael Clark and Debbie out of pure rage, thinking that if he couldn't have Debbie then no one could.

    Grissom pretty much explained why he can't be with Sara, but he obviously wants too, and even worse-

    Sara was watching from the other side of the one-way glass.moreless
Josh Stamberg

Josh Stamberg

Dr. Tripton

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Jeff Sugarman

Jeff Sugarman

Dr. Mulligan

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Kyle Secor

Kyle Secor

Dr. Vincent Lurie

Guest Star

Romy Rosemont

Romy Rosemont

Jacqui Franco

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Attorney Adam Matthews

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: After Grissom and Catherine find traces of both blood and bleach in all the bathroom drains, Sara climbs under the house to check the plumbing traps. She collects evidence without wearing protective goggles.

      Correction: She can be seen under the house wearing black leather gloves.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Greg: Heard about the shower. Nurse, huh?
      Sara: Multiple hairs, multiple donors.
      Greg: Looks like she had a few "friends" over. A little nurses gone wild. (Sara looks at Greg; he shrugs at her. She looks at another hair, and holds it up) Blanched.
      Sara: Killer poured bleach down all the drains.
      Greg: Talk about sucking all the life out of DNA.

    • Grissom: He kills Debbie in the shower. Then he washes up in both sinks and in the tub? Why?
      Catherine: The answer is in the drains.

    • Doc Robbins: Dismembering an adult male with this much precision and without cutting through the bone. 12 hours minimum.
      Catherine: Half of a day. That's patience.
      Doc Robbins: The, uh, patella was cleanly removed. And with one slice, the femur was separated from the tibia and the fibula. There's a perverse elegance to this butchery.
      Catherine: Well, I'm not so sure I see it that way. A killer with knowledge of anatomy whose tool is a scalpel. I think that the butcher was a doctor.

    • Greg (while Grissom is looking under a microscope): That's the hair from the spare bedroom.
      Grissom: There's an oily film on the surface of the hair.
      Greg: Propylene glycol. Active ingredient in Rogaine, for male pattern baldness. Personally, I don't use the stuff, but my grandfather Papa Olaf - he was Bruce Willis at age sixteen. Lucky for me, baldness comes from the mother's side, so I'm safe...
      Grissom (interrupting): Greg, please, I'm very tired.
      Greg: Well, maybe the guy we're looking for is going bald... or trying not to. According to Papa Olaf, a lot of guys who use Rogaine also use Propecia, kind of like a cocktail. I ran the hair through MassSpec. I got four peaks - ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, minoxidil, and finasteride.
      Grissom: Finasteride, the chemical name for Propecia.
      Greg: But wait, there's more, and it's a family secret. Sexual. Happens in less than two percent of users. (whispering) Papa Olaf was one of those people that needed hydraulics.

    • (Examining the victims bed)
      Catherine: I don't mean to embarrass you but... (pulls sheet off of the footboard) some guys need leverage.
      Grissom: They do?

    • (Grissom's still at the crime scene on his knees looking for evidence)
      Catherine: Don't tell me you never went home.
      Grissom: Okay. (pause) I just got started in here. I haven't even gotten to the other rooms yet.
      Catherine: You know you lose your edge after 16 hours. But you're in your 3rd shift. I mean I'm all for overtime but this is just plain greedy.
      Grissom: My knees can't take this anymore.
      Catherine: Have you eaten anything?
      Grissom: What did you bring?
      Catherine: I'll see what's in the fridge. (moves to the kitchen)
      Grissom: We have to replace that, you know.

    • Catherine: Feel better? Well now that we fed you, we should probably talk about a shower. (Grissom gives her a look) I mean at your place. You need to go home.
      Grissom: As soon as we find some evidence. I promise.
      Catherine: With fresh eyes you won't miss it.
      Grissom: Just talk it through with me, will ya? What do we know?
      Catherine: Alright. Bathroom is where things got started. Candles, oils, steamed shower. Cleaned up, oiled up, sexed up. (Grissom dips his finger in the peanut butter and sticks it in his mouth)
      Grissom: Let's go back to the bedroom.

    • Doc Robbins: Most doctors say it's impossible to prove handedness based on the wounds inflicted on a victim.
      Grissom: Forget hard science. What's your hypothesis?
      Doc Robbins: Based on micro-incisions and hesitation marks, the victim was lying face up when he was killed. Take a look at the right knee. The cut on the cartilage of the right distal femur has slight angulations from the, uh ... left distal to the right proximal, which suggests the killer was left-handed. This angulation is consistent with cuts made to the acetabulum and to the wrist, but bear in mind, it's not going to be admissible in court.
      Grissom: I don't care about court. My mind's on a left-handed, propecia using surgeon, who's probably on staff at Desert Palm.

    • Sara: Hey, you seen Grissom?
      Catherine: He's still at the crime scene.
      Sara: I eliminated both victims from the print you pulled off the bed.
      Catherine: Well, we know she was fishing off the company pier. (Sara nods) You, uh, seen Debbie?
      Sara: Yeah.
      Catherine: And?
      Sara (avoiding): Yeah, I compared her toe prints.
      Catherine: If I didn't know any better, I'd think that was you on the table.
      Sara: I didn't really look at her face. (pause) If you see Grissom, could you tell him?

    • (After running over the bed with the ALS)
      Grissom: Nothing on the sheets.
      Catherine: She changed sheets for her date. (pause) I would.

    • (Going through grocery bags)
      Sara: Bananas. Stuffed mushrooms.
      Warrick: Chocolate syrup, a six-pack of soda, a box of condoms.
      Sara: No surprises there.
      Warrick: Fresh bag of groceries in an unlocked car?
      Sara: Maybe she was interrupted.

    • Jeff Pike: ...Single girl. Alone in the house. Got my attention. I'm running for captain of the neighborhood watch. I'll probably have to self- appoint myself, but I'm going to put out a flyer, you know, about shutting doors, locking windows, I mean, the thing is ... you just don't think it's going to happen to you. You know what I'm saying? On your block... (Brass puts up a hand to stop the campaign speech)
      Brass: Mr Pike. Stop talking. I've never seen somebody so excited about their neighbor being killed.

    • Catherine Ah, the prodigal CSI returns. You get any sleep?
      Grissom: Not yet.
      Catherine: Brass had to let Dr. Tripton go. The ol' sex alibi. Too bad he didn't leave a toe print on a scapel blade.
      Grissom: You got a take on him yet?
      Catherine: Balloon head, but credible... like most adulterers.

    • Catherine: One thing I can never get over about this job: anything can happen to anybody.
      Grissom: That's why we're here.

    • (the CSI team is collecting prints from doctors)
      Dr. Lurie: You understand, right? Police aren't the only ones with a code of honor. Some of these men are married, and if this gets out...
      Brass: Nothing gets out, unless it needs to get out.

    • Grissom: It's sad isn't it Doc? Guys like us. A couple of middle aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time we ever touch other people is when we're wearing our latex gloves. We wake up one day and realize that for fifty years we haven't really lived at all. Then all of a sudden we get a second chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up, somebody, we could care about. She offers us a new life with her, but we have a big decision to make, right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for in order to have her. I couldn't do it. But you did. You risked it all. And she showed you a wonderful life, didn't she? But then she took it away and gave it somebody else, and you were lost. So you took her life. You killed them both and now you have nothing.
      Dr. Lurie: I'm still here.
      Grissom: Are you? (Dr. Lurie leaves, camera pulls back to show Sara on the other side of the glass, watching the entire thing)

  • NOTES (8)


    • When Grissom and Catherine are examining the bed, they find the red restraints and Grissom says 'Got Silk?". This was a line that William Peterson came up with, and is an obvious allusion to the famous ad campaign 'Got Milk?", encouraging people to buy cows' milk.

    • Title: Butterflied

      Butterflied has an obvious connotation to the butterfly-motifed jewellery and tattoo found with the female victim. However, it also alludes to 'butterflying' whereby chefs remove flesh from bones to make meat cook better, in particular chicken - something that the male victim undergoes in quite a graphic way.