CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 21

Cello And Goodbye (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • in what episode does CSI Brody appear as a Las Vegas CSI?

    couls anybody tell me in what episode does CSI Brody appear as a Las Vegas CSI? I'm looking for this specific episode for a very long time.

    and now about this episode: I really like this one. but i'm getting sick of that nate haskell person. but overall this episode is still quite nice.
  • The CSI's head to LA to catch Nate Haskell.

    This was a brilliant second part to the Nate Haskell storyline which started with Nate and Tina killing Gloria's fiance and abducting her which makes Langston more determined than ever to find Nate Haskell

    Langston makes it quite clear that he wants to pursue Nate on his own especially when he cracked Haskell's message and found out where he is while the CSI's are still in LA but Haskell is taking Langston back to where this three part finale started and back to where Haskell started This episode's ending set up a good end for the last episode with the final confrontation between Haskell and Langston.
  • Another episode with ray and hascal... honestly i am so tired of this can't he just die already? We seen enough of this.

    This episode which was a follow up from last week was rly weak, another berserk ray trying to solve his crime and twice he have the oppertunity to just shoot but instead he doesn't do anything yet again. The writers must be running out of inc to run hascal over and over and over so many times shesh can't he just die? To even send this story into a csi first 3 episode makes me over more sad i mean really the story been dead every since he got caught after dick and jane killer episodes. This is also the only part with hascal i ever liked. Then again i never liked the fact that ray took grissom away and the series seems to get weaker and weaker for every passing moment. Can we please just get over with hascal and start fresh in season 12?
  • 11x21

    interesting but not as good as the first part, particulary, I thought this one was going to be the best episode for this season after watching that exellent publicity however, this episode was not as good as that promo suggested. actually, I´m not saying this episode was not good, it was very good, but sat the same time, it was kindda flawed, for example, in my opinion, it is very unreallistic the way in wich nate could scape from nick´s hands at the carrousel, and the ending scene, was everithing less original, despite of that, we got a good episode this week and I hope the next one would be better than this one

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes

    The episodes just get better... this keeps you on the edge of your deat and keeps you guessing! I cant wait for the next episode ended on such a dramatic note too a true CSI fans dream. The dick and jane killer returns for another chilling episode as ray langston finds out some new facts all about the killer. the team work hard at pulling together pieces of the puzzle and set foot in a new territory. csi fans will be amazed with the new storyline and plots beginning to unravel. have the team had enough of it all though?
  • An outstanding episode with a chilling story that keeps you at the edge of your seat if you're a real CSI fan and not a Ray Langston hater.

    This episode has everything. Laughs, drama, horror you name it this episode has it. A 5 star episode ruined by a 1 star review (below) from a Ray Langston hater who obviously has a 1.0 IQ. Friends it's not Ray Langston that's ruining CSI. It's these dumb haters giving bad reviews to great episodes like this. They are the ones ruining CSI and I sincerely hope they get what's coming to them cuz I've had enough of them.
  • In part two of a three part episode, Ray and the team head to Los Angeles on the trail of Nate Haskell. Ray is stunned to learn that Haskell has kidnapped Ray's ex-wife. As Ray hunts Haskell down, Haskell's story comes full circle.

    This episode is a very good setup for the final face-off between Langston and Haskell. I feel that the Nate Haskell story ark has gone a bit too long so I am happy to learn that it will soon reach its conclusion. However I will be the first to admit Bill Irwin has done a very good job as the derranged serial killer. There are a number of elements here that make this episode work well. The strong perfomances by all cast members regular and guest for one. Also the well written suspense scenes are another highlight. Endgame is next.