CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 18

Chasing the Bus

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2002 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Greg has his first field experience outside the crime lab.

    • Nick's first case was a triple homicide (mother and her two kids) in a grocery store.

    • Goof: The CSIs crew set up an experiment. They put some chloroform into the tire, set the bus on a dynamometer (or some other testing platform) and waited for the tire to fail. The tire fails in the experiment in the exact same amount of time as it did in real life. Problem: They have no idea how much chloroform was used and it would be impossible to match it by luck. More chloroform used would equal quicker failure. Then, there is the heat. The tire traveling over the hot asphalt road would build heat faster then on their testing platform. More heat would mean a quicker failure, too.

    • Goof: When Sara is waiting with Greg for the results for what was inside the tire that exploded, she grabs the paper straight off the printer, reads it, looks at Greg and takes off immediately to inform Grissom. When he looks at the paper, Greg's name is signed at the bottom as confirmation, but he never signed it.

  • Quotes

    • Grissom: So I ask again -- why'd he hit the brakes?
      Nick (laughs): Man, there could be a million reasons.
      Grissom: Well, fortunately, we're just looking for one.

    • Sara: Bus crosses four lanes of traffic and only takes out the car behind it?
      Warrick: Yeah. Someone upstairs was looking out big-time.

    • Nick (upon finding a dead body): Hello, Mr. McBride.
      Grissom: I'm afraid our ex-con just got the death penalty.

    • Nick: It's all right, man. Stop apologizing.
      Greg: Oh, I feel bad. I just froze up.
      Nick: That's why we have fielding training, Greg. No disrespect, but you're not qualified to be out here.
      Greg: I guess I just wasn't expecting blood to look like that. Pre-collection, so different.
      Nick: Yup. I remember my first time in the field. CSI One. Green as could be. Initial call was a robbery. I get there, triple homicide. Blood all over the place, mother and two kids.
      Greg How do you deal?
      Nick: You just do.

    • (they arrive at the crime scene)
      Sara: I feel so useless.
      Catherine: It's still a rescue operation.
      Warrick: We're not running the show.
      Nick: Yeah. Not yet.
      Grissom: They do their job and then we do ours.

    • Grissom: Whoa, is that a pickle on your pocket or you are just happy to see us?

    • Nick (after pulling a wallet out of the compartment in the car): Always take mine out. Pain in the ass.
      Catherine: Literally.

    • Grissom: We need a treadmill, a big one.
      Nick: All right, to do what?
      Grissom: To exercise a bus.

    • Grissom: Okay. "Drive," he said. Just the speed limit.

    • Warrick: You've got that Sara look.
      Sara: You mean that Grissom look?

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