CBS's CSI franchise has traveled to many places: The flagship series is still keeping things safe in Las Vegas, CSI:NY protected the Big Apple for nine seasons, and CSI: Miami made sure bikinis were regulation size for 10 seasons. But there's one place CSI hasn't gone yet: the Internet! 

Not for long, though. According to TVLine, CBS is currently planning a new CSI spin-off that will focus on cyber crime, meaning that penis-pill pushers and Nigerian princes had better watch their IP addresses! The show will make its on-air debut as a planted spin-off/backdoor pilot on CSI, and follow female cyber crime specialist Avery Ryan as she double-clicks and scrolls her way to finding online justice. 

Expect a special episode of CSI: Whatever It Will Be Called to pop up later this season as part of regular ol' CSI. If the episode is well-received, CBS will order the spin-off to seres for the 2014-2015 TV season and continue to rake in the dough. I can't wait to see CSI fans to try and figure out what a Bitcoin is (does anyone know what a Bitcoin is?). 

So what should CBS call its new CSI spin-off? Here are a few suggestions for free:

  • CSI: AOL
  • CSI: How Do I Install Yahoo Mail?
  • CSI: Interwebz
  • CSI: More Money for CBS

What do YOU want CBS to call it, and are you into the idea of a cyber crimes edition of CSI?

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