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... Paul Guilfoyle, who's played CSI's Captain Jim Brass since the show debuted in October of 2000, is leaving the venerable procedural. Guilfoyle will be written off the series at the end of the current season; apparently it was the producers' idea for him to say goodbye. Guilfoyle is one of only two series regulars who've been with CSI since the beginning; George Eads is the other. [THR]


... Well that was fast and not at all surprising. Just one week after ABC Family announced that a pilot order for a drama called Alice of Arabia, the network has yelled "PSYCH!" and backed out of the idea, in response to concerns voiced by the Council for American-Islamic Relations that the show would deal in Muslim stereotypes. According to the show's logline, Alice of Arabia centered on an American teenager who was "unknowingly kidnapped" by her extended Saudi Arabian family and whisked away to the Middle East; Buzzfeed dug a little deeper and got its hands on the pilot script, which contained  some not-so-flattering references to Muslims and the religion of Islam. A rep for ABC Family said: "The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned and is certainly not conducive to the creative process, so we’ve decided not to move forward with this project." I mean, come on, the show was doomed because of the title alone. In related news, ABC Family remains quiet about my protests of Melissa & Joey. [Variety]

... Eh, some news here, eh! Rookie Blue's fifth season has been upped to 22 episodes from its normal 13! Yay, eh! But this news isn't all maple syrup and a polite demeanor; ABC, which imports the series from an igloo in Saskatchewan, had only planned to the first 11 episodes of the season, which is scheduled to premiere on July 17. (What it was going to do with the other two, I have no idea.) The new episode count means that we have know idea when the extra episodes will air in the U.S. [TV Line]

... Have you been watching Fox's remake of Carl Sagan's epic Cosmos? Well Creationists have, and they want some airtime on the decidedly scientific series. Haha, come on guys. Are you serious? Neil deGrasse Tyson didn't come knocking on the door when History aired The Bible, you all can chill, too. Or go ahead and make your own show, I don't give a darn. [Raw Story]

... I don't know if you've heard, but something crazy happened on The Good Wife last night (Noel is still upset; someone please send him some ice cream). And in order to defend and/or explain the decision, The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King wrote a letter to fans telling them it's going to be okay, and can read the very spoilery message right here. I'm going to on record and say that I think it's silly that the producers of a television show feel like they have to write letters to fans defending why they do things, but the Kings do have a history of explaining themselves. [Me]


... Betsy Brandt? More like BUSY Brandt. The Breaking Bad actress has landed another new role now that she's been freed from the technically-not-canceled-but-yep-it's-canceled The Michael J. Fox Show. She'll star in the ABC series The Club, a drama that's set at an upscale country club, as the spurned wife of one of the club's owners. Brandt was recently cast in a recurring role on Showtime's Masters of Sex. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Alfred Molina (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2) is joining El Rey's Matador, a drama about a professional soccer player who's actually an undercover CIA operative. He runs assassination missions without using his hands! Molina will play the evil owner of the team who, along with some other shady rich guys, uses his influence to control the world. This show—which will debut this summer, following the World Cup—sounds ridiculous. I'm in. [THR]


... Want to see what the new Alfred looks like in Fox's Batman-less Batman series Gotham? Well you probably already did unless you are a weirdo and you read this story from bottom to top. 


... A schoolteacher in Belgium is controlling his unruly students with a unique disciplinary tactic: He's threatening to reveal Game of Thrones spoilers unless they shut up and learn. Parents in Belgium sound pretty cool if they let their children watch a show with so much nudity, but then again this is one of the country's most famous tourist attractions so I guess those kiddos have seen it all. [Time]

... Philadelphia brewery Dock Street Brewing is releasing a new type of beer with The Walking Dead in mind. The suds, called Dock Street Walker, will go beyond the standard ingredients of malt, barley, and hops with the addition of—ahem—smoked goat brains. The beer debuts March 30. Has anyone told these guys that the zombies in The Walking Dead aren't the "Brraaaaaaains" kind of zombies? [Gizmodo]


... Actor James Rebhorn, who played Carrie Mathison's father on Homeland, has passed away at the age of 65. The character actor's many TV credits also included Law & Order, Enlightened, The Practice, Seinfeld, and Boston Legal. Rebhorn had been battling melanoma. But he did not go quietly. The man wrote his own obituary. [Variety]

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