Looking back to when I first registered on tv.com. Another name another life.
Everything looked different.
The year was 2005 early winter, I believe it was November.

Some changes was being done. Episode guides were aligned from horizontally to vertically, I think.

So, what was hot in 2005?
1 Lost
2 Smallville
3 The O.C.
4 Gilmore Girls
5 Family Guy
6 The Simpsons
7 Laguna Beach
8 Threshold
9 Charmed
10 South Park
11 Desperate Housewives
12 Avatar: The Last Airbender
13 Nip/Tuck
14 One Tree Hill
15 Prison Break
16 CSI
17 Alias
18 Power Rangers
19 Teen Titans
20 Grey's Anatomy

Ah, Lost - I remember the plane and the mystery. Good times! And Prison Break! This was back in the time when ER snatched a #24 spot on the list. One of the great long running shows. The only CSI on the list was the original - and still standing (Miami and N.Y. didn't reach the top that day anyway). NCIS was not in the top 25 shows!

What about you guys? How was it when you arrived?

(This post was brought to you through the use of the wayback machine.)
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Despite visiting this site for years, apparently I've only been a member since 2011 - I thought it was a lot longer than that!
Anyway, 2011 was the year that brought us Homeland, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Boss, Suburgatory, Enlightened, American Horror Story, Person of Interest...
But also Last Man Standing, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Man Up!, H8R, Charlie's Angels (LOL), Allen Gregory, How to Be a Gentleman and, absolutely worst of all, Whitney. In fact I probably joined to share my disdain for that abomination (and show some love for Homeland - oh how the mighty fall).
I joined in the summer of 2007. Eagerly awaiting the next fall season I got into some discussions on the events of Heroes Season 1 and some speculations on the flash forwards in the Lost Season 3 finale. Good times.
I've never been too much on what was it as much as what I was into, so I remember 2005 as the year of Veronica Mars and Medium, of Lost and Heroes, of House M.D. and How I Met Your Mother

...and a twisted little thing called Rome.
I know lots of people are going to hate this but GET OVER LOST it wasn't that fantastic it had a great opening i'll give it that. but BSG was twice the show anything else was during that time. Some show's may have matched it but BSG continually nailed it honestly. Really sick of people putting lost so high on top and forgetting other shows that were superior in the short and long term. And to any of you who don't know what BSG stands for you're the ones that should get lost.
Sorry, but I just finished rewatching LOST all at once, with no commercials, no mid-season pause, no long breaks in between season. I can only say three things:
(1) the whole story makes sense, and is still a great show to watch thanks to (2) the passionate story telling that you can hardly find today in any show. And (3) great acting.
There were three things that make LOST one of the best shows ever ;)
Okay you're entitled to your opinion I find it very average. Now go watch BSG straight though no breaks and see what you think compared to Lost.

I was hoping for some Lost DVD's this Christmas so I can the same as you have, unfortunately my desperate need for a new DVR has trumped that plan! I thought the show was great but I only managed to watch seasons 1 and 2 fully before Sky outbid Channel 4 for the rights, so then it was in fit's and starts using DVD recordings and the interweb, it was very frustrating.
2005. Those were the days when I was analyzing lost like it was twin peaks...trying to solve the mystery.
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