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Looking back to when I first registered on Another name another life.
Everything looked different.
The year was 2005 early winter, I believe it was November.

Some changes was being done. Episode guides were aligned from horizontally to vertically, I think.

So, what was hot in 2005?
1 Lost
2 Smallville
3 The O.C.
4 Gilmore Girls
5 Family Guy
6 The Simpsons
7 Laguna Beach
8 Threshold
9 Charmed
10 South Park
11 Desperate Housewives
12 Avatar: The Last Airbender
13 Nip/Tuck
14 One Tree Hill
15 Prison Break
16 CSI
17 Alias
18 Power Rangers
19 Teen Titans
20 Grey's Anatomy

Ah, Lost - I remember the plane and the mystery. Good times! And Prison Break! This was back in the time when ER snatched a #24 spot on the list. One of the great long running shows. The only CSI on the list was the original - and still standing (Miami and N.Y. didn't reach the top that day anyway). NCIS was not in the top 25 shows!

What about you guys? How was it when you arrived?

(This post was brought to you through the use of the wayback machine.)
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