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What is Horatio Caine doing while his Miami field office got shut down? We know that Gil Grissom spent time in the Costa Rican jungle and then lectured in Paris after leaving LVPD. So, he's mapped down quite well.

In New York, Mac Taylor had some serious work injuries. He might be recuperating somewhere nice and pleasant. Or?

The rest of the teams from N.Y. and Miami, what are they doing? Did someone join up with the Las Vegas team?

In real life, the actors portraying the SCI-teams have moved on to other businesses. Which are your favorite cast members and what are they doing now and in the future?

Let's call this a treasure hunt or a "Lost or found" assignment.

My biggest mystery is that of missing David Caruso...
Who is he now? Theme from CSI

The list of missing people:

Emily Procter as Calleigh Duqesne- White Collar, USA Network, Amanda Callaway
Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko - The Goodwin Games, FOX, (ENDED), Ivan. Currently in three upcoming movies: Reckless, About last night, Lovesick.
Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
Jonathan Togo as Ryan Wolfe - White Collar, USA Network, Nelson Smith
Eva La Rue as Natalia Boa Vista
Khandi Alexander as Alexx Woods
David Caruso as Horation Caine
- MISSING from cast

Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer
Hill Harper as Sheldon Hawkes - Covert Affairs, USA Network, Calder Michaels. Will star in the movie Parts Per Billion.
Eddie Cahill as Don Flack
Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe
Sela Ward as Jo Danville
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