CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2005 on CBS

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  • Serial killer returns

    This episode is written by Josh Berman and Richard Catalani. Directed by Duane Clark. A serial killer strikes again, and the CSI team tries new technology using evidence from a prior killing. They find a fingerprint belonging to Jesse Acheson, who becomes the prime suspect. Nick and Catherine investigate the murder of a young boy found dead in his bed. His brother confesses to the killing, but evidence suggests that he may not have committed the crime.

    This episode is VERY, VERY boring. Nothing happened. What did the writers do? Probably the worst episode in the fifth season. Next episode should be better than this.
  • Boy dead in bed, flight attendent murdered.

    Okay so ill start off with the flight attendent case. So this girl is killed in a hotel and then they figure out that there was a case like it from a few years ago and it was the same person that did it. I liked how they remoced all of the colors from the fabric to display the finger print. Okay now a little boy named TY was killed and it ended up being his older brother that is 14 that killed him. Because Ty told everyone at their school that he wet the bed. I felt kinda bad for the 14 year old brother though.
  • A flight attendent is raped and murdered in her hotel bed, while a young boy is beaten in his.

    Both stories are great. First, after a flight attendent is murdered in her hotel room, the entire crime scene has been whipped down and cleaned. It is also reminescent of a previous Vegas case with errie similarities. Nick, Warrick, and Cath tackle the case of a boy beaten to death in his bed by a pipe, for reasons unknown. Nick feels that Detective Cavileer is jumping the evidence on the case, therefore some drama appears between the two. Some interesting plot twists and an appearence by Stephen Baldwin make this one of those "can never watch too many times" episodes of CSI.
  • Two very different crimes - the rape and murder of a trolley dolly and the brutal beating to death of a child.

    Clever plotting and good use of technology and evidence checking to get to the conclusions.

    I love it when they do experiments on CSI to prove or disprove a point. The sight of the three guys in their sweaters ready to beat up the dummy is very funny, though the sight of them actually hitting the dummy is really quite disturbing.

    The detective investigating the boy who admits to the killing of his brother is totally out of order, even if the boy is old enough not to need adult representation with him. Regardless of the truth of the situation, I don't see why a detective would do this to a child - especially if he wanted to have a watertight confession and especially if at the time there was no actual forensic evidence to support it. Seems very out of character somehow.

    Still it's a good episode and it's really sad when the reason for the child's death is revealed.

    The serial killer rapist murderer case is also good, but for normal thriller reasons. It's good they solve the case, but it doesn't have the same resonance as the other case for me.

    All this and Wil Wheaton doing a pretty good Johnny Depp impression.
  • Interesting cases

    Grissom & his team investigate the rape & murder of an airline hostess & discover that there was a simillar unsolved murder of anothe airline hostess 5 years earlier. I loved the end when Sara & Grissom got the suspect to confess and outsmarted his lawyer by making him believe that they illeagally searched his vehicle.

    Catherine & her team investigate the brutal beating & murder of a 12 year old boy in his own bedroom. Nick suspects the parents while the detective suspects the 14 year old brother. They can't find enough evidence to prove anything but the detective gets a confession out of the brother & Nick tries to prove him wrong. But ends up proving that they have the right suspect.
  • You go Nick! ... and Sara! ... and Grissom!

    Can someone please explain to me why Stephen Baldwin felt the desire to give his character the most phony southern accent I've ever heard? He was less than convincing! And what's up with the Nick/Cavaliere drama? I thought Detective C. to be a respectable guy. At least Nick didn't jump the gun. Like a true criminalist should, he waited until all the evidence was in, then called it. And Wil Wheaton's guest spot? So small it was hardly notable. (Sincerest apologies to all Wil fans. I respect your fandom as this is just my opinion.)
    Favorite Quote: "You owe me an apology." "I'm sorry...that you feel that way." - Det. Cavaliere and Nick