CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 2

Cool Change

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2000 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A man is killed after winning a fortune and then dumping his girlfriend. So, Grissom, Nick, and newcomer to the CSI team, Sara Sidle, investigate this one. Holly Gribbs is in the hospital and Warrick is up for suspension for leaving her at the crime scene by herself.moreless

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  • Grissom and his team investigate a possible suicide at a casino while they struggle to deal with the tragic death of Holly Gribbs.

    Another solid episode here. Usually series would wait for a few episodes into a season or even to the end of the season itself to have the main characters deal with a terrible tragedy. One of the things that made me like this series is that it dealt with such an issue immediately. It is a good test of the abilities of not just the cast but of the writers as well and I think they passed that test. This episode is also significant because it introduces the character of Sara Sidle to the series. She was one of the series' best characters and was played extremely well by Jorja Fox. I also like how Sara was onto Catherine's attempts to fool her. It shows how experienced she is at her job. One other thing I like is that the story concerning Holly Gribbs was resolved here. There really was no need to drag it out and I'm glad that was not done. The character of Sara Sidle had a great introduction and "CSI" had another great episode.moreless
  • Part 2.

    This episode picked up after the previous episode where Holly was shot but in this episode she dies and the team struggle to cope especially Catherine who is determined to find her killer Warrick who left her at the scene finds himself in real trouble because maybe she wouldn't have died if he would have stayed with her However there was some good news because Sara joins CSI and throughout the episodes proves to be a brilliant character for CSI.moreless
  • Welcome to the CSI team Sara Sidle.

    I found this to be an awesome episode. No offense, but I didn't like the new girl Gribbs, so I'm glad she's gone. Warrick did a very bad thing by leaving her all alone, but something good came out of it; Sara Sidle arrived to help out. I liked Sara from the first moment I saw her. I found it funny how Cat tried to trick her, of course she didn't fall for it. I really really enjoy the chemistry between Sara and Gil. I think that Sara fits much better with the whole team than Gribbs did. Looking forward to the next episode.moreless
  • i agree with gashy about the goofs

    i have to agree with gashy. on the movie played after holly\'s murderer is caught, it shows the attacker trying to hurt holly, holly is groaning at the fact she is being attacked, she rips off her glove and scratches his face. if you really payed attention and if you truly love CSI as much as i do then you would have noticed. really good episode. i have to say, Eric Szmanda is my favourite actor and Greg Sanders is my favourite character in my favourite TV programme. excellent acting skills used throughout the entire life of CSI. i love you eric szmanda. I wish i could meet you. that would make me happy throughout the rest off my life. you rock man!!!moreless
  • Intro of Sara Sidle

    This is one of my favorite episodes, which was the appearance of Sara Sidle. It was nice how they introduced her character, she was originally brought into investigate Warrick, since he left Holly at the crime scene alone. Sara is my favorite character so her introduction onto the series was great for me. I love how she and grissom first interact, she says something can't quite remember what, and grissom knows exactly who it is, and simply says I don't even have to ask, I love that. The smile on Grissom's face when Sara arrived was great. She's like yep it's me.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: In the final flashback, Holly is seen fighting with her shooter. During the fight, her glove is broken, allowing her to scratch her attacker. The glove appears broken at the fingers as she scratches him, but as she falls away from him, the glove appears to have been pulled from her hand and hangs from her fingertips fully intact. A moment later, as she pushes the beeper under the table, the glove once again appears to be broken.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, when the cop car passes the team there is a very visible reflection of the camera crew and boom operator in the door.

    • The newscaster, Paula Francis, is an actual newscaster for the CBS affiliated station in Las Vegas.

    • Sara Sidle used to smoke, but now uses nicotine gum.

    • Goof: There are some major problems with the "jumper's" crime scene. The girlfriend bashes the boyfriend on the back of his head. He bleeds out all over the balcony (she cleans up the blood with towels) but the body leaves absolutely no blood behind on the carpet (It's whiteoff white so blood would stain badly). She drags his body across the carpet and carpet fibers get stuck in his watchband by the adjustment knob. Dragging a body across the carpet would snag fibers on the opposite side. The CSI crew experiment and conclude the boyfriend was pushed. The blow to the head killed him instantly (coroner's report): therefore, the girlfriend would have dumped the body. Dumping a dead body over a rail would provide a different trajectory than pushing a live person and would not have matched their experiments.

    • Goof: The slot machine central to the plot is visibly a $1 slot machine, and says "play 5 coins", so each pull is a maximum of $5. He puts in $20, but only pulls it three times, however, before walking away (that final pull is the winner). Considering his bad attitude, there's no way he would have left with 5 bucks still in the machine.

    • The actual Las Vegas Police Department's crime scene division is called the "Crime Scene Unit (CSU)" not "Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)" as is done from this point on through the series.

    • Goof: In the autopsy scene with Gil, Nick, and a female coroner, just before and after Gil pulled up the stiff forearm of the dead jackpot winner, the victim blinks several times including before the camera moved away from his face.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Nick: Who's going to run the unit?
      Grissom: For now? Me. (Catherine gives a look at Grissom, which he returns) I know. We'll just play it by ear, okay?

    • Nick: How do you know all this crap?
      Grissom: It's our job to know stuff.

    • Grissom (while looking at a hole in the carpet): Nice swatch, Nick. Pizza box sized.

    • Catherine: Wait a minute. Uh, you-you can't give him the Holly case. I mean, all due respect, Nick. I want this one.
      Grissom: Nicky is the only one that didn't have any personal contact with Holly. I don't want you on this, Cath.
      Catherine: Why?
      Grissom: Because you're emotionally involved.
      Catherine: Yeah. She was going to walk. I convinced her to stay. If
      anyone's to blame here, it's me, and I want this case. (Catherine grabs the assignment sheet from Nick) Fire me.
      Grissom: I'm not firing anybody. Look. I know we're pulling a double.
      We're on edge 'cause of Holly. I just want everyone to stay calm and to do
      their jobs for the next ten hours. And for now, we're short of help. So I'm bringing in Sara Sidle to give us a hand.
      Catherine: Sara Sidle?
      Warrick: Who's that?
      Grissom: She's a CSI out of San Francisco. She's a friend of mine; someone I trust. She's going to handle our internal investigation and I want to keep this in-house. I don't want I.A. involved. (Nick nods and Catherine shakes her head)
      Catherine: Great, that's just what we need: somebody sniffing around.

    • (Sara walks into the break room. Catherine's inside, leaning against the
      counter, her hands rubbing her temples)

      Sara: Mind if I get a soda? (Catherine looks at her confused. Sara indicates the refrigerator behind Cathierine)
      Catherine: Oh, yeah. Sorry. (moves)
      Sara: You want one? (holds out the soda)
      Catherine: Is there anything in there with alcohol?
      Sara: Root beer.
      Catherine: No.

    • (Warrick is sitting at the counter holding a cup of coffee. Sara sits next to him)
      Sara: You were playing $100 on every spot. You have a system?
      Warrick: I'm counting cards.
      Sara: Isn't that illegal?
      Warrick: Not if you do the math in your head.
      Sara: You play anything else?
      Warrick: I bet sports from time to time.
      Sara: So...let me get this straight. You were assigned by Brass to
      shadow a trainee, a robbery comes up on M.L.K, and you go for coffee.
      Warrick: An officer was there.
      Sara: So, you felt safe to leave? Do you know the policies and procedures for clearing a scene?
      Warrick: Yes.
      Sara: Then, why'd you leave? I mean, what was so important that you had
      to rush out of there?
      Warrick: I told you. I went for coffee.
      Sara: Was that before or after you made your bets? Sunday...Vegas...NFL football... guy like you...come on, you trying to tell me that you didn't make a little pit stop? (Warrick doesn't say anything) Look at me. Did you log on...tell dispatch where you were going?
      Warrick: Do you know how many times I've been left alone at a crime scene when I was a rookie?
      Sara: Yeah, well, this time is different.
      Warrick: Yeah, why's that?
      Sara: Holly Gribbs died on the operating table twenty minutes ago. (Warrick turns to look at Sara, shocked by the news. He's absolutely stunned)

    • Grissom (looking at the victim): Was he in town with anybody?
      Detective Barns: His girlfriend. She's upstairs in police custody. Do you
      want to talk to her?
      Grissom: Not yet. Right now, I want to talk to him.
      Detective Barns: How do you talk to a dead body? (Grissom moves in closer to the body and kneels down to look at it)
      Grissom: I let him talk to me, actually. (he pulls off his dark glasses and reaches out for something next to the body) In fact, he just spoke. Didn't you hear him? He just told me that he didn't commit suicide. (Grissom holds up a pair of broken glasses)
      Detective Barns: No. You- you lost me.
      Grisson: This guy fell to his death wearing prescription eyeglasses. Jumpers take their glasses off.
      Detective Barns (laughs): You can tell all that just by looking at a pair of eyeglasses?
      Grissom: You have no idea.

    • Catherine (at the morgue about to get DNA from Holly's body): You didn't have to come.
      Grissom: I know. I wanted to. In case you need me.
      Catherine: I probably do. But this is something I'd rather do alone.
      Grissom: Fifteen seconds, you're in, you're out we make a DNA match and it's over, okay?
      Catherine (nods): Okay.

    • Grisssom: They say I have to let you go. You violated the policies and
      procedures for clearing a scene. I read Sara's report.
      Warrick: I know. I messed up. And Holly's dead. I'm sorry, Gil.
      Grissom: I'm sorry, too. I don't want to do this.
      Warrick: You got to. You know where I was?
      Grissom: I think I have a pretty good idea.
      Warrick: I went to lay a bet. I didn't even think I was doing anything wrong. Never occurred to me.
      Grissom: It never occurred to me, either. You know what? If I let you go I got to let me go, too. And Catherine ... and Brass. We're all culpable in this. I don't care what the book says. I lost one good person today. I don't want to lose another ... here. (Grissom hands Warrick his badge and his gun)
      Warrick: I won't let you down again.

    • Nick: Can I ask you a question?
      Jamie: Sure.
      Nick: How are you so cool? You took someone's life. Don't you care?
      Jamie: No.
      Grissom: Deputy, we're going to have her arrested.
      Jamie (to Grissom): So, could I ask you a question?
      Grissom: Maybe.
      Jamie: All that stuff you rattled off. How'd you know about all that?
      Grissom: Your boyfriend told me.

    • Grissom: Alright, Nick. Standing by for operation Norman. Let him fly. (Nick throws three dummies off of the roof, after each dummy thrown the crowd applauds)
      Grissom (to Crowd): Yes, yes. (takes a photo of the first dummy, to himself) "Norman pushed." (takes a photo of the second dummy) "Norman jumped." (takes a picture of the third dummy) "Norman fell."
      Sara: Wouldn't you if you were married to Mrs. Roper? (smiles)
      Grissom: I don't even have to turn around. Sara Sidle.
      Sara: It's me. Still tossing simulation dummies? There are other ways to tell, you know?
      Grissom: How? Computer simulation? No thanks. I'm a scientist I like to see it. Newton dropped the apple, I drop dummies.
      Sara: You're old school.
      Grissom: Exactly. And this guy was pushed.

    • (Brass gets demoted to homocide which puts Grissom in charge)
      Grissom: You got any advice for me?
      Brass: Yeah, cover your ass; and hide. They're all yours, pal.

    • Grissom: God Sara, I have so many unanswered whys.
      Sara: There's only one why that matters now, why did Warrick Brown leave that scene?

    • Sara: Do you know where I can find Catherine Willows?
      Catherine (without looking up): She's out in the field. (Sara looks down at the card in her hand and Cath looks up at her) Let me guess, Sara Sidle?
      Sara: I know who I am. I think you're a little confused.

    • (Beeper from the crime scene rings, Cath calls the number)
      Sara: What are you gonna say? "Hi, I'm a Criminalist. I was in the neighborhood..."
      Catherine: Shh. It's ringing.
      Jerrod Cooper (from phone): Hello?
      Catherine: Oh, hey.
      Jerrod Cooper: Who's this? I just dialed my own damn beeper.
      Catherine: It's my beeper now. I found it.
      Jerrod Cooper: It ain't yours. That's my beeper. I do a lot of business on that beeper.
      Catherine: What kinda business?
      Jerrod Cooper: Oh, you know. Slangin' a little somethin' somethin'.
      Catherine: Oh, a little somethin' somethin'. Or maybe a little bling-bling?
      Jerrod Cooper: What do you know about a little bling-bling?
      Catherine: Invite me over to your crib, baby. You might find out.
      Jerrod Cooper: Three Aces Motel. Room 202.
      Catherine: Three Aces Motel, room 202. See you soon. (she hangs up, and looks at Sara who was listening) Did I just do that?
      Sara: So what's a "bling bling"?
      Catherine: Got me.

    • Grissom (laughing): Jacks or better. You're under arrest.
      Suspect: Oh yeah? What for?
      Grissom: First degree muder.
      Suspect: Oh. On what grounds?
      Grissom (looking at suspects boots): Roof dust.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Grissom: He pulled a Louganis

      Olympic diver Greg Louganis cracked his head when he misjudged a dive during the 1988 Summer Olympics. The media said he "hit the water with a splat."

    • Nick: Will the real Red Skelton please... stand up.
      Grissom: You're too young to remember who Red Skelton was.
      Nick: Hey, 'Nick @ Nite', you should check it out.

      This is a triple allusion:

      1) Nick's first line is the "revelation" line from the classic game show To Tell The Truth, hosted by Bud Collyer in which two imposters and one demi-celebrity claimed to be the demi celebrity. The four minor celebrity panelists tried to guess who the real demi-celebrity was by asking a fixed number of questions.

      2) Red Skelton was a very talented comic performer whose heyday was in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. He performed in many films and created many memorable sustained characters, most of which he used on his long-running variety show. His was very "red state", filled with an appreciation for middle-American values and attitudes.

      3) Nick-at-Nite is/was the late-night programming on the children's channel, Nickelodeon, and is comprised mostly of 10+ year old comedy and variety shows. TVLand is an outgrowth of it.

    • (Taking pictures of the positions of three dummies tossed from the roof)
      Grissom: Yes, yes, Norman pushed. Norman jumped. Norman fell.
      Sara: Wouldn't you, if you were married to Mrs. Roper?

      Sara is making a joke on the "Norman fell" part of what Grissom said; Norman Fell starred in Three's Company as the landlord, Mr. Roper, who had an on-going love-hate relationship with his wife.