CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 4

Coup de Grace

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • A series of misfortunate events

    What a great episode. I had my doubts when the recording of the arrest is being heard by Willows and we hear the police officer 'insulting' the other cop, but as the story develops I was captured by all the evidence that showed up.

    Brass can be so mean when he needs to. What a sad story. To get to this phase in your life when you have to think of stepping down because you just can't be good enough no matter how much expertise you have. I thought this was going to be another corrupt cop story but the twist in the end made the episode worth watching.

    Great to see Sara back, I take back everything I said about her character because she looks more relaxed now.
  • Unpredictable, inreresting, worth-watching episode.

    In my opinion, CSI can still come up with inreresting cases, despite its age, like this one. Officer Finn looked very guilty since the start of the episode. It was evident that he killed Officer Johnson. The question was if he did mean it or it was just an action needed during that time. Finn's suicide was horrible. He was guilty, not because he mean killing Johnson but because he felt awful not recognizing that the man he shot was an officer who was trying to protect a troubled teen during the shootout. He blamed himself so much; we learned he had an eyesight problem. His burden deepened thinking that for many years honest service as a cop, people judged him wrongly, that he was a racist. I felt sorry for him. Didn't he think about his wife (or family) before the suicide? On the hand, I liked the almost-balance screen time among the characters. Each of them had done something to unlock the mystery. Greg: the bullet casing was thrown by a kid; Sara and Moreno: the identity of the gang; Nick: the possible scenario of the shootout; Ray and Doc Robbins: eye problem. I have nothing against Rat but please, I hope the writers won't make him always always-correct-super-genius. We have lots of senior CSIs who, I think, would be more convincing and effective if they were to solve the case. A little help would be fine. I don't know about this but, is Catherine leaving CSI? I hope not! I just noticed her character seemed to be dry and unhappy like before when Grissom's leaving. Overall, great episode!
  • An episode with no bad guy.

    Another great episode in the season when a police officer kills his ex partner and when the CSI's hear the tape they start to think that there was racial motives Everything was pointing to the killer and he wasn't helping himself and surprisingly he wasn't guilty of killing him because of his race it was because it looked like he was shooting at him but he was shooting at someone else who was killing someone else In the end the officer couldn't live like this so he killed himself and Langston was the last person he looked at Also the murder was proven to have no real bad guy which is rare and makes the episode unique.
  • great episode

    This was a great episode that took on a lot of various topics. The big once obviously was racism and I liked that they showed that it comes from both sides of the fence, not just one. Such as the cop having racism issues even if he wasn't completely aware of them and also the waitress being ready to condemn him purely because she just assumed because he was white and a cop he had to be racist. Both view points were played wonderfully by the actor and actress. Neither of the characters were bad people, quite the contrary in fact, but they both got their eyes opened to the fact that maybe they weren't as open minded as they should be. I was sad the cop killed himself at the end, that broke my heart. I would have rather seen him get help and overcome his issues. I did find it a little annoying that once again Langston is the one to figure it all out. What is this guy SuperCSI or something. He goes from being a newbie to the man with all the answers. Everyone is following him including Catherine and Nick who are supposed to be leading HIM. The writers need to step back and reconsider their approach on this. I get that LF is supposed to be the lead, but I'm not buying a newbie CSI suddenly being the expert on everything. Even Greg, who is brilliant in his own right and was already working in the CSI enviroment, has made his share of newbie mistakes. Langston needs to make a few just to make him more human and less Superman.
  • Good episode with great twist

    In so many ways this episode was about preconception and people's thought what they think is right or happened. And the irony of the episode was that most of those preconceptions were wrong and if they has looked wider and seen that there was no bad guy, only people who were victims of different things, they could have saved maybe more lives.

    I loved the story.. I loved the way it was complex, multi layered, it was not one sure line from the start and it was catching. I really think with the start of this season they have tried to pick up the game and they have quite succeeded - episodes have more variety, different twists.
  • An ok episode

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. When a cop kills a black man, the officer's unabashed racial bias raises the possibility that the shooting was no accident. But soon we learn that the victim was in fact an off duty police officer. Before the officer can be cleared of the crime, he shoots and kills himself. As the episode draws to a close, we learn that the officer had a problem with his vision. This lead to him to be unable to recognise the victim, who he worked with about 5 years earlier. And so the team prove that he was in fact innocent and did not mean to kill the victim.
  • The team investigates the fatal shooting of an off-duty police officer by a fellow cop.

    There are some positive things to say about this episode. One thing is Laurence Fishburne's performance. I very much liked how he took a commanding role in a sense and provided valuable insight to the investigation. I think it's safe to say the casting directors made a good choice in having him join the show. However, I was unable to give this episode a higher rating because of the problems I had with it. I just had trouble buying that Officer Finn would shoot a man who clearly posed no threat to him regardless of any vision problems Finn had.