CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 4

Coup de Grace

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Unpredictable, inreresting, worth-watching episode.

    In my opinion, CSI can still come up with inreresting cases, despite its age, like this one. Officer Finn looked very guilty since the start of the episode. It was evident that he killed Officer Johnson. The question was if he did mean it or it was just an action needed during that time. Finn's suicide was horrible. He was guilty, not because he mean killing Johnson but because he felt awful not recognizing that the man he shot was an officer who was trying to protect a troubled teen during the shootout. He blamed himself so much; we learned he had an eyesight problem. His burden deepened thinking that for many years honest service as a cop, people judged him wrongly, that he was a racist. I felt sorry for him. Didn't he think about his wife (or family) before the suicide? On the hand, I liked the almost-balance screen time among the characters. Each of them had done something to unlock the mystery. Greg: the bullet casing was thrown by a kid; Sara and Moreno: the identity of the gang; Nick: the possible scenario of the shootout; Ray and Doc Robbins: eye problem. I have nothing against Rat but please, I hope the writers won't make him always always-correct-super-genius. We have lots of senior CSIs who, I think, would be more convincing and effective if they were to solve the case. A little help would be fine. I don't know about this but, is Catherine leaving CSI? I hope not! I just noticed her character seemed to be dry and unhappy like before when Grissom's leaving. Overall, great episode!
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