CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 3

Crate 'n Burial

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2000 on CBS

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  • Grissom and the team investigate a hit and run and a kidnapping that may not be all as it seems.

    Despite the fact that it is pretty obvious from the beginning who was the guilty party in both stories presented in this episode, the episode still worked well because it kept the viewers interested until the end. Once the kidnapper was caught picking up the ransom money you would think case closed. They have their man. However the CSI's are not satisfied and continue their investigation. As far as the hit and run is concerned again it is quite obvious who is the guilty party. Still seeing what the CSI's find to prove that makes that story worth seeing. The fact that this episode did so well despite the viewers knowing where they respective stories would end up is a testament to how good a series "CSI" is.
  • A kidnapped woman isn't as it seems.

    This was another solid episode this time with a girl buried alive but when Grissom and Sara save her they find out things aren't as they seem when they find the woman was an accomplice of the kidnapper This episode produced two very good cases with the other one being a hit and run where it made Catherine question her job and the case gave Warrick a chance to turn over a new leaf So yes it was another good episode.
  • Grissom, Nick, and Sara search for a kidnapped woman and find more than they expected. Catherine and Warrick investigate the hit and run death of a little girl.

    Grissom, Nick, and Sara search for a kidnapped woman and find more than they expected. Catherine and Warrick investigate the hit and run death of a little girl. humans are the most greedy beings on earth we just can't seem to want to work for it so we try to beat the system.

  • Cleverly plotted episode with alot of twists and turns


    normally in reviews i like to talk about character development but for two reasons, the first being i actually cant remember the character interactions and i really like the plot in this episode, im just gonna talk about the plot.

    the fake kidnapping was a great twist. the girl ended up having an affair and the whole thing was planned. really cleverly done and you would of never guessed as it seemed so real.

    the girl being killed, was really really sad :( i cant believe the older guy tried taking the credit for it though, that was sad cause he just wanted to protect the person he loved!

    overall good episode. although compared to newer ones, things only get better!
  • Two cases take interesting turns as investigators examine the evidence.

    In this episode of CSI, the investigators are called upon to investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy man's wife and the hit and run accident that killed a little girl.

    The kidnapping case takes an interesting turn when evidence shows that the victim was actually an accomplice, whose partner in crime turned on her. There were several different points of evidence which were used to incriminate her, and each was fascinating. The hit and run perpetrator broke everyone's heart because he was such a good guy, and he accepted his punishment. In fact, the only reason he didn't go to the police originally was because his grandfather convinced him not to.

    Some bits and pieces were marred by unconvincing acting, but the show definitely improved since the pilot episode.
  • Buried Alive

    This episode outranks both the Pilot episode and Cool Change. Both storylines were cleverly plotted with a twist at the end. I was real sad about the grandson going to jail, but he did kill that girl even if it was unintentional. The grandfather trying to take the fall so his grandson wouldn't have to go to jail was real heartfelt. Warrick showed his soft side by offering his number to the kid for moral support. Loved that! But the highlight of the episode was the wife trying to scheme money from her husband. How low can you go? Serves her right to get caught and put away.
  • Girl hit by car, girl "kidnapped"

    OK so first off there was a little girl who was on a scooter and got hit by a car and the person just drove a way not even calling 911. Catherine and Warrick investagate this hit and run. Catherine says how her daughter wants a scooter but she wont let her. Ok the other crime is a kidnapping. This girl ended up tunning away with their trainer and then the trainer turned on her and burried her alive and then they found her and she ended up getting arrested along with the trainer. Nick,sara and grissom investagate this one. It was pretty well written.
  • Kidnapped.

    Laura Garas, the wife of a millionaire, has been kidnapped. She wakes up in the dark and pulls out a lighter to see that she has been buried in a crate underground. She begins screaming in a panic. (Very. Cool. Teaser.)

    An investigation is launched with the CSIs working to find clues, and they soon find Laura buried in the desert. She doesn't seem to recall much about her attacker and the only suspect is Chip Rundle, the personal trainer of Laura's husband. It is soon discovered that Laura and Chip staged the kidnapping to get ransom money and run away together, but Chip then turned on Laura in order to keep the money for himself.

    Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick investigate the case of a hit and run involving a young girl who was riding her scooter at the time. They are led to an elderly man who admits to it, but they discover that it was his nephew instead.

    This was an overall good episode. The main investigation was the more interesting one, and it sure didn't hurt that Laura was HOT. The B story with the hit and run was a little sad, but also somewhat tedious and uninteresting, although we did get to see a sensitive side to Warrick.
  • Buried Alive and Surving is A Myth

    This is probably one of the few episodes I find fault with in CSI. The idea is that a wife could be buried in the ground without anyone knowing she has been buried and that she could still be found in enough time to save her. It was revealed on "Mythbusters" that it would be impossible for anyone to be buried alive and still survive. Now, the size of the crate she is in might make a difference, but then you got to take into account how much screaming and the size of her fight trying to get out in accordance with her oxygen and CO2 input/output plus how long she was possibly in the crate from when she was put it in and the amount of time it took for the CSIs to deduce where to start looking for her and then luckily find her. Technically, she should have been dead when she was found; the only reason to have her found alive was to move along the plot. Sorry, Grissom, but it don't go that way.
  • A thrilling instalment that plays out two very different plotlines, with great effect and some nice twists.

    I really do like this episode a lot. The buried crate scenario is truly chilling and the chase that is on to find the kidnapped woman is very gripping. I'm less chuffed by the hit and run storyline, though it is actually very moving in the end and the acting is very convincing. As usual with CSI, nothing is quite as obvious as it first seems, and the use of cutting edge technology to discover the truth is well done for those of us less au fait with how it all works. No doubt there are shortcuts as ever with the way some of the technology works, but I for one would never dream of committing a crime of any description in the age of this stuff!

    Overall I love most of the episodes, but this is up there with the better ones, and the fact I can watch it over again tells of its power to entertain.
  • Even though the story was rather cheap, it was really moving.

    Like I said, it's been done already in quite a few shows. Both crimes in this episode. We've seen women buried alive, and we've seen the elderly attempt to take the blame for the mistakes of their young ones.

    I was kind of shocked to see the episode start with someone being buried alive, because to be honest, being buried alive is my greatest fear. Being buried alive under water in a glass box, to be more precise. I was expecting the outcome though, women and love try to get money from the husband using an evil masterplan. I wasn't expecting the lover to turn on his cheating girlfriend though. Ten points to CSI for that.

    The old guy taking the blame for his grandson made me cry. Well, almost. If I remember correctly the old guy also plays the old guy in Everwood. He's such a powerful actor and manages to move me with every word he speaks. I really hope we get to know what happens to the grandson in jail, I hope everything goes well..
  • A great episode.

    We again see a spark between Grissom and Sara in this episode with the whole will you tape me up seen. It is also nice to see Catherines sensitivity with the case she is doing and how this makes her feel towards her daughter and how she wants to help the boy who commited the hit and run by wanting to hide the evidence that may convict him. But it takes the newly reformed Warrik after the whole Holly thing to make her come to her senses and realise that she can't do what she most wants to. A good epsidoe with a good twist in Grissom Sara and Nicks case.
  • Sara and Grissom race to find a buried woman, whose case isn't quite as easy as it first seems. Warrick and Catherine track a hit and run and have to make an important choice, follow the evidence or their feelings?

    A good episode, well written, well acted. Marg Helgenberger is portrayed in a very sensitive way because of the nature of her case, which follows from the previous episode where similar feelings are shown. I love the interaction between characters and although slightly cliche, the scene between Warrick and the boy.
  • The third episode of the series brings us an interesting plot with moments that make you think.

    I have got to say that if you were not convinced that there was chemistry between Grissom and Sara this episode had to prove it for you. This scene would later remind me of the pin me down scene in Invisible Evidence but that's okay, it was still a good scene and it makes me laugh and I don't actually know why. We learnt more about the characters and saw Lindsey’s birthday which of course was a fun occasion for all, especially when Grissom and Nick ended up buying her the same gift. Grissom was so excited at what he brought her and when Catherine announced she didn't want a party I'm sure he went to his office to set it up and play with it. The show just kept getting better and better after the first episode and this one was another good episode.
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