CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 09, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom and his crew handle their highest profile case to date when the city's former chief of detectives is slain execution-style in his house following a wild party. Missing from the residence are the chief's trophy wife and their 7-year-old daughter. When several motorists report seeing the girl along an access road near Miami, Catherine and Warrick fly there and meet that city's top CSI, Horatio Caine, who aids them in the investigation.moreless

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  • The start of CSI Miami

    This episode is a brilliant episode to start of CSI Miami when a murder in Vegas of a cop and a kidnapping of a girl that ends up getting taken to Miami.Warrick and Catherine go to Miami to find the girl where they meet the CSI Miami team.This episode was really good to get to know the CSI Miami characters and its always good to see a crossover episode.
  • A break from the usual formula.

    In season two, CSI has really found its stride. The magic formula of unusual death of an unusual character is used repeatedly through the series, with little character development, and no multiple episode arcs to link the series together. You could happily watch every episode in the season in a random order or skip a few weeks, and not notice the gap. This episode however, is a break from the norm, and a chance to introduce the characters from the spin-off series. Grissom takes a back seat, and we have a chance to see Catherine working on her own. Catherine, who is usually a strong female lead, is somewhat subdued in this episode despite the fact that the storyline would surely ring truer with her than any other csi, as she also has a young daughter. However its Horatio who shines in this episode and gives us great incentive to check out the spin-off show. All in all a good episode, though it felt as though more attention was paid to the new characters than developing the existing ones.moreless
  • A lead on a big case takes the CSI team (minus Grissom) to Miami. Hello, Horatio!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this installment, and didn't even miss Mr. Grissom, stuck back in Las Vegas as he was. It was great to see Catherine et al do their work without Grissom as the Head Honcho. They seemed to work more confidently, often with a better sense of humor than back in Vegas. We also got introduced to Horatio Caine and his band of merry CSIers, characters all. It was fun to see how these individuals all worked together, something that doesn't often happen in cross jurisdictions like this. I could imagine Catherine working with Horatio all the time. Horatio showed himself to be a man of compassion as well, especially when he first found the daugher of the victims. He sat down in the bayou (or wherever they were) and patiently waited for them to be found. He also shared the next-to-last scene in the episode with this child, never once talking down to her, but treating her as an intelligent individual. John M. Keane's background music for this episode was excellent. I wish I could hear more of his work. All in all, a very enjoyable hour.moreless
  • This episode is lead in to the spin off to the show. Warrick and Catherine are sent to Miami since thier suspect drove down the wife and the little girl. They are taken after the party the cheif had the night before.moreless

    I thought this was one of the greatest ones. I loved how the two teams worked together even though it was a Las Vegas case. I liked how Crane stayed with the little girl until she was found and came to her after the case was solved.Great way of introducing fans to other CSIs.
David Caruso

David Caruso

Horatio Caine

Guest Star

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Calleigh Duquesne

Guest Star

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko

Guest Star

Eric Szmanda

Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders

Recurring Role

Robert David Hall

Robert David Hall

Dr. Al Robbins

Recurring Role

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Joseph Patrick Kelly

Officer Metcalf

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • This is the first time that Dr. Robbins is present at the crime scene.

    • Goof: When they pull the woman out of the water and open the door, you can clearly see her stomach move as she gasps for air.

    • Horatio Caine was named after writer Horatio Alger.

    • Gil Grissom doesn't share any lines or scenes with any of the Miami CSI team. This is because William Peterson was against CSI spin-offs and asked the producers of CSI not to put him in any scenes with the CSI: Miami cast.

    • The Miami-Dade Police Department's crime lab really is called Crime Scene Investigations, unlike Las Vegas where they are called Crime Scene Technicians & New York where they are called C.S.U (which stands for Crime Scene Unit).

    • The CBS network and CSI producers decided to create the spin-off series CSI: Miami (& later CSI: NY) because they wanted to beat other potential CSI copycat shows to the punch.

    • Goof: As Catherine walks up the stairs (in the Corwin's home), Horatio Caine aims his gun upwards. In the next shot he has his arms down.

    • Goof: In the opening scene, when Catherine goes to look for the child, you can see not only a camera in the mirror, but also a crew member on the ground.

    • Goof: While Eric explains to Warrick about the disturbance along the bank where he suspects the car has been pushed into the river, his diving mask rests on his head and then is on and off through the rest of the scene.

    • Goof: When the sketch of Adam Van Der Welk is faxed from Las Vegas to Miami before there was a cleft in his chin but when it is pulled out of the fax machine the cleft is gone.

    • Goof: In the shots of Brass in the Rittle house, to his left, you can clearly see the cameraman.

    • Goof: When the CSI team from Miami and Catherine are in the autopsy, the dead body's top eyelid moves instinctive.

    • Goof: On the close up on the neck of body examined by David and Grissom in the trunk of the car, the body has a distinct pulse.

    • Goof: When they pull the car out of the water, the dead woman's breathing is visible.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Grissom and Catherine to the dining room where they find Chief Rittle on the dining room table, naked with an apple stuffed in his mouth)
      Catherine: Ex-chief of detectives. Left to make the big bucks. Consultant with security at every major casino in town and couldn't even protect himself.
      Grissom: There's only one interpretation for this: "Kill the pig."

    • Sasha: My mommy and daddy are dead, aren't they?
      Horatio: Well, your aunt is flying in to talk to you.
      Sasha: That's a yes.
      Horatio: I lost someone once.
      Sasha: Who?
      Horatio: Well ...
      Sasha: Did you feel sick?
      Horatio: Still do. Still do. Sasha ... people are going to say a lot of things about your mom and dad and some of them are going to be true, but what I want you to remember is that they fought like heroes for you. Will you remember that for me? (Sasha nods) Good. Good for you.

    • Speed: Well, people don't really buy these houses for the view. It's a place to put a million-dollar boat.
      Horatio: But what's your point?
      Catherine: The boat's missing and that's where he's killing them right now.

    • Horatio: So, how's your colleague Grissom doing on the aroma angle?
      Catherine: I'm sure he's making progress but Grissom rarely says anything until he's good and ready.
      Horatio: Smart man.

    • Horatio: Child services has sent a doctor out.
      Catherine: Alright, let's just be clear. This is a Las Vegas case. This is our victim and we do the processing.
      Horatio: Okay, I didn't say he processed her. I just said he was here.
      Catherine: I appreciate the respect.
      Horatio: You sure about that?

    • FBI Agent: What'd she just say?
      Horatio: She says you need to learn the language.

    • Horatio: Let me ask you another question: When you're home alone do you lock the bathroom door?
      Catherine: I... don't even know you.
      Horatio: Sure you do. We all do. It's human nature to avoid being vulnerable, isn't it?

    • (Catherine returns to Vegas from Miami)
      Catherine: Hello.
      Grissom: Hey. Nice tan.
      Catherine: Nice suit.
      Grissom: Yeah, well, I knew you were coming back today, so I dressed up.
      Catherine: Yeah...right.
      Grissom: Really. (Cath looks him up and down) What?
      Catherine: Nothing. It's just unusual to see you dressed... like that.
      Grissom: I had to go to the chief's funeral.
      Catherine: Missed me that much, huh?

    • (Nick and Sara are dusting a champagne bottle)
      Sara (to Nick): Hey Nick, have you ever been to a swingers party?
      Nick: Well, if it's the same thing as a frat party yeah, lots of them. You know, you get enough booze going things can get pretty wild.
      Sara: Frat party, huh? Well, I wouldn't know anything about that.

    • Calleigh: Oh, by the way, I'm Calleigh Duquesne. Don't ask how I spell it. Southern.
      Catherine: Catherine Willows. Southern ... Nevada. (Horatio quietly laughs)
      Calleigh: You got a theory on how the mother and daughter ended up all the way in Miami from Las Vegas?
      Catherine: We don't really work theories. Do we, Warrick?
      Warrick: No, just evidence.
      Calleigh: We're much more fanciful down here. Aren't we, Horatio?
      Horatio: I think that's a fair description.

    • Horatio: Hi. (takes a swab of honey off of her)
      Showgirl: Some guys like to lick it off.
      Horatio: Really? I'm partial to the swab myself.
      Catherine (walks up): Ready, honey?
      Horatio: Coming, dear.

    • Horatio: The sticky substance we got off the wife is, in fact, honey.
      Catherine: You say that like it means something.
      Horatio: Well, honey on its own is just honey, but when you add plastic wrap, it's ... a different situation.

    • Doc Robbins: Tuberculosis victims emit breath that smells of wet leaves.
      Grissom: Maple? Ash? Elm? What?
      Doc Robbins: I'm not sure.
      Brass: Miami is pulling cars out of canals -- chasing leads, debriefing the kid -- and you guys are flipping through textbooks?
      Grissom: This is how I work.
      Brass (looking at a textbook): Tuberculosis ... Cyanide poisoning ... Endocrinology.
      Grissom (taps the side of his nose): I'm following my nosino.
      Brass: You're closer to this Van Der Welk guy than you're letting on aren't you? (Grissom looks up at him, Brass gets it, and nods)

    • Brass: Chief was shot Friday night. It's a two-day drive if you don't stop. It's national news with national attention. I'm not surprised we're getting call-ins.
      Grissom: Well, if it is our little girl, she's got evidence on her from two Vegas homicides. (Grissom looks at Catherine) One of us should be down there to process. (Catherine nods, it takes a second for her to realize) Take Warrick. I don't think he's ever been to Florida.

    • Gordon Daimler: The Corwins lent me their jet.
      Catherine: Just like they lent you their boat?
      Gordon Daimler: Ask the pilot. Dylan called him in person telling him to fly me to Monaco.
      Horatio: Hmm. I'd rather call Dylan at the hospital to confirm.
      Catherine: The husband didn't die. You left us a witness and enough evidence to incriminate you in two states.
      Gordon Daimler: Rich people don't go to jail.
      Horatio: Gordon, you're not rich.

    • Doc Robbins: How about Darier Disease?
      Grissom: Doesn't that give you a rash that smells like human excrement? We're looking for something a little sweeter.
      Doc Robbins: There's diabetic ketoacidosis. Body has excess glucose which converts to ketone ... Gets expelled through the pores. Has a fruity smell. It would help if we had a piece of the assailant's clothing. (Grissom's eyes widen as he realizes something) What?
      Grissom: I think I overlooked some evidence.

    • Delko: Someone gonna cover me?
      Horatio: I got you.
      Catherine: Cover you for what?
      Delko: Alligators.
      Speedle: Only way to outrun an alligator is swim faster than the guy next to you. Right Delko?
      Delko: I used to have a partner.
      Horatio: Guys, please.

  • NOTES (5)


    • While Horatio and Catherine are investigating a limo driver who was possibly involved in a set of murders, the driver says he was "Picking up the Corwins" at the airport. This is likely a reference to Jeff Corwin, a herpetologist, who would guest-star in CSI: Miami Season 2 episode "Endgame."