CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 12 Episode 5

CSI Down

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • check it out

    this episode showed a web url address try typing www.vidpour.com and see where it would bring you
  • Loss of Reality


    Ok, let me see if I've got this right. A man is found in the desert with enough damage that he's gone "Frankenstein". He's placed in a Helivac where he flat lines, but is revived. Then, all of a sudden, he fully recovers and takes control?!? Right....

  • There's always a second chance


    It was good to learn a little bit about Morgan's background. Her resentment towards her father for not fighting for her is clear, but well, it was nice to see that there is a little heart in Ecklie's tough personality.

    I always complain about the writers making the new member so smart and bright. In this case, Morgan makes a huge mistake and she pays the consequences. She did a good job trying to make the criminal believe she was on his side (and at some point she really was), too bad she didn't have enough support and the whole thing failed.

    I loved Greg's worriness for her. Knowing immediately what the others couldn't see and demanding the suspect for answers. Very passionate. I'm sure he and Morgan will make a great couple, when it comes to partners of course.

    Morgan breaking in the end was very emotional. She just couldn't help it. God, she's only human. Nice scene.

  • CSI Down is an exciting, fast-paced episode with excellent character development although it is let down by the fact that at times it feels rushed and suspends belief.


    From the get-go, you can tell this is going to be an unconventional CSI episode. The episode appears to zoom by with a huge amount packed in in just forty-five minutes. However at times it feels a little too rushed, and the not-as-attentive casual viewer may be lost within the first fifteen minutes.

    What I liked most about the episode was the great insight into Morgan, Ecklie and Greg's personality. I got a little put off by Morgan in Maid Man with her slightly aggressive stance but I definitely warmed back to her in this episode where she appeared more natural and human-like. Elisabeth did a fine job throughout the episode. I loved how Ecklie showed a more humane side to him, as someone who has been portrayed as the 'baddie' in the past, it was great to show a kinder side to him. Greg's outburst was interesting, again, it was nice to see a different side to his character and I wonder whether his anger was brought about by his guilt of letting Morgan go in the helicopter or his own supposed personal feelings towards her?

    It's just a shame that the rest of the cast were shoved into the background as a result, I understand everyone can't be incorporated to that scale in every storyline, but when you have Jorja and Marg who are already on limited screentime it seems like a bit of a waste to use them for only 3 minutes.

    What I didn't like about the episode was that the whole situation seemed a little non-realistic, with events happening conveniently to advance the plot. For instance, Frank apparently 'Frankensteining,' the two of them only surviving the crash etc. The CGI copter was awful as well, absolutely horrific which kind of bumped my rating down. It made the show seem somewhat amateur.

    Overall, probably my least favourite episode of Season 12 so far, but by no means terrible. I think it would have worked better as an extended episode but it was still better than the majority of episodes in the past four or five seasons as well.

  • 12x05


    Do you like high octane episodes??? Definitively this is one of those episodes where you are waiting to see how thing are going to be solved after some really bad events occur, this is also another proof of how great season twelfth is going to be, at this point, I´m thinking we are seeing what is going to be consider as the best season in the entire csi story.

    This episode has everything you want to see in an episode, for me this one, "bittersweet" and of course "tell tale hearts" are episodes you won't forget because they show how this tv show has grown up and if you were a csi fan and you decided not to give a last chance to this show in its twelfth season, I invite you to watch some episodes again and you will find how this new season is going to be

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes

  • Morgan's story


    Another interesting story line from the writers of CSI. This is one show that will never bore me. I like the twist in the story - the guy was left for dead by a gang, survived the ordeal but only to find out that his daughter was in it, then died. That was a cruel trick of nature but that's what made the story interesting. Something that wasn't obvious.

    It's a sad story and it is happening everywhere. It's about a child's inability to forgive the wrongdoings of a parent. Either it's a son or a daughter to a father or to a mother. And with that unforgiving heart, people get destroyed. Sad but true story.