CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 12

Daddy's Little Girl

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on CBS

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  • This girls boyfriend was killed by and EX!

    I didnt like this episode too much im only reviewing cause i just watched it. So this girl her mom and boyfriend go out clubbing which is stupid there why go with your mom. they go to bed wake up and he is dead. The mom had told someone to kill him (tom harper did it) the girls EX The mom told him to do that more then once actually twice. So Beoncia was not too happy with her mom already cause she walked in on her sleeping with her boyfriend! wow what a great mom! She is the best!
  • Ack! I missed a Mitch Pileggi guest appearance! :::beats self with skillet::: I\'m not a regular CSI watcher but I watch everything Mitch does. A friend said it was a good ep, and his performance was quite good. EDITED: I got a copy of this. Thanks!]

    So, this is where I begged and pleaded for a copy of the episode and someone showed me where to DL it. We won't talk about that. So, the show had Mitch Pileggi in it, a little bit, and he's always good. He had a bit of Texan in his accent, didn't he? He lived in Texas for several years.

    I don't have more to say about the episode itself, but I will say this: Mitch Pileggi is *hot*. Mitch Pileggi is an excellent actor who is so freaking underused in every series he gets that its just criminal. So, Hollywood Producers? Give him some excellent work. He'll reward you. And so will his fans.
  • Nothing happened and for most of the episode I was bored.

    Rather a boring episode. I cannot remember a single thing about it expect for thermite and wasn't there a guy climbing a power line or something? The only other thing I remember was that Nick's kidnapping story ended. They could have handled it better. A lot better. But they didn't and they most likely will never revisit it which will be rather sad, it was a good story line while it lasted. This close to February sweeps the producers should be doing all they can to get viewers but if this was the first episode of CSI I ever saw I would not have bothered to ever watch it again. I was that bored.

    The only thing I remember with absolute detail was thermite and Sara's "maybe some people shouldn't be together." Having seen the finale it's a scene that makes you think. Are they together already at this point? If I was a casual viewer though I would have thought there may be something between them and then changed channels. It was a let down overall.
  • Good Episode but the plot could have been better.

    This episode definitely cleared a lot of things up but the whole reasoning behind why the accountant woman encouraged Walter Gordon into kidnapping a CSI. I mean he couldn’t be the only person she was scamming money off so why would she go into all of the trouble. Wouldn’t it be more hassle than it was worth?
    Still it ties up a lot of lose ends (resonably well) and for once carries on an earlier story. CSI never used to do that but recently it's started to have a lot more continuity which i think is good.
    Then again it's csi so whatever happens i think it's good!
  • Nick finally gets a little closure!

    It was great to see Nick get some closure even though it probably wasn't enough. I thought it was good but it can no where near what I expected. I expected much more action and relation to Grave Danger.
    And that line from Sara was very powerful and straight to the point. Hopefully Grissom will get his head out of the microscope now!!!!
    All around great episode!
  • This episode would have been great if the whole accomplice case was written differently or if Quentin Tarantino directed this episode.

    This episode would have been great if the whole accomplice case was written differently or if Quentin Tarantino directed this episode.

    Finding Walter Gordon's accomplice dead & then finding out she was the accomplice was a little too lame, not a nice way to close Nick's kidnapping case. It would have been better to dedicate a whole episode to the story alone just like Grave Danger.

    Another thing that doesn't really add up is how Nick was more angry at Archie for keeping the whole tape thing a secret from him than he was at Grissom, he was just too calm when he went to talk to him.

    On another note, the "thermite" scene with Grissom & Sara was excellent, maybe now he'll finally make a move after what she said to him.
  • All that hype for an okay episode.

    After the awesome writing of Grave Danger, I was expecting more out of Nick learning more about his abduction. I thought it was all to perfect and lame at the same time. It did not have the CSI touch that I was expecting.

    What is the deal with Grissom and Sarah? Can they hook up or move on? It is just so tense when they have scenes like they did in this episode.

    And who else thought that mother and daughter was just a little too close…I can’t be the only one. Just a little weird in my opinion…but hey it made for a good story to go along with the lame Nick finding out story line.

    Overall this was an okay episode. I can really only fault the writers…they did not justice to the Grave Danger story line. I just hope that maybe there is more to it then a dead woman!
  • So we finally found out the truth about the kidnapping which was good. Good to see that Kick-Butt-Sara is making a return to our screens. All around, a pretty good episode.

    This was a pretty good episode. I don't think the whole accomplice thing was fairly original but it was good to finally put the whole storyline to bed despite the fact that it kept disappearing and reappearing. I was fairly suprised at Nick's reaction to the fact that Grissom had been keeping it from him. I had thought that he would be angrier but oh well.

    On another note, it's fantabulous to see smart, witty Sara making a return after her emotional year last year. I laughed about 10 times at the thermite scene was was good fun.

    The End!
  • Excellent episode. Nick finally learns the truth.

    THis was a very revealing episode. Nick finally learns the truth about his ordeal and along the way finds out Grissom and others never told him about the editional evidence. Mitch Pileggi was excellent in what little screen time he had.(Bring on an X-Files movie) It was kinda sick that the mother thought she was better than the daughter and slept with the daughters boyfriends and eventually persuaded Tom to scare them away.
  • The truth is handed to Nick.

    Nick and Catherine work on a hit and run case which ends up connecting the dots for Nick and what happened to him in the season 5 finale. Warrick, Greg and Sara work another case where Grissom does join them but isn't around much, but he's there. Just don't blink or you'll miss him.
    It's finally getting to a point where what ever is going on with the characters is coming to a dead end. All in all it's just a regular CSI ep. Mitch Pileggi makes a guest appearance 2-3 times in it, but very briefly.
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