CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 12

Daddy's Little Girl

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Nick finds the tape recorder, listens to where it's currently at, and then rewinds it, and plays it further back on the tape. While he is doing all of this you can see it's in his left hand, the hand closest to the camera (which is on an angle because his hand would have been blocking it). However, as soon as he listens to it, when the camera angle changes, if you watch the frames before it's in his left hand and then suddenly in his right hand, while he listens and starts walking around the room.

    • Goof: When Sara is pointing to the various phone records with her finger where she's standing, where her arms are and where she's supposed to be pointing is inconsistent. She would have to move unreasonably fast in order for the timing to match up.

    • Goof: When Kelly's heart stops Sofia proceeds to do CPR. However, in order for the CPR to be effective, Kelly would have to have been moved off the bed onto the ground or another hard surface in order for the chest to compress, she wouldn't have been able to compress her chest the correct depth.

    • Goof: Warrick wasn't wearing gloves when he picked up the screwdriver that Grissom said needed to be printed.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: Freud would have a field day with this family.
      Warrick: Dad loves his daughter, but mom only sees the daughter as competition.
      Sara: And everyone wonders why Bianca can't meet a nice boy.
      Warrick: Bianca eats nice boys for brunch.

    • Chelsea (about her and Ahren): Bianca came in and found us. I wish it never would have happened.
      Warrick: What's that, getting busy with her boyfriend or getting caught?

    • Warrick: Guess who's paying Bianca's mortgage? A Mr. Harry Desmond.
      Sara: Happy Harry? Gas n' Sip Harry Desmond?
      Wendy: Who's your daddy?
      Greg: No wonder she didn't work. He owns fifty Gas n' Sips in Vegas.

    • Sara: Oh, maybe Mr. Desmond is trying to protect the family fortune.
      Wendy: Or the family jewels. I got the results back from all those sex stains on the sheets. Three donors: Ahren, Bianca and Chelsea.
      Warrick: I guess they were having a little threesome.
      Wendy: Yeah, I just really hope he was only doing one woman at a time. Chelsea is Bianca's mother.

    • Nick: What do you got?
      Sofia: Well, I wasn't sure if I should call it in as a 419 or a 401a.
      Catherine: Hit and run?
      Sofia: You tell me. (they walk over to the car and see the victim is pinned up against the car and the wall)
      Nick: Mm, I don't know. When you run, you usually take the car.
      Sofia: The vic's Sylvia Mullins. Works in one of the offices upstairs. The security guard found her.
      Catherine: Did you run the plates?
      Sofia: That's why I went with the 419. RO's the vic.

    • Warrick (about the vic): It'd be kind of hard for one of those women to wrestle him down.
      Grissom: Not if she walks softly and carried a big knife.

    • (After they arrest Kelly for killing Sylvia)
      Kelly: You care why I did it?
      Nick: It doesn't really matter now.
      Kelly: She told me my dad didn't leave me anything; he never would have done that. My dad loved me.
      Sofia: So you killed her?
      Kelly: The ransom was her idea and when she didn't get the money she took it from me. (Kelly OD's on the pills she took before they arrived and she dies)

    • Nick: Hey, Grissom. You wanna talk to me?
      Grissom: Yeah. Sit down. (pause) I heard that uh, Kelly Gordon may be a suspect in your murder case.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Grissom: Is that a problem?
      Nick: No. No, it's not a problem. Hey, by the way I heard the tape. I did a voice comparison. Sylvia Mullins is the other voice on that tape. She's Walter Gordon's ex-business manager so I'm pretty sure she had something to do with my kidnapping.
      Grissom: But now she's dead.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Grissom: So... it's over.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Grissom: Good.
      Nick: Good.

    • Warrick: Every time this chick calls Tom, somebody gets shot.
      Grissom: It's like thermite.
      Sara: Thermite?
      Grissom: When you combine two seemingly harmless elements, aluminum and rust, press them together, add heat, it creates an explosion so hot it'll burn through steel. Powerful but uncontrollable. It burns and burns until it burns itself out, finally consuming both elements.
      Sara: I guess some people just shouldn't be together. (looks towards Grissom)

    • Brass: Tom Harper, come on down!

    • David: So, just find the bull with the bloody horn and you've got your killer.

    • Grissom: Well, in my experience I found that most threesomes end up being one too many... so, David, check and make sure that they didn't pull a Lorena Bobbitt. (David looks confused) Take a look. (David feels around and then pulls back sharply)
      David: No, we're good! My man's all there.

    • Brass: You know, let's fill in the blank: if it walks like a stalker, talks like a stalker..
      Tom Harper: I'm not a stalker!
      Brass: Then what's this? Excellent service?

    • Justin Cole: So, why am I here?
      Brass: Why? You're getting homesick from the train tracks behind Union Plaza already?

    • Nick (to Kelly Gordon): When you worked in the prison garage, did you learn how to fix cars or to steal them?

    • Warrick: Hodges.
      Hodges: Your victim did not have GSR on his hands.
      Warrick: Okay, what about metallic trace from the garage floor?
      Hodges: Thank you, Hodges, for performing that incredibly elaborate test requiring copious concentration and an advanced degree.
      Warrick: So you don't have any results from the metallic trace on the garage floor?
      Hodges: But I will. That's the beauty of me.

    • Brass: So what are you on besides meth?
      Chelsea: Not meth. Glass.
      Brass: Uh-huh.
      Chelsea: We did some coke at the club, had a couple of drinks. There was this guy that gave us these, uh, these blue pills, but I had to come home and lie down.
      Brass: Ecstasy.
      Chelsea: We only do this when we're ... when we're clubbing. I mean it's... it's just a hobby. It's not a habit. We have it under control.
      Brass: Well the dead guy from the garage might beg to differ.

    • Warrick: He can be partying with two hot chicks and he was out here working on his bike at four in the morning?
      Grissom: Maybe he wasn't invited.

    • Warrick: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
      Grissom: The winner?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Nick accesses the case files on the computer, the Sylvia Mullins case file was dated Jan 19 2006 - the same date as the episode premiered.

      As Nick clicks into the file concerning his kidnapping, the file creation date was listed as May 19 2005 - the date the two-part Season 5 finale " Grave Danger (1) & (2)" originally aired.

      Also, there's a note that Nick's file was last modified on Sept. 23 2005 - the day after the Season 5 premiere episode "Bodies in Motion"(when the Walter Gordon tape is analyzed).

    • Grissom tells David to check the body to see if the perp pulled a "Lorena Bobbitt." David Berman, the actor who plays David Phillips, was one of the doctors involved in the Bobbitt case.

    • Brass: Tom Harper, come on down!

      This saying is from the game show The Price is Right. They say "You're the next contestant on The Price is Right. Come on Down!"

    • Warrick makes a couple of references to tweaker or tweakers. The term tweaker refers to a methamphetamine user.

    • Grissom refers to Lorena Bobbitt. Bobbitt cut off her husband, Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a kitchen knife on June 23, 1993.

    • Episode Title: Daddy's Little Girl

      The title of this episode refers to both cases which dealt with suspects who were favored by their fathers.

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