CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 14 Episode 22

Dead in His Tracks

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 07, 2014 on CBS

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  • Mundane episode

    Mundane episode, I was hoping it was building up to a big finale ending, but that didn't happen.
  • Goodbye, Paul Guilfoyle

    Brass and Guilfoyle deserved better. The whole thing with Ellie felt rushed and out of place. Why would he go back to her after what she did?! I know it's her kid and he's always been there for her, and even though she always had issues and was a little crazy, it's painfully obvious now that last season's season finale was made to take him out of the show, which means they've known they were going to fire him all that time ago.

    A happy ending would've been where she turned her life around and he retires to spend time with her and his grandkids or whatever, la Jack Bauer, but no. They had to write this stupid storyline for him and fire him when he's been there since day 1. There are lab techs who I care less for than him. He was part of the series, and what they did to him is disgusting. I remember way back in the day, he had the BEST one liners and he was just awesome. Then, they made him less funny, but still awesome and I can't believe what they've done. I know I'm repeating myself but this issue pissed me off very much. Won't be the same without him. I hope he bounces back fast, because he deserves it and I want to see him in bigger and better roles!!

    This season didn't make me engaged at all. CSI is definitely not what it used to be. It's not even creepy or scary anymore. Bring back psycho serial killers!
  • The fourteenth season ends with the CSIs investigating a murder relating to a twenty-five year old robbery and disappearance.

    It's nice to have a finale episode that does not end in a cliffhanger. The season in my opinion ended on a positive note. It is helped by a strong supporting cast. Veteran actor Treat Williams does very well in his guest appearance here. What I like about his character is that he avoids the clichs. When he finds out who the murderer is, he does not hesitate in turning over the evidence needed for a conviction. I liked that. It gave the episode a big boost. The story considering the robbery/disappearance and possible murder in 1989 was also done very well. It was well written and very plausible. It is a little clichd in the sense that we once again see the story how greed trumps friendships and turns even the best of people into criminals, but I still enjoyed watching the story play out none the less. My only major criticism is Detective Brass. How in the world could he still care for that worthless piece of trash stepdaughter of his? Ellie is a degenerate scumbag. She would have made the world a better place if she had died. Speaking of Detective Brass, "Dead in His Tracks" is not just the final episode of season fourteen, it is the final episode for Paul Guilfoyle who is saying good-bye. I wish Detective Brass exited on a more positive note.